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Hi there!

My name is Terence, your guide to the world of making money online. You’re currently on this website that teaches people how to start making money online!

There’s a lot of reasons why I started this website, which you can read about it over here. But, the main reason is because I’m sick and tired of the scams of the internet and people losing their hard earned money to scammers.

My job here is simple: Help you start making money online with legit programs and teaching you how you can do it right here, right now!

Make Money Online

One Quick Note About These Programs I Promote

There are many programs that I promote on Income From The Red Dot, and must meet these criterions:

  • No Get Rich Scheme – I don’t like quick fixes and quick cash, and that’s because such programs does not exist. All my programs require you to put in some form of work and time into it if you want to make money. No push button and get rich here.
  • Safe To Sign Up – Most programs that I introduce are free to sign up, provide free trial, provide money back guarantee, or a combination of these. This means you only pay if you feel the program is worth it.
  • 100% Legit – All programs that I introduce on this website have been scrutinized by me personally. This doesn’t mean you should trust me 100% and not do any research at all, but I take the guess-work out to help you determine if you should join a program or not.
  • Tested And Proven - Most of the times, I have used these programs personally so I know if it's a good product or not. If not, heavy research is done before introducing it to you. (PS. I don't push crappy products that don't work or make money)

My Top Recommended Programs

1. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Front Page

My number 1 go-to website if you want to create a second income teaching you how to make money from your very own website by blogging.

No product to sell? No problem, because you will be taught how to make money selling other people's product using affiliate marketing.

You can sign up for a free account with Wealthy Affiliate and jump right into the training with the first course and 10 lessons immediately!

2. Freedym University

Freedym Front Page

Also known as the #1 resource for Freestyle entrepreneurs and the 'Netflix' for entrepreneurs, Freedym gives you everything you need to succeed online as a lifestyle business. If you aspire the laptop lifestyle, Freedym is definitely a place for you.

Freedym mostly focuses on teaching people how to create recurring revenue using membership model. Still, they have many other content including content creation, email marketing, generating traffic, and including full training programs that they charge $2,000 to $10,000 per person to attend!

Click the sign up link below to access a special $1 for 7 days 'Friends And Family' promotion

3. Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp (ABC)

Affiliate Bootcamp

The Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp (ABC) is a program by Clickfunnels teaching its affiliate how to sell their products. If you are new to making money online, Russell and his team teaches you how to retire in 100 days just selling their products. It's possible because you can easily earn up to $3,000 selling their highest

he Clickfunnels ABC is one of the best place to start learning how to build your business. Also if you are already doing affiliate marketing, Clickfunnels have a great product range of things you can start promoting for a decent income.

It comes with many perks such as recurring income, and even the company paying for the monthly rent of your car!

4. Funnel Hacks

Funnel Hacks Main Page

This is meant for people who are already in business or already making money online.

The Funnel Hacks training is conducted by Russell Brunson, the owner of Clickfunnels. If you want to learn how to position and take your business to the next level selling online with funnels, the Funnel Hacks offer is something you definitely want to take up as it can help you 10x your profits if you implement the strategies easily.

Side Income

These programs below are basically apps and website that I used to make money from when I first started making money online. This website was actually built to teach people how to use these apps and websites to start their first online income.

However, I no longer do these programs anymore as I don't have the time for it already as I'm busy managing multiple businesses now. The earnings are far too little for the time spent on it. I make money using the information provided in my top recommended programs now.

Make money apps

With that being said, these programs below are the ones that actually kickstarted my online journey and gave me a small amount of money to invest into my online education (Mainly Wealthy Affiliate), and you can do so as well.

Take note that these programs won’t make you a full time income, but it could help you make an extra $100 – $200 a month, or even more depending on how much you use it. Best part is some of these programs can be done on your smartphone on the go!

List Of Apps/Websites That Can Make You Money

The Ultimate Money Making & Beermoney guide 2016

Check out this post where I listed a ton of money making websites and apps beyond the ones that I reviewed. There are tons of ideas that you can start profiting from.