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Who Is Terence Ang?

Hello and a warm welcome to Income From The Red Dot.


My name is Terence Ang and I come from the sunny island of Singapore which inspired my website name.


I have been making money online since March 2013 when I was still in college trying to find a way to make an extra side income to cover my daily expenses.


If you’re here, you probably want to know my story, what this website is about, and more.

How Did I Get Started?

One day in 2013, it was just another normal day attending another lecture at my university.


I sat down with my usual group of friends and started to get ready for the lecture.


Out of a sudden, one of my friend told me, “Hey, download this app! We can make money just by scanning QR codes!”


The first thing I was like, “What the hell are you talking about? Are you sure it’s even legit?”


Turns out the app was called Phewtick where it was an app that earns you points for scanning the QR codes of your friends. 


These points could then be cashed out as real money to Paypal.


Initially I was really skeptical because this was entirely new for me, plus I thought it shouldn’t be that easy to make money with so little effort.


After discovering, I proceeded to make about $400 from this app alone over the next 3 months.


$60 worth of points
$110 worth of points

Needless to say I was shocked that such an opportunity existed and proceeded to find more ways to make money online.


I found other apps such as Peko and Sparkprofit which made me a lot of money while having fun as well.


Eventually all these apps ceased to exist with Phewtick being the first to go.


All my experiences with these led me to create this website to teach people that you can actually make second source of income online and it’s definitely possible to make money online.


This led me to want to find a way to start really making money online as a full time job.


I dabbled in things like Forex (Which lost me about US$1500) which didn’t work out well, and also went through multiple scam websites claiming they can help you make money online.


Thankfully besides the Forex loss, I didn’t lose any money online to any online scam.

Starting This Blog

I wanted a place to document down my online money making journey, while educating people on the ways to make money online and how to avoid scams.


One of the top questions that posed to me by friends is:


“How do you know XXXX Program is not a scam and pays?”


This all resulted me in creating Income From The Red Dot.


Partially too, it is through the help of a website called Wealthy Affiliate which I found to be legit after going through so many scams.


All this was in May 2014 where I started my affiliate marketing journey with Wealthy Affiliate.


I decide to review as many programs that made money while also finding out the scam programs out there.


I know the internet is a dangerous place lurking with many online scams. Users have become cautious and skeptical with spending money at all.


While I could understand where they are coming from as I have had my fair share of scams, there are definitely legit programs out there among those system that promises ‘5-digit income’ in a few weeks or money making guru that can help you push a button and make $100 tomorrow.


(PS. None of those exists. Really.)

My Results

While I don’t claim to be an expert or guru, whatever I did helped me make a sustainable income online until today.


Here’s some proof for the ney-sayers still. You can click them to view them if you wish.

About 8 months profit from one program
Earning about $1,700+ in one week!
Money just coming in every week and month!
From a program called Clickfunnels.

Now, all these screenshots is not to brag but to show you a glimpse of what you can expect from making money online.


I went from making a few dollars every month to making a few thousands a month now.


Even without doing anything.. and the best part is that most of it is passive income now.

I Want To Help You!

I remember telling myself one thing, that if I ever found the ‘secrets’ to making money online, I would share it with as many people as possible.


You may be thinking, “If you’re making so much money, why would you share the secrets?”


It’s because there’s more than enough of the pie to go around.


Heck, I’m probably still a small fish in a big ocean, and there’s bigger names making WAY more money than I do.


If you’re still reading this, then GOOD NEWS!


Because I want to help YOU get started without spending a single cent with me.


That’s right, you pay $0 by signing up for my membership program by clicking the button below.


There, I will teach you how I got started and how I did it.


And it’s all because of this easy 4-step system.


Ready to get started? I’ll see you on the other side 🙂


– Terence


  1. laura June 16, 2014

    Hi Terence,
    It’s a very good idea to share your experience with the world. We all need money, and we all need to make it without a boss on our heads. 🙂
    One question: Why is Singapore “literally a red dot on the world map” ? I have no idea…

    1. Terence June 16, 2014

      Hi Laura,
      Yes, i believe that it is really easy to start earning money as there are so many avenues and opportunities out there, just need to find the right one to start with!

      To answer your question too, Singapore is a really really small country. Let me quote wikipedia here quick:

      “Little red dot” (or “Little Red Dot”) is an epithet for the nation of Singapore. It describes the manner in which the main and subsidiary islands comprising the Republic, with a total land area of no more than 704 km2 (270 sq mi), are marked on many world maps.

  2. laura June 16, 2014

    I got it now. Because it is a small country, they had to mark it with a red dot on the map, so we know that is is there! Well, it seems that even it is small, is full of talented people. Look at yourself! 🙂

    1. Terence June 16, 2014

      Yep, it is a really small country in South-East Asia. And many people still think we’re in China (Which we aren’t :P). Thanks for the compliment too, and have a great day ahead!

  3. Marios June 17, 2014

    Hello Terence,

    “It’s a very good idea to share your experience with the world. We all need money, and we all need to make it without a boss on our heads. ”

    Couldn’t agree more!

    I like navigating through your site, it’s clean and practical.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Terence June 17, 2014

      Hi Marios,
      I definitely agree with that sentence too. Taking small steps to earn money and eventually becoming your own boss! Thanks for the compliment too! 😀

  4. Ginette November 12, 2015

    Hey Terence! I’ve seen some of your videos and I want your opinion on this website.

    after you watch it, plase watch this one
    and tell me what you think in terms of credibility for the first video in comparison to the second one.
    look forward to your response, here is my email if you want to contact me ginettevillasmil@gmail.com

    1. Terence November 12, 2015

      Hi Ginette,

      I am unable to view the first video because it seem to be set on private. The second video, however, is a company called ACN which is also an MLM company. According to the wikipedia page, there are quite a lot of criticisms. Also, because it’s an MLM company, I advise you stay away from such an opportunity as most people who enter loses out.

  5. Longs November 23, 2015

    Hi Terence,
    Read one of your article on earn-from-mystery-shopping with interest.

    I am a freelance marketing consultant, and was asked to take a look at a foreign-based mystery shopping mobile app, wanting to enter into S’pore market. Wanted to seek your opinion on feasibility, if you do not mind.

    Kindly reply back via my email, and we can chat from there onwards.


  6. Erik Straub November 30, 2015

    Hello Terrence,

    I’m Erik Straub and I’m the CMO for Kickfurther. We were included in your post about a Beer Money Guide

    I wanted to connect with you to ask you questions about your methods. Is there a way to contact you directly.

    You can email me at Erik@kickfurther.com


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