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PanelPlace Review: Your One Stop Survey Portal That Works! (July 2017 Update!)

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Easy To Use


Earning Potential



  • Many legit survey panels you can make money and gift cards from
  • Provides a great all-in-one platform to introduce money making opportunity
  • 100% legit surveys - Don't need to be worried about getting scammed


  • May be too many surveys to keep up with if you sign up with all!
  • Overwhelming to finish all the surveys!
  • Nothing much, it's a pretty good platform!

Other Information

Websites: http://panelplace.com

Owners: Unknown

Available on: iOS, Android, Desktop

Quick Summary

What It Is: Panelplace is a survey site that started out in 2008 as a way to track legit survey sites on the internet. It has now become a premium portal that lists legit survey companies and survey panels that you can join and supports over 45 countries.

Pros: The website definitely has many legit survey companies (Including many of my favorites such as GlobalTestMarket and OpinionWorld) that you can start from. You can literally sign up for 5-10 different survey panels to maximize your earnings right from the start after signing up.

Cons: May be slightly overwhelming to suddenly have so many surveys to do!

My Recommendations: This site is definitely legit to sign up if you are looking to make money with online surveys. Go ahead and do so!

PanelPlace: Many Survey Panels

PanelPlace has been established in 2008 as there were quite a lot of money making scams in the past, and they decided to compile a list of legit survey websites.

PanelPlace Intro

Fast forward to today, they are now serving over 45 countries and have hundreds of survey panels listed on their website. Depending on where you are, you will have access to all the panels they are working with.

Best part? They’re definitely 100% legit because

  1. It’s FREE.
  2. They screen their survey partners to make sure they are 100% legit before introducing it on their website.

What Do They Offer?

PanelPlace advertises themselves as having legitimate surveys. When you log in, you get a choice of survey panels you can sign up for.

PanelPlace Dashboard

What this means is that PanelPlace is not a place where you can take surveys. However, it’s more of a place where you can find legitimate survey websites.

One thing that most people are scared of is being scammed. That’s why PanelPlace was even set up in the first place to address this issue.

They do the hard work of vetting out the scams, and actually give people the legitimate survey panels in your area. Remember that you get different set of panels depending on your country as well too.

Their platform also offer a lot more than just introducing survey panels to you. I will delve into the review in more depth below on the other stuff that they do.

All in all, it does look legit on the front end. But however, I want to do a full review of this website to see if they are what they are.

Does PanelPlace really work? Let’s check it out!

Analysis of PanelPlace

1. What Kinds Of Panels Do They Introduce?

One of my concerns are what survey panels they are introducing. For starters, there are some familiar names as you can see below.

PanelPlace Panels

GlobalTestMarket, AIP Online Surveys, OpinionWorld are stuff that I have introduced in the past as well too that I know are working. There are a couple more such as YouGov that I have not reviewed but have used and cashed out personally so that I know it works.

Since PanelPlace has members from so many countries, the survey panels tend to change depends on where you are from. Some people may have more, some people may have lesser panels to earn from.

One good thing is to know that when there’s a new panel in your area, PanelPlace will notify you and send you an email so that you can immediately subscribe to another money making channel.

2. What is the point of the website?

One main point of this site was to weed out scams and only introduce legit surveys. However, there’s more to this website than just legit surveys.

First, you can actually write a journal and to keep track of your progress by writing down important things while taking surveys so you can remember in the future. Also, you can record your thoughts and everything while making money on this platform.

PanelPlace Journal

The other thing that PanelPlace tends to do is host contests. This can be found under the promotion tab.

The good thing is that these contests allow you to win some money if you are selected as winner. They are hosted monthly, meaning there’s always an active promotion you can take part on:

PanelPlace Promotions

These are just some extras that PanelPlace offers to its members on top of providing legitimate surveys. There’s actually one more service called SurveyEX

SurveyEX is basically a service where you can consolidate all the emails you received from different panels into one email box where it makes it a lot easier for you finish surveys. You won’t need to dig through your email box and filtering out which are surveys and which are regular emails after you install this.

This service seem to be free at the moment, but in the past it was a paid service. I can’t seem to find any information or whether it is still a paid product, however I am able to access it on my account.

PanelPlace SurveyEX

3. Who Is It Owned By

PanelPlace is actually started by people from Singapore. It’s a small team of 2 people that started the company, and still remain a small team that manages most of the operation.

Since they are based in Singapore, it also made sense that they are registered as a business here. Checking up the records, I managed to find out that they do indeed have a company in Singapore and is registered. Live Company means they are still existing too.PanelPlace GovOne more thing is that PanelPlace has been in the marketplace for a really long time already. They existed since 2008, and registered as a legit company in 2012.

They even have a hotline (+65 6507 4432) and support area to help anyone who is facing any problems with the platform too. (http://support.panelplace.com)

You can read more of why the team behind PanelPlace started the platform here.

4. Are The Testimonials Legit?

One thing that I see a lot of scam websites do is that they like to buy testimonials and make it as though it is by real people, such as FaceBeast.

So naturally, sometimes you can’t even trust testimonials to be real anymore.

PanelPlace Testimonials

However, one thing that PanelPlace does that really makes it all legit is allowing users to upload their own payment proof onto the platform.

Maybe if there’s 2 or 3 payment proof only, it wouldn’t do much. But allowing users to upload shows the legitimacy of the platform and also the panels that they sign up for.

It shows that you CAN really make money from it.

PanelPlace Payment Proof

The above screenshot shows only people from Singapore presenting their payment proof onto PanelPlace. You can even sort by countries to see people getting paid in the countries PanelPlace is in.

I find that have user generated payment proof is really a smart thing, and you can’t say that it’s a scam right after this platform was implemented. There’s at least over a 1,000 payment proof of different survey panels all around the world too.

What others are saying

1. Scam Adviser (LEGIT)

With a rating of 90%, the ratings do state that it is a SAFE website to use with a high trust rating. This website is known to be able reliable to see if a website is a scam or not as it flags scam money making programs as unsafe.

In the link above, you can see all their details, including company contact details, WHOIS, server and more.

2. Panel Place Testimonials Site (LEGIT)

PanelPlace Testimonials 2

Normally, I wouldn’t recommend looking at the website for testimonials review as it could be biased.

However, there are at least 8 pages of testimonials too which makes it even more genuine. They even have a Facebook comments plugin below to show that real people are commenting that it is legit as well too.

It is hard to fake such comments as the plugin is controlled by Facebook and not the website. They could have removed the ‘it is a scam’ comments however and just left the good reviews up.

However, the overall opinion of Panel Place is still quite good as well.

PanelPlace Facebook

3. Google Play Store

PanelPlace recently introduced an app as well where you can easily access the website functions on your app.

This is why I took to see the Appstore to see the reviews of the app to see if it was running as intended, and also to see what the people who downloaded the app think.PanelPlace App

With a rating of 3.7 out of 818 reviews, it is not so many. Many of the 1 star rating were due to technical errors and not because they found the platform a scam.

On the other hand, many of the 3-5 star rating was because they are users who can access the app, including people who have found PanelPlace through the App store and found that it was a legit place to make money from.

4. Their Facebook Page

Another great place to see reviews would be their Facebook page as well too, as this platform is controlled by Facebook.

One thing for sure, they are unable to remove negative reviews so we know the reviews here are quite reliable. Out of 124 reviews, 73 of them were 5 stars and they achieved a total rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars as of writing this review.

PanelPlace Facebook Reviews

Most of the reviews that I encountered were pretty positive, with many praising the platform. The low 1-2 star reviews were mostly spam comments or people who just doesn’t know how to use the platform or doesn’t even leave any comments at all.

Overall, many people that reviewed Panelplace seem contented to be using it.

Final Verdict of PanelPlace

Name: PanelPlace

Websites: http://panelplace.com

Price: Free!

Owners: Unknown

Available on: iOS, Android, Desktop

Rating: 90/100 

Legit! Recommended if you want to make money now!

Click Here To Sign Up For PanelPlace

My Final Thoughts

What I love about PanelPlace

  • Many legit survey panels you can make money and gift cards from
  • Provides a great all-in-one platform to introduce money making opportunity
  • 100% legit surveys – Don’t need to be worried about getting scammed

What I did not like about PanelPlace

  • May be too many surveys to keep up with if you sign up with all!
  • Overwhelming to finish all the surveys!
  • Nothing much, it’s a pretty good platform!

Panelplace has been something that I have used for a few years and initially introduced me to some of the survey sites that I have used in the past. I no longer do surveys anymore as I focus on making money through other means that generate me a lot more income than surveys.

In the past, my survey experience was very good and I have Panelplace to thank for giving me access to various great survey panels to choose from. I made quite a lot of money from survey panels in the past (At least S$50 per month), but it does take up some time in order to do these surveys as well too.

If you are not making any money online now, start with this platform if you are in one of the listed countries. It is a great way to get started to earn some additional income and to get started making money online.

Click Here To Sign Up For PanelPlace

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It is a place where it teaches you how you can turn your talent or passion into income and monetize it. It does take a lot more work than survey taking, but it does provide you a platform where with great training and support to help you start your very own online business.

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So what do you think about PanelPlace? Have You Been Paid By Online Surveys Before?


Terence comes from the sunny island of Singapore. Since starting in 2013, he has been making an income from various apps and websites. He has started up Income from the Red Dot to educate everyday users how to make money online legitimately, while avoiding the scams on the Internet.

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