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Freedym University Review: Can This Platform Make You Money? (July 2017 Update)

Freedym Logo

Freedym University






Easy To Use


Earning Potential



  • Tons of training content added almost daily!
  • Over 1000 hours of content to watch the moment you sign up
  • Learn from tons of experts with a really low cost of $49/month. (Other platforms easily pay $1000 per expert)
  • Get to join an exclusive group with friendly support from the owner and his team
  • Some videos even includes PDF or worksheets you can download and start using.


  • It's Paid! However, it's already VERY affordable!
  • May not have enough newbie content in my opinion!
  • Information overload because there's too many videos to watch and implement!

Additional information

Website: http://freedym.com

Price: $49/month, $499/year

Owners: Ryan Lee

Quick Summary

What It Is: Freedym is a platform that is advertised as the ‘Netflix’ for entrepreneurs with over 1000 hours of training program, case studies and more from real entrepreneurs who make a living through online means. In their recent revamp in July, they are focusing on producing content that just focuses on teaching people how to make a recurring income. All in all, it’s a really great platform to learn from real experts who share their experiences in video!

My Recommendations: This website delivers. In fact, it OVER DELIVERS. For what it’s offering, you are saving more than $1,000+ per month with this program alone. Check out my exclusive $1 for 7 days offer JUST FOR YOU by clicking the button below to sign up.

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The ‘Netflix’ For Entrepreneurs

Freedym Front Page

When I first entered the membership portion of website, it does look legit and doesn’t have anything that seems suspicious.

However, one thing I wanted to know is that whether it is really true that Freedym had the kind of content that they advertised and whether they are who they say they are.

A lot of membership sites are just fluff, and usually don’t have much quality content to back it up. With that in mind, I decided to put Freedym to the test.

I immediately signed up for an account for a month and decided to see if it was actually worth it, and if inside was really as advertised.

This review will go through what I found out, so you don’t have to spend any money to see what is on the inside. Read below to find out more!

What Do They Offer?


As advertised, they claim to have over 1000 hours of training and a huge video vault of videos as you can see below.

Freedym Videos

There are many different category of videos for whatever that you might need for a business. The categories listed inside are:

  1. Membership & Coaching
  2. Products & Courses
  3. Traffic & Marketing
  4. Sales & Conversion
  5. Personal Development & Motivation
  6. Branding & Positioning
  7. Productivity & Managing
  8. Tech
  9. Freedymfest Videos
  10. Complete Training Courses

Depending on what you need, there are videos for everything you need to succeed for an online business. Each series could range from just 1 video (30 minutes to an hour) all the way to over 20 videos in one of the training courses.

There’s also 1 new video series added every 2-3 days so you can never run out of stuff to watch!

2. Where Do I Start?

Freedym Start Here

If you are already feeling overwhelmed just by reading the last few sentences, I can tell you that you are not alone.

Especially if you are totally new to the platform or even new to online business.

Thank goodness that there is a ‘Start Here’ button that drives you to a page where it answers a lot of basic questions. One of the question is:

‘I’m Brand New, Where Should I Start?’

The answers lead to various videos that can help you get started to answer your questions and are usually solid content.

For the brand new people, there are 3 video series that you can start viewing that really helps clear up the question and give you a sense of direction.

For the more seasoned people, there are questions such as ‘How do I get more productive’, or ‘How do I use Facebook Marketing’ which directs you to the appropriate videos as well too.

3. Support? Support!

Freedym FB support

There’s even a support Facebook group that you can join once you are part of the community.

This is an added bonus on top of the videos that you are getting every single day, and you can even ask questions to the people in the group. There’s close to over 2000 people at the time of writing with many people being added every day.

Among these people are experts as well too and some of them have answered various people’s questions to a certain topic.

The owner itself does post quite a few stuff as well, so he is rather active in the group too. The admins that he has also help answer some of the questions or queries that is being asked in the group as well too.

All in all, it’s really a great way to get in touch with the team behind Freedym easily, instead of just Email support (Which is also provided in Freedym!)

Analysis of Freedym

1. Is It Legit?

Like every other program, I want to know if it is legit and that I’m not paying to get scammed. From my first hand experience and doing my usual checks on websites, I can determine this website is definitely safe legit because it has the following:

  • Business Address is included on the website.
  • Does not claim to make you money at all!
  • It explains what you are paying for: A membership website that contains a ton of video.
  • No hype, no up sells inside. I have personally seen what is inside and there is nothing else to buy.
  • You can easily cancel your membership anytime without hassle, just by a click of a button.

2. Who Is The Owner Of Freedym?

In every usual case, seeing the owner can help you judge if a certain website or service is legitimate.

The owner behind this is a man called Ryan Lee. Doing a Google search easily shows that he’s visible when you search for him. Just by doing a google search for him and you will easily see the top rankings are all by the same guy.

Ryan Lee Google Search

Now this doesn’t mean he can’t be a scammer, but he is 100% visible to the whole world.

If you notice his Facebook page, he has over 30,000 followers till date and is very active in responding to comments. Even one of his recent post show massive interactions with his audience to show his life on his personal page.Ryan Lee Facebook Post

Ryan started out as a fitness professional and eventually moved into the marketing world. There are many articles on this guy to show that he’s the real deal too:

He appeared on a podcast on this website.

His story is featured on Entrepreneur’s Journey website

He even has his own podcast called The Freedym Show, and reviews are a whopping 5!

This is another interview he did with John Spenser Ellis

…And another interview by Entrepreneur On Fire with some Bio

With all these interviews and evidence, it shows that we are working with someone who is pretty transparent and dares to show his face on the internet. This is something many scammers do not do, or hide behind a fake name usually with a fake image as well too.

3. Who And Does The Videos Feature?

One thing I wanted to know was whether the videos are real and if is there really content inside? If so, who are these authors?

Freedym Results

I know up to this point that they do have all the training you need and do not have any up-sell you need to buy in order to ‘succeed’. Also, there is support provided for members who have any questions or run into any issue.

My only concern is that if these videos are really by these ‘real-world lifestyle entrepreneurs’ are legit and whether they have an online presence.

In the picture below, you can notice there are quite a few names, with some videos done by Ryan Lee himself.

I personally think that most of these people are invited to create short videos on Freedym as guests, and most of them come from the fitness industries too.

Not surprising as Ryan came from that industry as well too.

Personal Development Freedym

What I did to research: Type their name into Google to see if they exist on Google, simple!

  • Brian & Carrie can be easily searched up by Google.
  • Brian Grasso is basically the same Brian as above!
  • David Kyte can’t really be found on Google.
  • Vince Gabriele can be found here

Note: I do not call David right off as a scammer, but just noting that he’s slightly harder to find than the rest. Does not means he’s a scammer!

In other words, I have seen through all these videos and they really do have really great content. These experts that were invited to create these content also definitely do walk the talk as well.

4. Is This Newbie Friendly? How About If I Already Have An Existing Business?

Like I mentioned before, the content in here is packed that even both the newbies and the veterans can still benefit.

For the newbies:

There are 3 courses recommended right off that you can take:

  • The Freedym Bootcamp: 4-5 hours of video to learn how to build your very own lifestyle business, and finding the right direction fast to do so too!
  • The Millionaire Secrets: 2 hours of video to give you strategies and tactics to take your business to the next level. It reveals his personal mistakes while building his business in the past and how you can avoid making the same mistakes.
  • Work Anywhere LIVE: 4 hour worth of content that show you how to build a profitable business that fits your lifestyle – in REAL TIME. This is conducted in front of a live workshop.Freedym Beginner Series

With close to 12 hours worth of training packed for newbies, you’ll learn very fast what to do if you are completely new and are starting out from scratch.

These content are enough to at least get you started working in the right directions and providing you with the basic tools and knowledge in order to start an online lifestyle business.

For the veterans and experts:

If you are looking to answer certain problems such as “How can I get more traffic and leads?” or “How do I create content?”, Freedym definitely has the answer for you as well too.

You can learn more of a certain topic that you are familiar with, or learn something that you may not be familiar yet.

Personally, I joined this program because I wanted to learn more of creating membership sites and learning how to do email marketing more efficiently.

Stuff you can learn also includes:

  • Creating Membership Sites
  • How to start coaching other people for a premium big ticket sum ($1000 – $10,000 coaching)
  • Creating Content and Products
  • Learning how to get more free traffic/paid traffic
  • How to start Video Marketing
  • How to use Email marketing to market your offer
  • Creating your own personal podcast
  • Learning the art of becoming more productive so you can do more
  • How to grow your audience of fans
  • How to stand out in your market

If you really want to learn all these topics, you will have to pay at least $10,000s if you choose to learn from various experts or gurus. However, Freedym provides it at a very nominal cost of just $49/month which is very cheap to get started.

5. Can I Make Money From This Platform?

There’s 2 parts to answer for this question.

1) You can earn from implementing strategies from this platformFreedym TestimonialThe strategies shared in this platform can actually earn you money.

For example, Neil Asher shared that just learning from one video has added an extra $10,000 per month to his business which makes his subscription very well worth it.

This also shows that the videos covered in Freedym aren’t ‘junk’ or useless fluff content that is just made to sell people.

These are actually practical information that can easily help you start generating an online revenue, or add extra revenue to your already ongoing business.

2) There’s an affiliate program!

Besides what I mentioned above, you can actually earn money from referring people to this platform too!

You earn 30% of each sale that goes through, so if someone subscribes for 1 month for $49, you earn $14.70 per month!

If someone goes yearly, then it’s $149.7 per year!

$14.70 may not be a lot, but just getting 4 referrals can easily cover your own membership fee easily means you can learn and earn for free essentially!

Don’t forget these are recurring income so you get them month after month as long the people do not cancel.

Who says it doesn’t pay to share good things with your friends? You definitely can’t earn money by referring friends to Netflix, but you can definitely do that with Freedym!

If the membership price goes up (Which is going up in the near future), I would say your earnings will increase as well as the new subscribers will be paying higher.

6. Focus on Recurring Income (Updated in July 2017!)

After even writing this review, I have been following Freedym and Ryan quite a lot on Facebook and Email.

The direction of the membership is going to be changing towards heavily teaching people how to create recurring income.

It can range anything from learning how to create your own membership website to providing services to get people pay you on a monthly basis.

The first indication was this post on Facebook:

Freedym recurring direction

It was also announced over in the email that the prices of the membership will be going up very soon with this change.

However, current members will never need to pay more than current prices even if the prices increase.

You can see an excerpt of the email below:Freedym Email

This means more content on recurring income is coming!

A whole lot of changes is coming to the platform, but if you’re a current member means you won’t be paying extra even if they up it to $99 per month.

7. What do people say about Freedym? (Updated in July 2017)

With over 4000 people in their group as of writing this review, the size of the group is growing fast.

So what do these people say about Freedym? I decided to check their official Facebook page.

Freedym Facebook Star Review

For one, it boast 99 out of 101 5 star reviews and a 4 star review. That says massive lots on how people love Freedym.

Also, the review by Oscar also shows that Freedym gave him a lot of value to his business and that it is a no brainer to join Freedym.

You can check out the reviews over here.

Final Verdict of Freedym

Name: Freedym

Website: http://www.freedym.com

Price: $49/month, $497/year

Owners: Ryan Lee

Legit tick

Legit and working program! 

Click below for a special ‘friends’ discount: Only $1 for your first 7 days!

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My Final Thoughts

Freedym is one of the great resources that I have recently subscribed too and use on a daily basis. For $1 per day it is really a brainless decision to sign up!

Also among the sea of scammers, it makes Ryan a really trusted individual on the internet marketing world. This is why I want to introduce this program to my readers who are still struggling to find the legit program to make money from.

Trust me, there are a lot of legit programs in the sea of scammers but you really need to keep an open mind! Not necessarily everything that is paid is a scam – like Freedym.

What I love about Freedym

  • Tons of training content added almost daily!
  • Over 1000 hours of content to watch the moment you sign up
  • Learn from tons of experts with a really low cost of $49/month. (Other platforms easily $1000 per expert)
  • Get to join an exclusive group with friendly support from the owner and his team
  • Some videos even includes PDF or worksheets you can download and start using.

What I did not like Freedym

  • It’s Paid! However, it’s already VERY affordable!
  • May not have enough newbie content in my opinion!
  • Information overload because there’s too many videos to watch and implement!

Bottom line, Freedym is a great resource to get started learning on learning how to start your own lifestyle business and making money online through it. It really is a no BS site and has authentic content, combined with an owner that is active and is a honest person.

For every successful entrepreneur, they definitely need a platform to start learning how to do it too. For me, I chose Wealthy Affiliate as my platform to learn how to make money online as it provides great training content, and even support as well too. These are the few key factors to a successful online business.

Comparing Freedym to Wealthy Affiliate: Freedym is basically a lot of videos on different content that is meant for people who needs help on certain topics such as how to get more traffic, or maybe how to build a membership site. Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand teaches people how to make money from their own website.

Freedym has a lot more videos than Wealthy Affiliate because that is what it is, a website that is very similar to Netflix. Wealthy Affiliate has lesser videos, but more step-by-step training that are more friendly for newbies who want to start making money online.

Personally, I have subscription to both platform because both platforms are really valuable. Both platforms provide different perks: Wealthy Affiliate providies things like hosting and keyword tool for my website too, while Freedym gives me access to more experts to learn from.

If you are still questioning yourself if you should sign up for a membership with Freedym, I would honestly just say grab the special $1 offer for 7 days because it’s essentially like 15 cents a day and there is no limit on the videos you can watch.

However if you are a newbie that is looking for a more hand holding program, I definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate through my 5 day email course where I teach you how to start your own website and make money from it. It’s free to sign up for my email course, and also free to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate!

You can click the below buttons to sign up for Freedym, or to sign up for my 5 day email course.

Or do both! All I can say is that you are going to be getting really great value either way.

Click Here To Sign Up For Freedym

Check Out My #1 Recommended Money Making Program

So what do you think about Freedym? Do you love the videos that are shown? Share with me your thoughts!


Terence comes from the sunny island of Singapore. Since starting in 2013, he has been making an income from various apps and websites. He has started up Income from the Red Dot to educate everyday users how to make money online legitimately, while avoiding the scams on the Internet.

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  1. Carl Chia February 17, 2017

    Thank for this detailed review of Ryan’s Freedym university! It gave me a better idea of what they have to offer.

    1. Terence February 18, 2017

      Hi Carl,
      Thanks! I would highly recommend for you to sign up if you already have not because a lot of the content are created by people in your niche as well. A lot of valuable information on the platform for health professionals such as yourself too, since Ryan himself came from the same niche.

  2. Nick August 22, 2018

    Thumbs up! You did an unbiased and holistic justice to this freedym review.

    1. Terence August 22, 2018

      Hi Nick,
      Thanks for your comment! Freedym has really evolved since I wrote this article and there’s a lot more great things you can get such as the weekly help too!


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