Freedym University Review: Is It For Entrepreneurs Only?

Name: Freedym


Price: $1 for 7 days, $30/month, $297/year

Owners: Ryan Lee

Rating: 90/100


Freedym is a platform that is advertised as the ‘Netflix’ for entrepreneurs with over 1000 hours of training program, case studies and more from real entrepreneurs who make a living through online means.… Read More

Shoemoney Scam Review: The Brutal Honest Truth

Name: Shoemoney Network


Price: Free!

Owners: Jeremy Schoemaker/Shoemoney Media Group Inc

Rating: 75/100

EDIT 18/1/2017: This site has been rebranded to be called Blog Ninja, but the contents are pretty much still the same. Apparently you won’t be able to earn money from this platform anymore, but the content is still FREE.Read More review – Make money with your skills today!

Do you want to make money and have a particular skill such as designing a banner, writing articles, or even making a short video or music piece?

The answer is Fiverr, which is one of the largest marketplace to buy and sell services for as low as $5 per transaction! Many people freelance on Fiverr, and have already set up their own shop to market their own business on Fiverr, making $5 to even a few hundreds a day per transaction.… Read More

10 online money making scams to stop falling for in 2015!

In the year of 2015 already, people seem to be still falling the same online money making scams that were created 5-10 years ago.

So what is the reason behind it? It seems like people who keep getting scammed by such things are usually desperate to make quick and easy money online.… Read More

Microworkers review: Legitimate work at home jobs online

Microworkers logoMicroworkers is a crowd sourcing platform for people to who want to earn some money without needing any specialized skills. It is one of the legitimate work at home job sites that I have come across before that actually does pays people.

How this works is that there are people who would put up jobs on Microworkers, and other people such as yourself getting paid from completing these jobs.… Read More