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Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Review: An In-depth Review

Affiliate Bootcamp

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp






Easy To Use


Earning Potential



  • Free to sign up
  • Great for newbies who want a solid program to learn from
  • Solid products that you can promote to make money from
  • Great step-by-step videos to guide you through the tasks required to do every day.
  • No-BS approach, everything is actually legit and works.


  • It's not entirely free to execute the strategies
  • Requires ton of studying to make sure you don't waste money!

Other Information

Website: www.affiliatebootcamp.com

Price: Free!

Owners: Russell Brunson

Quick Summary

What It Is: Clickfunnels Affiliate bootcamp is for people who want to learn how to make money promoting product sold by Clickfunnels, a software company. There are a lot of products to be promoted by Clickfunnels so the earning potential is very high. Be advised: Even though the training is free, you are expected to pay for things such as the Clickfunnels software and costs for Facebook ads. The rewards are really super, as you can get a super car just from bringing in 100 affiliates to Clickfunnels on top of your usual commissions.

Pros: Tons of FREE QUALITY TRAINING, great support, and very good range of products to promote. The earning potential from this limitless, as you can get a super car just from bringing in 100 affiliates to Clickfunnels on top of your usual monthly commissions.

Cons: To execute the strategies in this training, you need to be prepared to spend at least $100 – $200 a month in order to start seeing results. I would definitely recommend going ahead and doing it because you’ll get your money back over time, but not everyone has the luxury to do this.

My recommendations: 100% Legit! Sign up for your free account and go through the training as you will learn a lot. After that, decide if you want to go through with the training. I definitely recommend this as the training is really powerful and the products you are promoting are top quality.

Retire In 100 Days?

ABC Front page

This program is created to promote Clickfunnels, a landing page software built by a man called Russell Brunson. The program is designed to help people retire in 100 days.

It may sound like a far fetched idea, but Russell goes on to explain in the video why it isn’t. The main idea of the program is to ‘give away 1 trial of Clickfunnels a day’, which could lead to a $40 per month income for you if someone signs up under you.

When you get 100 people to sign up under you, you get $4,000 per month recurring + payment of a car up to $500 per month. He goes on to explain the opportunity if you get more people to Clickfunnels.

This may all sound good, but does the program work at all? Most programs overhype their give aways and everything but turns out to be a complete scam after that.

Also, this program claims to be worth $997 value. Is it just an inflated value or do you really get such a great value?

So let’s see if Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is one of them with this review below!

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What Do They Offer?

After signing up for an account, I logged into the members area and was greeted with this picture

Affiliate Bootcamp Inside

Immediately I was directed to day 1 of the training where I learned about the ‘Secret Formula’. It’s a rather long video (52 minutes), but basically it covers the essential you need to know before you start promoting the program.

I find a lot of the information to be mind blowing even as a veteran internet marketer myself. Russell simplifies a lot of concept and makes everything sound so easy that any newbie can pick up the concepts even if you are brand new to this.

The training in the following days continue on from day 1. Day 6 onwards is when you first start constructing your first offer to promote Clickfunnels to the world.

There are a lot of training to go through daily, and each day builds on the work you did on the previous day.

Analysis of Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

1. Is The Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Legit?

Taking a look from the introduction video all the way to creating your account, it may seem a little suspicious because the website doesn’t have much information on what the whole course is about.

It does mention it’s a 100 day challenge, but thats about it. Inside the membership area, there is an introduction video on how everything works, what to expect and the FAQs.

Affiliate Bootcamp FAQs

The website works on a ‘dripfeed’ basis, which means new content will be released to you every day until the final content is released. This is done so as not to overload newbies and cause information overload.

Besides these, I don’t see anything suspicious that could classify this website as a scam. The first few videos are informative enough to teach you how to make money online without even asking for a single cent from the user.

2. Is it Really Free?

This answer has two parts – Yes and No.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Boot Camp actually teaches you how to make money through promoting their software and program.

This course alone is actually worth $997, as quite a lot of what you will learn inside is taught to people who paid for Russell’s past programs. To get access to this course is entirely free, along with all the training that is provided inside to help you promote the program.

However, there reaches a point where to actually promote it, you would be required to invest into a few things:

  • A Clickfunnels subscription. 14 days free trial ($97/month)
  • Facebook Ads (Depends on how much you want to spend)
  • Autoresponder (Aweber, Mailchimp, etc. $20+/month)

You can promote Clickfunnels without an account, but it is harder as they provide you with ALL the templates with Clickfunnels. These templates can help you promote Clickfunnels and earn money at a much faster rate because you don’t need to waste time to create something that already works out of the box.

Although you can use another software to promote Clickfunnels, it would be really ironic not to use the software you are promoting either way.

3. What exactly is ‘Clickfunnels’?

I haven’t gotten into what Clickfunnels is, so here’s the explanation of what is it

Clickfunnels website

Clickfunnels is a landing page software that helps people to build ‘Funnels’ to help businesses increase their sales and conversion process through a systematic approach. This is also by the same man, Russell Brunson.

A ‘Funnel’ is a series of pages that guides a customer through, which allows them to make certain decisions such as buying a product or inputting their personal details.

This is the primary software you will be promoting, along side with many other products built alongside with Clickfunnels. Some examples include the DotComSecrets Book, Expert Secrets Book, Funnelhacks, 2 Comma Club and Clickfunnels Certification.

By referring people to try or buy these programs, you earn a commission. If they buy another program inside the ‘Clickfunnels’ family, you earn a commission on that too. This allow you to cross promote their product to the same person.

4. Is This Newbie-Friendly?

Looking through the training, it is designed for anyone in mind including newbies who has never made a single cent online before.

The video training goes through and explains everything you need to know, especially the first 5 days where the videos can be easily up to a hour long each. This is packed with all the information you need to know if you are planning to get into the affiliate boot camp.Affiliate Bootcamp Day 1

After that, there’s a video training everyday with supplementary videos to help you go through every thing you need to do step-by-step. It’s essentially following instructions on what to do, including following certain guidelines if you do need to brainstorm for ideas.Affiliate Bootcamp Secret Formula

All in all, I find that the system is very friendly for newbies as everything is as ‘simple’ as possible. This is one of the philosophy behind Clickfunnels as well, to make everything simple.

5. What Does The Program Cover?

Having been through the program for awhile now, there are a few things that the program covers:

a. It teaches you how to build a business

You are not just learning how to make money online. In the very first video, Russell already talks about how to reach your goals and how attainable it can be too.

You’ll also be learning how to find your ‘perfect customers’, people who are willing to buy from you over and over again.

b. It teaches you how to use Facebook ads

This is one of the core concepts when getting your message out. With Facebook ads, you can essentially earn right from day 1 if people actually buys through your links. It’s also the fastest way to get your message out, compared to SEO which can take really long for it to work.

Affiliate Bootcamp Facebook Ads

c. It teaches you how to build a community to follow you and buy whatever you recommend.

One of the core concepts of the bootcamp is not getting fast and short term ‘one-time sales’, but essentially grooming your customers to buy from you repeatedly over and over.

One concept that you will learn in the boot camp is the attractive character, and how you attract people to want to follow you and buy into what you have to offer.

6. Who Is Behind Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp?

The person who is behind all this is a man called Russell Brunson, who owns the company Etison LLC. He’s the main person and also the owner of Clickfunnels.

Like any other review, I want to see how credible this guy is, so let’s take a look at a few things:

a. Google Search

A quick Google search shows that this guy is ranked up there, with all the websites shown there being owned by him, including the ad:

Affiliate Bootcamp Russell Brunson

b. Facebook and Twitter

He has a personal Facebook page as well which you can view right here.  His twitter is here.

Affiliate Bootcamp Russell Facebook

Russell is pretty active on Facebook, and his page has over 242,000 people liking at this point of writing. This alone shows that this guy is someone you should follow.

c. Articles about Russell

He has appeared on many websites such as:

Russell has been in the scene for a really long time now, and has appeared in many websites and news sites as well too. Even a TV show actually.

This guy is definitely credible and not a ‘nobody’ in the internet marketing world.

He’s someone who has actually made an impact on the world with Clickfunnels and have been promoted by many people with his other products that is linked to Clickfunnels too.

7. Can You Really Earn From The Program?

One thing for sure is: YES!

The main thing that earns you money in this program is actually promoting Clickfunnels, the main program. However, you can make money on many of their other products as well too.

You are essentially selling someone else’s products (Affiliate Marketing) and actually focus on selling the products, not referring people into the program. However, you do earn money if you get people to sign up for a Clickfunnels account under your name.

Also for the people who think this is an MLM, this isn’t anywhere close to MLM where the main mode of earning revenue is through a multi-tier commission system.

Clickfunnels is actually one of the top tier programs in the industry, so it’s not a shoddy product made just for people to refer to buy it (something like Empower Network)

The affiliate system is quite generous: You get paid 40% commission for the main program ($38.80/month or $118.80/month), and up to 40% on all the others as well!

One of their most expensive products pay up to a whopping $3,000 for a sale! And that’s only a 20% commission.

8. Testimonials

On the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp page, there isn’t any testimonials to promote the program. So what I did was to head over to Clickfunnels main page to see if there were anyone who ‘reviewed’ Clickfunnels.

I only found 2 videos that are testimonials for Clickfunnels. They may not be much, but I felt the testimonials are quite real and powerful. Here’s the reason why:

a. Garrett J White


As you can see, this guy talks about how Clickfunnels has simplified his life after going through years of different softwares.

One thing for sure, this guy isn’t an ‘unknown’ on the internet as you can find him here, and his facebook here. He’s the person known for the program Wake Up Warrior and Warriors On Fire, and him staking his credibility with Clickfunnels is quite a big thing.

Note that his pages are also built by Clickfunnels, which further supports the claim and credibility.

b. Liz Benny


Liz Benny is another person who is seen talking in the video about how great Clickfunnels is.

Same as Garrett, Liz Benny isn’t a nobody as well. She specializes in Social Media Marketing, and teaches people how to make money as a social media manager.

Her website is here and you can see her Facebook and Twitter accounts too. You can even see her promoting Clickfunnels on her website as shown below:

Liz benny website

So what’s the use with all the proof here? For one, these are real people and not ‘paid actors’ as seen in certain other programs that I reviewed.

The other thing is that these people use Clickfunnels and also recommend it. So it’s not a lousy product that nobody wants but actually something that works.

9. Is There Any Support Provided?

This is one of the things that I look for in any programs.

For one thing, the affiliate bootcamp does provide support through email (support@clickfunnels.com) which is probably used if you face any technical or account issues.

If you have a question that’s regarding what is covered in the cost, there’s a main Facebook group which you can join here.Affiliate Bootcamp Kevin TjiaClickfunnels Bootcamp Facebook Group

At this point of writing this, there’s over a whopping 22,000 members in the Facebook group now which is massive!

There are also a lot of people that are asking questions, from beginners to advanced people all inside the group. This shows that the community is very active, and that a lot of people are supporting the program as well too.

The main person behind the affiliate bootcamp, Kevin Tjia, regularly posts videos and live support for affiliates to help them to promote Clickfunnels better.

Affiliate Bootcamp Kevin Tjia

This recent livestream was just 11 hours ago when I am writing this article, which shows that the group is still ‘alive’.

Final Verdict of Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

Name: Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

Website: www.affiliatebootcamp.com

Price: FREE

Owners: Russell Brunson

Highly Recommended! Great training, great products and great earning opportunity!

Click Here To Sign Up For Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

My Final Thoughts

What I love about Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

  • Free to join
  • Great for newbies who want a solid program to learn from
  • Solid products that you can promote to make money from
  • Great step-by-step videos to guide you through the tasks required to do every day.
  • No-BS approach, everything is legit an actually works.

What I did not like about Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

  • It’s not entirely free to execute the strategies
  • Requires ton of studying to make sure you don’t waste money!

I hardly rate such a product really high, but the affiliate bootcamp by Clickfunnels is one such program.

The only reason why is because there’s way too many BS programs out there that doesn’t work, or are just straight up scams. I have reviewed way too many scam programs on the internet already, and having a legit one like this one is a great change of pace.

This is one of the programs that made me buy the Clickfunnels software and use it, because the program is too awesome now. I have been in the Clickfunnels affiliate boot camp for awhile now and have already made a bit of commissions.

Affiliate Bootcamp Commissions

Nothing much yet, but will accumulate even more over time as I finish the training (while juggling all my current commitments too, which is isn’t easy for me too! LOL)


Just wanted to update this post that I officially cashed out $10K to my paypal account through this program. It’s one of my better performing affiliate programs in my arsenal now!


If you’re on the fence, I recommend signing up for the affiliate boot camp to learn the information inside. After that, then choose if you want to continue on with the training on Day 6.

For those who are scared to ‘invest’ in a program to make money online, I would look at it as an investment to your life. If you stake money on it, you are more likely to carry out what is taught in the program.

Compare it to something you learn for free, you won’t take it as serious, would you?

If you choose to invest in it, you’re going to get a lot of ready made templates that you can straight away use to promote Clickfunnels and potentially earn commissions right from Day 1.

I definitely high recommend investing your time and money into this program as it has the potential to change your life around.

Click the blue button to sign up for a free account today!

Click Here To Sign Up For Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

Alternatively, you can also check out my other highly recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate that teaches you how to make money blogging your passions by clicking the button below as well.

Check Out My #1 Recommended Money Making Program

So what do you think about ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp? Have you signed up for it before?


Terence comes from the sunny island of Singapore. Since starting in 2013, he has been making an income from various apps and websites. He has started up Income from the Red Dot to educate everyday users how to make money online legitimately, while avoiding the scams on the Internet.

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  1. Marko March 13, 2018

    I just joined yesterday and besides this investments:

    A Clickfunnels subscription. 14 days free trial ($97/month)
    Facebook Ads (Depends on how much you want to spend)
    Autoresponder (Aweber, Mailchimp, etc. $20+/month

    You must also upgrade for $297 recurrent subscription if you want to create an email list which is the full suit of CF. I’m in Day 2 of the 100 day bootcamp challenge and I was surprised I have to upgrade to $297 to continue on. As an affiliate I don’t think that upgrade is necessary since I’m not promoting any other business. What are your suggestions?

    1. Terence March 13, 2018

      Hey Marko,
      You don’t really need the $297 to be honest, as it’s also quite overkill for affiliates. The $97 is way more than sufficient to do almost everything as your emails can be done with Mailchimp/aweber, etc. If you already upgraded to the $297 plan, you can downgrade to the $97 one and continue with the course.

  2. Amanda March 18, 2018

    Honestly, clickfunnels is not EASY to promote no matter what all those gurus say… I mean, there’s a lot of competition with the affiliate side of clickfunnels.
    BUT … if you do put in the effort and stick it through, the payouts are pretty killer.
    Click on my name to see the full list of clickfunnels affiliate commission payouts that i put together 🙂

    1. Terence March 19, 2018

      Hi Amanda,
      I definitely disagree with Clickfunnels being not easy. With the right audience, Clickfunnels is really easy product to sell, and the commissions are really high like you said. Your guide definitely does show the potentials of how much you can earn too as they have so many different products.

  3. Scott October 6, 2018

    i don[t know if this is still here as it is October now that I am finding this. However, I agree with Marco. Like many others, this is promoted as free when it truly isn´t free. You have to pay to promote and nowhere (of course) do you see this in any beginning video. As Amanda said, it isn´t easy, but I don´t truly know. What I can say is that anything is easy to promote IF you find the right audience. Finding the right audience is what´s difficult to do. I am not saying this doesn´t work (actually it has to work) but forking out money right from the start when the supposed concept was free is seriously misleading.

    1. Terence October 6, 2018

      Hi Scott,
      Great input. Basically the training is Free, but the execution inside the training do actually take some money if you want to get started. Everything does take a bit of work like you mentioned such as finding the right audience as well. In my experience of making money online, it is almost 100% impossible to make any money without any initial investment if you really want to make some serious income. I have been promoting Clickfunnels for about a year now since this review and I have made significantly more than what I posted in the screenshot (LOL at my $42). All the best to you 🙂


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