review: Not a legit source of Part time jobs online

Job Jungle logoName: Job Jungle


Price: Free to sign up (With many conditions)

Owners: DataProLinking Inc.

Rating: 5/100 (SCAM)

Part time jobs online!

Job Jungle promotes itself as a place where you can find part time jobs online. They advertise different ways you can work for this website and earn money from it.… Read More

Gaming Jobs Online review – Legitimate video game testing jobs?

Gamingjobsonline logoName: Gaming Jobs Online


Price: $1 for 7 days, $27/month

Owners: Unknown

Rating: 30/100

Play games and earn money!

I happened to stumble upon this website that promised that you could earn money just by playing video games online. Is it possible that you can make money just by playing video games?… Read More

MyBrowserCash review – Is it legit or scam?

MyBrowserCash logoName: My Browser Cash


Price: Free to sign up, $12/month, $22/month

Owners: Digital Paper Products Inc.

Rating: 20/100

Passive income from automated Software

MyBrowserCash claims to help people make money from advertisements with their automated software, and users can start earning money from the advertisements. They reward users for completing tasks and offers, and things they do online, like visiting advertisements and more.… Read More

Facebook Millionaire – A big Work-at-home Facade!

FB Millionaire logoName: Facebook Millionaire

Also Known as: Facebook Fortune, Internet Millionaire, Precision Web Tools, Group Deal Tools, SecuringHomeIncome

Websites: (DOWN) (DOWN) (DOWN)

Price: $4 for 7 days, $88/month

Owners: Unknown

Rating: 5/100 (SCAM)

EDIT on 23/9/14: The initial 2 websites I have reviewed are now down. Users are now redirected to a new site called securinghomeincome, which is TOTALLY the same thing as everything I have mentioned in the review below.… Read More – A complete waste of time

Name: Earn Part time jobs

Website: http://www.earnparttimejobs.comEarn part time jobs logo

Price: Free to sign up

Owners: Unknown

Rating: 5/100 (SCAM)

Data Entry online jobs?

I happened to browse through the internet and saw an ad for this site and decided to take a look at what they were offering. I was expecting some sort of paid sign up for some kind of job thing, something which I always recommend staying away from because they are mostly scams.Read More