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Let’s start making extra online income here!Money

Congratulations on taking your first step into the world of money making online! This page here will educate you on the different websites and smartphone apps that I have personally used. Every review I do will feature how to use the product, and my personal take on it.

Before we get started, you would need a Paypal account since most companies pay through Paypal. It is also free to register and to use!

Why do websites and apps even pay money in the first place?

This is a very good question you would think of when you first begin.

Why would they even pay? I have mentioned how it works in my article Steps to make money online’, these apps/websites are the middleman and are helping the companies promote their products to the users.


There are easily three reasons to answer the question:

  1. Collect data and to understand consumers better.
  2. Giving money/incentives to people to try their products, so as to promote them.
  3. They want reviews and feedback from consumers for products.

It is that simple. Companies would PAY people to just provide information.

You are basically providing all these services and information to these companies through the apps and websites I’m about to show you. As a result, you will get paid for all these!

The list of legit paying programs

Here are a list of legit apps, programs, and websites that I have reviewed and compiled on my website. Click the link below to check out more on each program!

List of Apps




Panel App

Peko Peko (Closed down)


Spark Profit

Tapbooty (Closed down)



List of Websites









List of Surveys

AIP Online Surveys

Ann and Kate (Closed down)




My job here….

…is to review more apps and websites! I will be reviewing many apps and website that I have discovered, and will compile a review and guide on each program and how to make money from it.

Check back regularly for the latest updates!

Have you spotted any new money making opportunities online? Please leave a comment below, I’ll be happy to cover it!


  1. Sandi June 16, 2014

    Hi. I’d love if this page contained links to all the articles you post about these little money-making survey sites. By the way, have you tried pureprofile.com.au and surveymonkey.com?

    1. Terence June 16, 2014

      Hi Sandi,
      You can view them in my sub menu. I would probably link them in this article just in case then. As for the two sites, I have heard of surveymonkey as a tool to make your own survey. Pureprofile is new to me so I would definitely check that out. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Criselle December 15, 2014

    Great list. So far I’ve only tried AppTrailers, Have you also tried Goldcoin Bee? I think it’s pretty new.

    1. Terence December 16, 2014

      Hi Criselle,
      That seems like quite a new thing. I will definitely try it when I can get my hands on an android device and test it out! Thanks for the recommendation

      1. Criselle December 17, 2014

        No problem. If it’s not much trouble when you try it out, register my referral code in GET GOLD COIN and we’ll both get coins so win-win, it’s “59”. 😀

  3. Sylumsid March 7, 2016

    I have paypal account. but i heard that almost all site ask for verified account and for verification master or visa card are required so…. It that true??

    1. Terence March 10, 2016

      Hi Sylumsid,

      Most websites do ask for verified account is quite true. I believe is to prevent fraud and money laundering issues which can be quite complicated. Are you having troubles verifying?

  4. Cristina Espiritu August 13, 2016

    Hi, can you make a review about mobrog, yougov, and neobux? Thank you.

    1. Terence August 13, 2016

      Hi Cristina,
      Thanks for the suggestions! I’m not too keen on doing neobux, but probably the other 2 in the future.

  5. Jyothi January 23, 2017

    Hi Sir, Is there any legal website which offers online/offline data entry jobs, without any investment.

    1. Terence January 23, 2017

      Hi Jyothi,
      Here are some suggestions: Clickworkers, Microworkers, Fiverr, Elance, mTurk. You can check out my blog for some of the reviews of these site too.

  6. Chadia October 3, 2018

    Im new to all of this. First i was doing a small research on Google on what is flitto? I was scrolling down and saw you posting all i wanted to know about it. Thank you for enlighten me
    I want to give online ‘job’ a try and see how it will be

    1. Terence October 3, 2018

      Hey Chadia,
      I reviewed Flitto awhile back where it was a platform that allowed you to earn money from translating languages! There’s another one as well, Rev.com, where you can apply to transcribe for people or translate as well and you’re paid by per minute of transcription. This is an online job you may be able to do!


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