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Funnels Product Review

Clickfunnels Review: 10 Reasons To Use Clickfunnels Today

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97 - 297





Easy To Use


Earning Potential



  • 14 Day Free Trial - Try it risk free!
  • Free training already provided inside on how to use, including a 21-day email series.
  • Integrates with all major email and payment services in the market.
  • Easy Drag and Drop interface and no coding required, allowing you to create beautiful looking pages easily.
  • Really more than a landing page software including able to set up membership websites and auto-webinars


  • Requires a subscription of at least $97/month to maintain your funnels.
  • A bit more expensive than other leading landing page softwares like Leadpages and Thrive
  • Need learning time to implement the strategies into Clickfunnels

Other Information

Website: https://clickfunnels.com (Click Here To Get 3 More Free Funnels When You Sign Up)

Price: 14 Days Free Trial. Starts from $97/Month (Just Clickfunnels) to $297/Month (With Actionetics & Backpack)

Owners: Russell Brunson, Etison LLC

Quick Summary

What It Is: Clickfunnels is one of the leading softwares to create great looking funnels/landing pages which converts your traffic into sales. You don’t need any technical experiences to make this software work for you. It is also an all-in-one solution and helps you save money in the long run!

Pros: You save a lot of time when making a funnel, plus money as well if you port everything into Clickfunnels. There are many features you can create such as automated webinar, membership sites and more included with your membership too.

Cons: It’s a huge investment cost every month which may be scary to most people who are looking for the cheapest. I would say Clickfunnels is really worth it for the price point, plus with the 14 day trial there’s essentially no risk involved.

My Recommendations: If you’re serious about converting traffic and customers into sales, Clickfunnels does it for you easily without the hassle. You will save hours and hours of time instead of piecing different softwares together just trying to make something work! Check this out if you’re looking for a solution that gives you the bang for your buck.

ClickFunnels Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Market, Sell and Deliver Your Products Online!

Clickfunnels Main Page

Clickfunnels promote itself as the tool you need to market, sell and deliver your products online.

After watching this hilarious video about Clickfunnels, the sales letter below talks about how entrepreneurs are being stuck and shackled from the lack of coding and technical knowledge required to start your own business.

Without the ability to create a great funnel, your dreams are essentially dead because you have no way to market your product or services.

Here’s where Clickfunnels come in:Clickfunnels Power Back

Right below that, there’s a quick process to show you how you can create your own sales funnel simply in just MINUTES. In less than 10 minutes, it would take you hours with coding just to do the same exact thing.

The most interesting part is this: “Inside Of Your Free ClickFunnels Account Are Dozens Of Types Of Funnels That Are Scientifically Proven To Turn Website Visitors Into Customers.”

Clickfunnels is not only a landing page software like many others, but also includes funnels that give people a higher chance to convert them into customers.

And the best part is that it comes with a 14 day free trial, but requires your credit card to begin.

Personally, I have been a Clickfunnels member for about 6 months now as of writing this article, and have used it over a year on my friend’s business. I’ll be covering the 10 reasons why you should sign up for your free account immediately to start unlocking more cash in your business.

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What Do They Offer?

Clickfunnels Offer FREE

Clickfunnels basically offer quite a lot of features that you can immediately replace once you sign up for it. Some of such things are:

  • Website Hosting ($150+/m)
  • Landing Page Software ($97/m)
  • Email Autoresponder Software ($500+/m)
  • Split Testing Software ($197/m)
  • Affiliate Tracking Software ($497/m)
  • Programmers ($80k+ / yr)
  • Designers ($50k+ / yr)
  • Plus A Bunch More…

In fact, what you are going to get are shown above in the picture:

  •  ClickFunnels – Smart Funnel Builder ($2,997/yr Value)
  •  Etison Editor – Simple Webpage Creation  ($1,997/yr Value)
  •  *Backpack – Easy Affiliate System  ($997/yr Value)
  •  *Actionetics – Follow-Up Funnels  ($4,997/yr Value)
  •  ClickFunnels Member Community  (Priceless…)

* These options are only available on the $297 plan

You immediately get over $10,000 worth of value, plus can essentially shave off tons of costs when you integrate everything to Clickfunnels.

In fact, you get a few more gifts when you sign up for a free account such as:

1. The 21 Day “Ignite Your Funnel” Online Training Program (Worth $497)

These training are meant to help you get your first funnel up live and running and is guaranteed to make at least $1 if you follow the steps implementing everything.

2. The 6 Pre-Built ‘Funnel-In-A-Box’ Templates That Will Work For YOUR Specific Business! (Worth $997)

These include the Best Seller Book Funnel, Product Launch Funnel, Perfect Webinar Funnel, “Real Stuff” Funnel, Fishbowl Funnel, Network Marketing Bridge Funnel. There’s literally something for everyone!

With so many goodies and offers, starting for free is a great way to test it out and see if it works for you and your business.

As a frequent user myself,  I will be reviewing why Clickfunnels is so powerful in helping your online business make more money compared to all its “alternatives”.

Let’s check it out below!

Analysis of ClickFunnels

1. Designed For Anyone And Any Business

As long as you have a business, Clickfunnels definitely can work for you if you want to:

  • Capture leads for you email list
  • Sell your books as an author
  • Sell consulting services to other businesses
  • Get people registering for your webinar
  • Sell physical products
  • Get people joining your network marketing opportunity
  • Launch your new product
  • Launch a membership site
  • And much more!

These are just SOME of the many things that Clickfunnels can do for you. As long as you desire to have an online presence for your website or business, Clickfunnels can help you enhance it to make it more effective

Check out some of the few funnels that are given to you when you sign up here:

2. No Technical Knowledge Required – Drag & Drop

If I haven’t already mentioned that you don’t need coding enough yet, YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW HOW TO CODE WITH CLICKFUNNELS!

Here’s a video showing how simple it is to use Clickfunnels with its Drag & Drop features:

Here’s my short video on using Clickfunnels and how easy it is to edit and customize your page:

3. Beautiful Templates and Designs With Scientific Research Backed

Depending on what you are using Clickfunnels for, they have tons of template ready for you.

Building an opt in page to get leads? Take a look below:

Clickfunnels Opt In Page

How about sales funnel templates? Got you covered!

Clickfunnels Sales Page

How about Thank you pages once someone takes action on your page?

Clickfunnels TY Page

How about miscellaneous pages? Building a website on Clickfunnels or making a blog post is a breeze too:

Clickfunnels Misc Page

With all these great templates, you don’t need to worry about your page being ‘ugly’. The designs are all made to look professionally done, and at the same time give you the highest chance of converting your traffic into customers.

Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone!

4. Easy To Build Your “Funnel”

If point 2 and point 3 isn’t enough to convince you how easy it is to build on Clickfunnels, check out this video to show you how easy it is to build your first funnel and get it live:

It may seem very overwhelming when you first start using the software, but the video shows how easy it is to build a sequence of pages for your customers to flow through.

It’s only 5 steps to get your funnel up and running

Step 1: Choose the type of funnel you wantClickfunnels Choose FunnelTo start, click on the yellow ‘Add New’ to begin the process of picking a funnel.

For this example, I will choose to collect emails. So once clicking the green choose button, all I need to do is name the funnel and then click Build Funnel.Clickfunnels Opt In FunnelStep 2: Pick out your templates

Clickfunnels Opt In Funnel Templates

At this step, you choose your template for both your Opt in and Thank you page. Pick the design that you prefer the most and suit whatever you are selling.

Step 3: Edit Your Design!

This is where you get into each page and design the page to your likings, add in the text and change whatever you need to.

Clickfunnels Edit Page

The above picture is actually a template design, so you don’t need to change much except putting in the headline, text, tagline, video and a few more elements after that.

Once you’re done with that, all you need to do is set up your page settings and then integrate it with your favourite email provider such as mailchimp or aweber.

Then you’re ready to start collecting leads!

Step 4: Finalize Your Settings

Clickfunnels Setting

You would want to change the name of your funnel, the URL, insert your domain in, and a few other things before you go live. Under each page as well there’s a ‘publishing’ tab to change your funnel path to a proper url.

Step 5: Live!

That’s it! You’re done and have your first live funnel ready to help you start collecting leads.

5. Integrations With All Other Essential Softwares

This is one of the best parts of Clickfunnels because it integrates to nearly everything. Here are the list of softwares it integrates to:

Shopping Cart & e-Commerce: Interspire, Shipstation, ZenDirect

Payment System: Stripe, Infusionsoft, Warriorplus, JVZoo, Clickbank, Taxamo, Ontraport, Blue Snap, Easy Pay Direct, NMI, Recurly

Messages: Twilio SMS, SlyBroadcast

Design: YouZign,

CRM & Autoresponder: Actionetics, Activecampaign, Aweber, Constant Contact, Convertkit, Drip, Getresponse, Infusionsoft, Madmimi, Mailchimp, Markethero, Maropost, Ontraport, Salesforce, Sendlane

Webinar: Everwebinar, GoToWebinar, Zoom.US

Membership: Kajabi

Others: Facebook, GVOpureleverage, Zapier, WordPress

Most industry players in each category are in this list and most people uses these services. You won’t need to be afraid of not having anything integrate with Clickfunnels.

6. It’s Really More Than A “Landing Page Software”

Clickfunnels does a lot more than just being a landing page software like Instapage or Leadpages.

a. Taking the hassle of piecing every page together.

One thing Clickfunnels does it give you the ‘base’ to work with. If you’re doing an opt in page, you start with two pages (Opt in + Thank you page).

A sales funnel gives you 4 pages (Opt in page + Sales page + Thank you page + Confirmation/Download Page) to work with, with the option of adding upsell or downsell pages in it.

You don’t need to ‘think’ what pages to put together because Clickfunnels does the hard part for you as they have spent millions testing what sequence of pages work and what doesn’t.

What you get is optimized perfectly to get the highest result from your funnels without needing to find out what’s working.

b. Host your membership website

If you have always wanted to build a membership website, Clickfunnels has an in-built membership system that you can utilize as well!Clickfunnels Membership

Above is a screenshot of my membership site that I giveaway when you opt into my mailing list. This is entirely built on Clickfunnels as well and it funnels from the Opt in page to the thank you page, then to the membership website.

If you are planning to use Clickfunnels primarily for membership website only, Clickfunnels may not be the best choice. However, it’s a great way at no extra cost to create a mini membership website.

c. Host your webinars

Clickfunnels can also help you to make webinar funnels. Even though they can’t help you host a live webinar, you can easily integrate popular webinar softwares such as WebinarJam to make the process a breeze.

The best part is that you can host automated webinars with Clickfunnels. You can get people into your automated webinar funnel and go through the entire process from opt in to watching the webinar to buying something at the end.

Clickfunnels Automated Webinar

You can integrate email follow ups right from Clickfunnels without the need of external autoresponders! Once you set everything up, the autoresponder from Clickfunnels will do the rest of the work for you in following up.

7. Conversion tracking + A/B Testing

Clickfunnels make it so easy for you to track all your numbers to make sure you’re on track. on how each page in each funnel performs.

When you click “Stats” on your clickfunnels dashboard, you’ll see something like the picture below:

Clickfunnels statistics

From this I can easily see that Out of 82 page views, 49 of them are unique, and 8 people opted into my funnel.

After that, I made 2 sales out of these opt ins which is valued at $3,994.

The other thing is split testing which can be easily done by clicking ‘Start Split Test’. After that, all you need to do is set up your Clickfunnels page and you’ll see something like this:

Clickfunnels Split Test

Just set the traffic to each page by using the slider to direct the amount of traffic to either page. If you want to test which page is better, you can try a 50/50 to see whichever performs better.

Even though the split test may not be as advanced as other softwares in the market, the process of setting up a split test to A/B test is fairly simple to get things going.

8. Try For 14 Day Risk Free

One thing that’s great about about Clickfunnels is a 14 day Risk Free policy where you can use Clickfunnels entirely for free for 14 days.

On top of that, Clickfunnels offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you decide it’s not for you. In fact, all their products tend to be backed by this guarantee too.

9. Get Help Quickly From Multiple Channels!

In case you get stuck on Clickfunnels, there are multiple ways you can get help. One way is through Clickfunnels itself if you need to ask account-specific or sensitive information.

All you need to do is to click the ‘Get Help’ as you can see below:

You will be guided through a process of asking a question. After which, the support will get back to you after awhile during office hours. From personal experience, the wait time is typically at most a day or two only before they get back to you.

It’s one of the best ways to solve many technical issues with your Clickfunnels account or anything account related. Out of the many times that I’ve sent in a support ticket, the support has always been very helpful and gets my issue resolved quickly.

How about if you need help or to bounce ideas? There’s a Clickfunnels Facebook group for that if you need to ask any questions, which is growing extremely at a rapid pace.

Clickfunnels Facebook Group

I’ve seen many people ask questions here which gets ton of response from its members as well too.

10. Reputable Company and Owner

You may be wondering if Clickfunnels is a ‘new’ company or whether it may be another ‘scam’.

I did a detailed research on Russell Brunson and his company Etison LLC who are behind this program.

A quick google search shows that this guy is REALLY well known:

Affiliate Bootcamp Russell Brunson

Every of his single listing here belongs to him, including an author profile provided by Google.

You can even follow him on his Facebook Page where he share many things about Clickfunnels and his company too. He also has more than 400,000 thousand followers on his Facebook page and is still growing strong,

Russell has also appeared on various places such as:

With all these articles and results from Russell, he’s definitely a somebody online and his company has been around for at least 10+ years and is still going strong with his latest launch of Expert Secrets and his viral video on Clickfunnels main page now.

Still Not Convinced To Make The Switch?

Clickfunnels offer a lot of benefits along side with your membership as well, here’s 4 more reasons you should!

1. Earn An Extra Source Of Income Promoting Clickfunnels!

Besides using Clickfunnels for my business, I personally earn a small side income from promoting Clickfunnels. You can possibly do the same as well by integrating Clickfunnels into your business.

If you want some free training to learn how you can do this, check out the Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp review that I wrote as well and how you can join it. (Tip: Free training worth $997 when you sign up for the boot camp!)

Besides that, Clickfunnels doesn’t just have Clickfunnels but many other products which includes books, programs, coaching packages, membership websites that can pay as high as $3,000 per sale and up to $120 monthly recurring income!

Affiliate Bootcamp Commissions

Once you signed up, you will get the affiliate program free of charge and is tagged to your name. After which, you can promote Clickfunnels and start earning commission!

The best part is that once you get 100 active people to sign under your link, Clickfunnels offer to pay $500 off your car rental monthly, and $1000 off if you get 200 active people.

There’s a huge load of perks just for referring people to Clickfunnels, including earning commissions from people who buy future products but is tagged under your name.

If you want people to sign under you easily, refer to point #2 below.

2. Share Your Funnels With People Easily

If you’re someone who is in the consulting space or regularly share your landing pages with others, you will definitely love this feature!

It’s called share funnel, where you can easily create a copy of your funnel and share it with whoever you wish. In your funnel, all you need to do is click the ‘Share Funnel’ button.

Clickfunnels Sharefunnel

You’ll generate a link which you can share with whoever you are giving the funnel too. When the link is clicked, you’ll see a page such as this:


Any existing Clickfunnels member can log in their account and get the funnel immediately, but any new members will have to create an account.

The best part? Anyone who registers under this share funnel will be tagged to your affiliate account. This means you get to earn commissions on whoever who choose to stay after the trial.

If you’re doing consulting, you can easily share funnels to your clients and they can easily sign up and use the funnel almost immediately. It saves you and them a whole load of time too!

3. Use Funnels More Effectively Quickly!

It may be difficult to even use Clickfunnels for the average person as there’s a lot to learn.

How about using funnels effectively for your business, and implementing them into your processes?

Russell got you covered with a few of his offers to help educate you how to use funnels in your business and scale it beyond 7 figures if you choose to do so

1. DotCom Secrets BookIn this book, Russell teaches a few cool things to help you increase your conversions and traffics exponentially. He covers on how funnels help you do this in the process as well. (Click here to get the book)

2. Expert SecretsIn this book, Russell shares how you can earn an income sharing your expertise and talent with the world. And of course, with the use of funnels, position yourself as the leading expert in your niche that you are in. (Click here to get the book)

3. Funnel Hacks: This free webinar, Russell teaches how he uses funnel in a weird niche that makes him $17,847 a day. Also, how to ethically knock it off in less than 10 minutes. He covers how you can steal competitor funnels ethically and for cheap, and getting the same customers buying your products instead. Boost It With An Affiliate System And Email Autoresponder Fully Integrated with 6 months of Clickfunnels in the Funnel Hacks Bundle. (Sign up for the free webinar here)

4. Funnel Scripts: If you’re always having trouble in writing copy for your funnels and advertisement, this program essentially solves that problem for you. This program is designed in a way that you answer a few questions, and you’ll get a copy that is written just for you and your products. The free webinar shows how powerful Funnel Scripts is, and you can see it in action by signing up for the free webinar. (Sign up for the free webinar here)

5. Funnel Builder Secrets: Essentially one of the newest programs that has been created. It is designed to be an all-in-one solution to funnels where everything is provided to get a funnel going – from traffic, to writing the copy, to conversion, and more. This program also includes Funnel Hacks (#3) and Funnel Scripts (#4) in the bundle.

Russell created Clickfunnels knowing that people will need help in fully utilizing the funnels to the fullest potential. These are some of the products you should start with in order to use Clickfunnels to the best possible extent.

4. Fully Integrate With Actionetics and Backpack

Actionetics and Backpack are two addons for Clickfunnels, costing $297/month if you opt to use these features.

So what are these features for and how it can help you?

1) Actionetics

Actionetics is meant to replace your autoresponder and fully integrate your email marketing into the system.

With actionetics, you can see everyone who opted into your list through Clickfunnels in the Contact Profile pages.

Here’s a quick video to describe clearly the full feature of actionetics:

With Actionetics, you can easily send email broadcasts and the email builder makes the process a lot easier.

2) Backpack

Backpack is a great e-commerce tool, and  a great way to boost your sales with the use of affiliates. It helps you provide an affiliate system to any of your funnels instantly.

Also, you can add anything you need for affiliates such as affiliate links, email swipes, copy, banner adds, etc. You can easily support your affiliates to help them convert on your products better.

There’s also the ‘sticky cookie’ that Clickfunnels is famous for. It helps affiliates keep track on who registered through them and allow them to earn commission on future products you release too. This helps affiliate earn more, combined with a 2-tier commission system which gives affiliates much more incentive to promote for you.

Final Verdict of Clickfunnels

Website: https://clickfunnels.com (Click Here To Get 3 More Free Funnels When You Sign Up)

Price: $97/month, $297/month (With Actionetics/Backpack)

Owners: Russell Brunson, Etison LLC.


Get Clickfunnels today if you want to 10x your traffic, conversion and sales!

Click Here To Sign Up For Clickfunnels

My Final Thoughts

What I love about Clickfunnels

  • 14 Day Free Trial – Try it risk free!
  • Free training already provided inside on how to use, including a 21-day email series.
  • Integrates with all major email and payment services in the market.
  • Easy Drag and Drop interface and no coding required, allowing you to create beautiful looking pages easily.
  • Really more than a landing page software including able to set up membership websites and auto-webinars

What I did not like about Clickfunnels

  • Requires a subscription of at least $97/month to maintain your funnels.
  • A bit more expensive than other leading landing page softwares like Leadpages and Thrive
  • Need learning time to implement the strategies into Clickfunnels

I have been using Clickfunnels for over a year now where I started using it with a friend’s company for his business.

I recently picked up my personal subscription to it for my own websites and side businesses because of the ease of use, and also the ability to promote for them to earn extra commission.

For one, I know Clickfunnels is THE BEST program out there to create funnels now, combined with the ongoing upgrades and support from the team that cannot be beaten by the competitors.

YES, it can be costly at $97 per month. But for the investment, it has already helped me covered my cost for my personal use already.

If you’re looking for a discount, check out funnel hacks where you can get 6 months of Clickfunnels with Actionetics and Backpack for just $997 instead of $1782 (About 50% discount!)

That’s not including ALL the training that will be included in your purchase which includes 3 free membership websites to learn how you can use funnels for your business.

Funnel Hacks is where I started with too, and is definitely a program you need to get if you are thinking of investing with Clickfunnels as the information there is worth over $10,000 or even more.

You can read my review of Funnel hacks over here, or click the button below to get your discount for Clickfunnels.

Click Here To Sign Up For Funnel Hacks

However, if you are still new to business or lack the income to get a subscription, I suggest you take a look at the Clickfunnels Affiliate Boot Camp to learn how you can make money promoting Clickfunnels as a program. You can check out my review of the affiliate boot camp and how it can help you make money over here.

Click Here To Sign Up For Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp

Overall, Clickfunnels is one of the best programs I used for my online business till date. Most people that look past the price point have benefitied from using funnels in their business to boost their sales and income already.

Why not try it out for just 14 days? If it doesn’t suit you, you can easily cancel your account with a push of a button. No need to talk to anyone who will hard sell you to stay.

So what do you think about Clickfunnels? Do you think it’s a worthy investment?


Terence comes from the sunny island of Singapore. Since starting in 2013, he has been making an income from various apps and websites. He has started up Income from the Red Dot to educate everyday users how to make money online legitimately, while avoiding the scams on the Internet.

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  1. Nick November 30, 2017

    How does ClickFunnel compares to free alternatives like Bitrix24?

    1. Terence November 30, 2017

      Hi Nick,

      From what I can see Bitrix24 and Clickfunnels are two entirely different softwares. I don’t see Bitrix24 being able to do landing pages and funnels which is the main seller for Clickfunnels. Either way, Clickfunnels is one of the leading companies that does funnels online and probably the best out there among all other companies that I have seen.


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