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Get paid to review and download apps!

  • LogoEver wanted to download paid apps free?
  • How about wanting to get paid to download apps?
  • Getting compensated for trying new apps?

I have introduced many opportunities on my site for such services. Mainly Featurepoints and Tapbooty allow you to accumulate points for downloading and trying new apps. In this post, I would introduce a few more services that are similar.

I would also cover the differences between three different services that pay you to provide reviews on the App store, mainly MyAppAware, BestReviewApp, and AppRebates.

How do I begin?

To even begin, you would need a smartphone or tablet as most of the process would be done on it. Apps like Featurepoint requires you to go to their website in order to register and set up your device, so that you could start accumulating points.

For app reviewing sites, you need to go each website to create your own account. It is  recommended that you already have a iTunes account (for iOS) or Google Playstore account (for Android) set up to review apps. It could even be a new account just for reviewing apps as well.

The basic process of reviewing apps require you to reserve the app on the website, then downloading the app on your device and leaving an appropriate review for it on the App Store.

Once your review is approved, your account would be credited with money. If you are not sure, do refer to my guide on MyAppAware and BestReviewApp on how to use the respective websites.

What are the differences?

I created a short video to highlight the differences between the three app reviewing websites. The key differences are as follows:

  • MyAppAware and AppRebates allow you to rate freely with 1-5 star reviews , while BestReviewApp only allow 4-5 star reviews.
  • MyAppAware and BestReviewApp have a system in place that deters people who do not complete their reviews in time after reserving, while AppRebate is more relaxed.
  • Payment wise, all services reward from $0.50 to $1.00 for each app on the average. If you review paid apps, you get paid back the cost of paid apps.
  • MyAppAware allow you to reserve as many apps as possible, while BestReviewApp only allows you to reserve 7 apps at most. AppRebates only allow new users to reserve 1 app until their first review is approved, then there is no cap.

Looking for more alternatives?

I am always on the lookout for more legit apps and websites, including those that pay you to download apps.

Below is a list of apps that you might find interesting if you love Featurepoints, as they are pretty similar that you require to open each app for about 30 seconds to 1 minute to get credited with points. All these programs have been around for awhile, and are still paying users up to today!

Appdown1. Appdown

You accumulate points per app downloaded and after opening it for at least 30 seconds. Get bonus points for completing various actions!

Minimum payout: $2 (600 points)

Pays with: Paypal, Gift Cards

Link: Click here for Appdown on your mobile!

AppNana2. AppNana

You accumulate Nanas after downloading and opening the app for at least 30 seconds. Get 400 daily Nanas just by logging in!

Minimum payout: $1 (30,000 Nanas) for Amazon Giftcard, $5 (90,000 Nanas)

Pays with: Paypal, Amazon Gift card, Other Gift cards, Paid Apps

Link: Click here to access AppNana

Insert my code when signing up I818671 (First character is an alphabet, the rest are numbers)

Cashpirate3. CashPirate

This popular app is similar to Featurepoints, but is exclusively just for Android devices. CashPirate have tons of advertising platform to earn coins, including watching videos and downloading apps.

Minimum Payout: $2 (2500 points)

Pays with: Paypal, Facebook Giftcard

Link: Click here to access CashPirate

Insert my code when signing up MSVUXO (Get 50% extra coins for your first 1000 coins – 500 coins bonus!)

Freemyapps4. FreeMyApps

FreeMyApps is a great platform to get gift cards not found in other apps!
Minimum Payout: $1 (Amazon Gift card)

Pays with: Amazon Giftcard, Google Play Gift card, iTunes Gift card, Other Gift cards

Link: Click here for FreeMyApps on your mobile!

My Final Thoughts

The main reason for this post is to clarify how the differences between the websites as I have talked about mostly in my video. Also, to introduce other apps that could help you earn that extra cash too. I might do a guide/review on each of them in the future if it is possible.

You can also take a look at the list of apps that I have reviewed so far right here for more programs and apps that help you earn cash online!

Alternatively, check out my number 1 recommendation where I introduced many people who wish to make money online. This is a place where you can turn your passion into potential income, and a great way to learn how to do it!

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Any other apps you spotted that helps you earn money? Let me know in the comments below!


Terence comes from the sunny island of Singapore. Since starting in 2013, he has been making an income from various apps and websites. He has started up Income from the Red Dot to educate everyday users how to make money online legitimately, while avoiding the scams on the Internet.

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