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Want to build a website, but don’t know how or where to get started?

Initially when I first started, I was asking the same question too.

I have always wanted to start my own website to promote and share my knowledge on making income through the internet and smart phone.

It is very easy to start up your website, whether its a personal or a business site. You do not require any coding knowledge whatsoever these days to make a professional looking website.

If you are looking to creating your own site, just read below!


Introducing… WordPress!

I am sure that most of you heard of WordPress before. It is one of the best web Content Management System out there that I know of.

In fact, this website is built on WordPress as well.

There are so many advantages using WordPress, which includes:

  • Easy to set up, within a few button clicks
  • No need for HTML or coding required
  • Easy customization, with over 14,000 professionally designed website templates to choose from
  • Many plugins which are easy to install and help with website functionality
  • Easier to get SEO rankings (Helps your website get listed in Google)

Personally, I prefer WordPress as I have limited coding knowledge. However, I managed to built this entire site from scratch as it is really easy to start and use.

How do I make a good website?Build a website

1. Having a great Content Management System

2. Having fast load times

3. Professional website design

4. Quality and useful content

5. User-friendly

These are the few basic points that you would need in order to build your own quality website. However, there are definitely more things that you can do to make a good website. By using WordPress, I can assure you that it would be a much easier process.

The most important thing about building a website is having quality content, as it helps you to build the traffic to your website.

If you want to learn how to build quality content, and make a quality website, you can check out my Wealthy Affiliate review where I learnt how to build a website from scratch.

Anyway, you can start by creating a free website below from Siterubix!  You can easily create a
professional looking website in just a few clicks and in less than a minute.

Take your first step…now!

If you are looking to create your website, the time is now. I can help you get started after you create your own domain and your free account. You will personally get 2 free websites, plus tons of free training resources to help you on your way to building your very own website!

Let me know if you need any help by leaving a comment here. I will try my best to help you in whatever way I can!

 – Terence


  1. Diane Gordon April 30, 2017

    Hey Terrance!
    I just found your site! A quick question: You mentioned you think WordPress is a great app to make a page, and then mention siterubix. Why would you need the latter when you’re using WordPress?
    Great page, btw!

    1. Terence May 5, 2017

      Hey Diane,

      WordPress is actually a content management system, while Siterubix helps you to create WordPress websites with a click of a button rather than you needing to go install WordPress manually. Siterubix just helps you set up wordpress websites easier! Hope that answers your question 🙂


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