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PaidOnlineWritingJobs.com Review: Another Middleman Scam

Paid Online Writing Jobs Review

Name: Paid Online Writing Jobs

Websites: www.Paidonlinewritingjobs.com

Price: $49 (With investment costs)

Owners: Unknown

Rating: 40/100 


Paid Online Writing Jobs promises to offer writing jobs to people. This review goes in-depth to discover that the system used is actually just being a middle man, and does not offer anything more than directing to to various websites where you can just apply for a job, not necessarily getting it.

Getting Paid To Write?

Personally, I know that people can make money writing. Be it Blogs, E-books, digital products – These are all ways that people can make money from writing.

Here comes along Paid Online Writing Jobs which promises ‘No Experienced Required’, ‘Work as much as you like’ and ‘Thousands of Writing jobs’.

Paid Online Writings Jobs Front page

Greeted with this page, my first thought was: “Not another one of these kinds of sites again!”

That’s because I did many reviews which are VERY similar to many sites I reviewed such as Real Translator JobsPaid Social Media Jobs and Gaming Jobs Online.

These sites tend to be just a middleman, and they just give you some basic information on how to get started. After that, they just show you a list of jobs that they grab from some other website which you can easily find out for free if you Google properly.

Anyway without further ado, lets break down the details of this page to see if you can REALLY make money from this platform.

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What Do They Offer?

Paid Online Writing Jobs seems to be offering writing jobs to its subscribers. This video explains how the system roughly works and how it is the biggest employer of writer on a part time basis at home.

Some of the jobs they offer from their website include things like:

  • Writing articles
  • Proof reading
  • Writing reviews
  • Commenting on blogs
  • Other simple projects

Paid Online Writings Jobs Process

However, does this system really works? Can you really write for companies without ANY writing experience at all? Let’s check out a detailed analysis below

Analysis of Paid Online Writing Jobs

1. Is It Really THAT Easy?

Paid Online Writing Jobs claim that you don’t need any experience at all and you can just write for companies like that.

Paid Online Writing Jobs Easy money

Wait, making $50 to $100 per small jobs for people with no writing experience? Then why are people with experience willing to write for lower costs? You can see from Fiverr for such a thing.

Upwork usually have freelancers that charge significantly more, especially those who are very experienced and have years of experience. They may be able to make thousands a month, but definitely not any newbie could just come in and do it within a few days.

Think about it from the client’s perspective – Would you trust your money to a complete newbie? That’s exactly what is fundamentally wrong with this website.

From personal experience, I can say that writing online is not easy because you have to take note of a few factors such as being able to write content that people actually read. The other thing is for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that Google will list my content on their website.

Most companies pay people to write for either of the two benefits that I listed above. Both takes skill and time to learn and master and simply cannot be taught and applied in a few days.

If you are interested in writing about content for people, you can visit this page to learn more about copywriting and writing for SEO.

2. Paying to get a job online

Many people would say that paying for a job online is the number 1 sign to see that if it is a scam or not.

I would definitely agree with them. Most ways to make online usually start free, or at least a trial to see if the product works for the user.

Paid Online Writing Jobs Sign up

Most people who see this usually fall for the price, giving them the illusion of getting something really cheap and discounted. Many people who are unaware of this being a scam would think how it is a great deal, and want to change their life by paying this membership fee.

I have to agree. it’s cheap. But however, what you are getting inside is a jobs portal which you can apply for jobs (Not guaranteed) and probably a bit of information of how to write for people. You can actually search for such information on the search engines for practically free, and sign up for an account on a freelance site for free as well too.

As mentioned in my Paid Social Media Jobs review, I mention that most of these work at home opportunities are low quality training or scams. You should be able to answer a few questions such as:

  • What is the opportunity providing you exactly? (It should be a detailed answer)
  • Why do they need the money
  • Is there a free option to sign up?

A good sign to see if the program is a scam is that they give discounts, making it time exclusive or country specific (Telling you they are hiring from a certain country!

I also mentioned in my checklist that you shouldn’t pay for something that you do not know what you are getting out of. Always sought a free alternative first.

3. Links to Paid Social Media Jobs?

My review on Paid Social Media Jobs reveal that they are serving a low quality solution to getting social media jobs online. Besides it sounding almost exactly the same (Paid social media jobs vs paid online writing jobs), are there actually ANY links with both programs?

Paid Online Writing Jobs Links

I was actually visiting their youtube channel from the video that they were showing videos from Paid Social Media Jobs! There really isn’t any effort to conceal the effort that they are promoting both programs from the same channel, which means they are probably the same owners behind these products. All the more reason to be cautious!

4. Upsells?

One thing is that they made no efforts to hide the video from the public. This video is probably shown right after you buy the initial product and paid the $47.

This video basically states some things such as: Making 3x money without writing at all? Yeah, basically they introduce outsourcing your jobs to people and keeping the excess profits.

The price of the program? Another $147. So if a person goes through and buy both product, they already paid $194 already before doing anything. If a complete newbie pays $194 out of their pocket and realizes the program doesn’t work, it means he or she just lost everything without even knowing or learning the process at all.

That’s quite a huge amount that we’re talking about. Also without their ‘system’, you basically don’t have anything you can make money from except the knowledge of how to write. I also don’t think they would teach really well with such a low quality product like that.

5. 60 Days Guarantee

This is something that a lot of scams try to do to assure users, providing a 60 day money back guarantee. However, the thing to worry about is whether they will honour such a guarantee.Paid Online Writing Jobs Guarantee

One thing for sure: Don’t be fooled by the guarantee. These scams are usually made to get the initial money from the user, and they have no intention of actually returning to you.

If you spend something online, especially for a money making product, I would say prepare to lose the money. If you somehow to get lucky, you might actually get back the money. In this case, the process is through clickbank so there may be a chance for you to recoup your money if you actually bought this product already.

In the section below, we will see if people who bought the product actually got their money back.

What others are saying

1. IM Report Card

Paid Online Writing Jobs Imreportcard review

This user did a review of the product and 4 users agreed that it was a really bad product (Scoring a D-) to make money online with.

Particularly, a user reviewed on the product in the comments section:

Paid Online Writing Jobs Imreportcard

The few things we can get is: Their database is linked to other established writing companies and offer no refunds even after asking for one.

2. Scamxposer

Paid Online Writing Jobs scamxposer

Scamxposer wrote a review on this program on its earlier years when they offered a 3 day trial, then an expensive $77 fee. Things that they covered were the usual things that I have suspected already: No refunds, database is not their own but rather taken from another company database, and lack of training materials.

They also mention that you are not guaranteed a job by the companies, and over promises too much in its sales page too. This is something to be wary of for sure.


This website somehow reviewed the product as a low ranking of 1/5 and an overall score of 2.62 in its review. One thing I don’t get is that they are still referring people to the website with their affiliate link even though it seem like a negative review.

A user wrote below the review slamming the product, and also the review.

Paid Online Writing Jobs recommended

I have to agree that if the website is helping them to scam other unsuspecting victims, it is really a bad thing. Also, Satya double confirmed what I have said above in my review and the other complaints too.

4. EasyCounter

Paid Online Writing Jobs WOTEasycounter basically grabs some statistics from various sites such as MyWOT, Google Safe Browsing, and User Reviews to give an overall review. It is mostly negative in conclusion as many viewers rated the site poorly.

MyWOT gave a ‘Very Poor’ rating for all components as they deem the program as ‘Misleading claims or unethical’ and ‘Scam’

Google Safe Browsing basically checks if the website is infected and has a chance to infect computers with viruses. Luckily, the website is virus-free, which is why the status is Safe.

User Reviews are all negative, and I have one of the comments below here.Paid Online Writing Jobs Easy Counter Review

What JulieA2012 mentions is quite true, which I did not mention in my review earlier. Many of these sites usually have an initial page where they want you to enter your Email, then direct you to a sales page after to buy the program.

The reason? If you don’t buy the program, they still have your email to spam with many ‘Money Making Opportunities’. This is actually a great way to make sure they make a money out of a user by introducing many other programs to their inbox. Really unethical in my opinion.

Final Verdict of Paid Online Writing Jobs

Name: Paid Online Writing Jobs

Website: http://www.paidonlinewritingjobs.com


Owners: Unknown


My Final Thoughts

What I love about Paid Online Writing Jobs

  • It’s not a scam, as you can potentially earn money from this
  • Their job portal could land you a job if you are lucky

What I did not like about Paid Online Writing Jobs

  • It has been around for awhile and spamming people’s blogs and email about this opportunity
  • It sounds too good to be true, to make so much money immediately when you join
  • You require to pay an entry fee in order to learn and get a job inside
  • Upsells in the back end right after you buy the initial product
  • Links to Paid Social Media Jobs which is another similar low quality program

All in all, this program is very similar to Paid Social Media Jobs because it is run the same owner. I should mention that I chanced upon this program due to people spamming my inbox with this website and promising that I could earn money writing. Immediately, I knew what I needed to do.

One other thing I need to mention too is that this program and other similar scam programs operates like this: Get a user’s Email, directing them to a sales page, and upselling them with a bigger offer right to steal more of their money after.

If you found some positive reviews of this product, it is because they are affiliates of it and are promoting so that these promoters can get a commission out of you. Not cool, because you don’t get anything while other people earn on your misery.

This is why I hate scams, and why I write reviews like this to find out the truth.

Either way, you should know that this program is not recommended at all for newbies. If you really want to learn how to write online and make money in the process, I got some solutions for you below

1. Be a Freelance Writer

If you are a writer already, you should sign up for freelance websites such as Upwork and Fiverr. These sites are like what Paid Online Writing Jobs claim to be, jobs portals.

Except that it is free to sign up for these sites.

Just make sure of one thing if you sign up for freelancing sites – Don’t pay for any of them. Most of these sites earn on commission – Which means they take a cut of your profit every time you achieve a sale. This is how they maintain their website and allow for free sign ups too.

2. Start writing for a blog

I would say a better way is to start your very own blog and share about your passions!

There are many ways to earn money from this method: Commissions, displaying ads, and more. You are starting your very own online business where you are in full control of what you do.

However you may ask, ‘But how do I do such a thing if I’m a complete newbie?’

And this is where I would recommend to you my #1 program right below that gives you the COMPLETE training and support you need in order to succeed in this. I am actually a living proof of this program that actually works.

Not to mention, free to sign up in most countries too! With a starter account, you can start learning how to build your own website if you have no prior knowledge. The only thing is that you need time to learn all these, as it is not an get-rich scheme that promises you income overnight. You need time to build your website, and grow your traffic and revenue.

If you are seeking a legit program, this is the real deal. Stop finding a program that promises you thousands of dollars overnight because it simply does not exist.

Check Out My #1 Recommended Money Making Program

So what do you think about Paid Online Writing Jobs? Have you signed up for it before?


Terence comes from the sunny island of Singapore. Since starting in 2013, he has been making an income from various apps and websites. He has started up Income from the Red Dot to educate everyday users how to make money online legitimately, while avoiding the scams on the Internet.

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  1. Zhu June 16, 2016

    I’m a (legit!) freelance copywriter and translator and this website keeps on spamming me. They probably harvested my email address from LinkedIn. The email itself looks scammy, full of typo and with a very unprofessional email address that doesn’t match the signature.

    1. Terence June 16, 2016

      Hi Zhu,
      You are not alone! I’m still getting spam emails from them too, and the email they sent are copy pasted with the same typos in every email. Not sure what they’re thinking that they can pull off such a thing.

  2. Onur June 27, 2016

    They are spammers! I get spam mails to my mail box every so often!

    1. Terence June 29, 2016

      Hi Onur,
      You’re right! I have been getting spam mails from them too, template emails filled with errors and even addressed by the same person. Really says a lot on how scammy it is already!


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