review: Not a legit source of Part time jobs online

Job Jungle logoName: Job Jungle


Price: Free to sign up (With many conditions)

Owners: DataProLinking Inc.

Rating: 5/100 (SCAM)

Part time jobs online!

Job Jungle promotes itself as a place where you can find part time jobs online. They advertise different ways you can work for this website and earn money from it. It really does seem like a great place to earn some extra income too! mainOn first look, it does seem like a very lucrative way to earn some extra cash online! Let us check out what Jobjungle has to offer with my review on this site!

What do they offer?

If you noticed the picture above, you can see they offer various jobs such as:

  • Proof reading
  • Powerpoint work
  • Posting Advertisement
  • Paid surveys
  • Graphic work
  • Microsoft Excel work

At first glance, it looks like these stuff are really legit ways you can do to earn some money. However, when I first noticed how much they were paying for the job done, and the figures seem highly unrealistic.

Going through the site even more, I can conclude that this whole site is just garbage and seem to be a huge scam site to collect information and refer users to other sites to earn money. They do not pay anyone to do any job at all.

Let’s take a look at the analysis of the site, shall we?

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Analysis of Job Jungle website

1. The number of ads on the websiteJobjungle Full main page advertsJust looking at the main page itself, there are already 3 adverts that surround the content of the page. Now, why would any legit business be using ads to direct people away from their website, especially to other businesses that could be competing in the same industry as themselves?

In this case, if you look at the ads, they are offering ways to earn money as well. I really don’t understand how any legit business online would put so many ads on their websites.

The thing is, it’s not only the main page of the website that has this number of ads, but all their other pages as you surf through the website too.

2. Signing up seems sketchy…

So, I was trying to gain access to one of the jobs that they provided. I went with the proof reading job and was directed to this page.

So the first page tells me a little bit about what the job does, and the following page shows me the same thing plus eligibility requirements.

Jobjungle Proofreading 2Jobjungle Proofreading 1So when I was clicking to download the sample, I was directed to this page which seem very familiar…

Jobjungle Proofreading 3More ads! There’s no sample document at all to view. So at this point, I’m thinking to myself what is this all even about. Not to mention this website is a weebly website where you can create your own website as well, and uses their subdomain as well, just like blogspot.

Okay, putting this aside, I went to click the apply online button to see what I need to do if I wanted the job.

Jobjungle Proofreading applicationAt this point, I feel quite frustrated already being directed to so many different pages already. At least this page has details on how to apply now!

Just put your Name, Age, Sex….wait a minute, what’s JobBox ID and Extension ID?

Oh great, I need to get some details from some other websites? Clicking on both links brought me to how to create both IDs and register for the job.

Create IDAt this point, I found it very suspicious already. It seems to be telling me to sign up for survey sites such as opinionworld which are actually legit survey sites. What I can conclude right after all these is that they are collecting advertisement and possibly referral fees for telling people to sign up with these services.

Also, they seem to use a lot of domain names just for the same purposes. Clicking of various links brought me to these sites:


These sites seem to be a clone of Jobjungle, promoting work at home jobs with just different lay outs, and directing traffic to Jobjungle website as well.

3. Super unrealistic payment amounts

Take a look at the rates they are paying again:

  • $5 – $10 per Page for Proof reading
  • $3 per PowerPoint Slide
  • $5 to $50 per survey
  • $0.5 per ad posted

For a starter, the legit survey sites that I reviewed so far rarely even pay close to $5 a survey, let alone $50. Looking at proof reading jobs online too, I found that the payment is usually by per hour or per project, but does not pay by per page.

For the powerpoint slide, I don’t see people paying per slide as well, but for a completed project. I really don’t think you’ll be paid $3 per power point slide especially when most people who search for such jobs have minimal or no experience at all.

Like I have always mentioned, if it is too good to be true, it usually is.

4. Lack of Privacy Policy & Terms of Condition

I have mentioned in my post on ways to avoid online scams that one of the key thing is to watch out for these two documents on the website: The privacy Policy, and the Terms and Condition.

Without these documents, you really can’t tell what the whole thing is about, and what they do to even help you protect your privacy. If you sign up and provide your contact details without this document, they could easily just sell all your contact details and E-mail to a 3rd party who can just spam you right after that. That’s because there’s no Privacy Policy to really protect you at all too!

Real legit companies usually have these documents to protect themselves and their users as well. If these documents are not even listed or provided at all, I recommend you head the opposite direction and exit the website!

5. WHOIS search on Jobjungle

Last thing I did for the website is to perform a WHOIS search to actually see who owns the domain and all.

Jobjungle WHOIS searchApparently, the organization that owns Jobjungle is by a company called DataProLinking Inc. Seems quite suspicious as I never saw the company name once on the Jobjungle website at all.

I did a Google search and I found a site that looks EXACTLY like a clone of Jobjungle that are offering the same thing: Work at home jobs (But focused on typing jobs instead). Datapro Linking IncBottom line, why do they have so many sites that look the same? Bunch of advertisement plastered all over the place, and offering work at home jobs.

The conclusion that I have come to after doing my research: Suspicious company, sketchy websites, complete and full of BS.

What others are saying

1. Scamadvisor

Jobjungle scamadvisorScamadvisor have actually rated the website as 100% safe to use, even though it does state that the site have negative reviews. I believe the reason why it is 100% safe is that people do not lose any money over this site as it is free to sign up, and thus there is really no way to scam people. Not to mention, most of their E-mails are actually using Gmail, which is very unlikely if it was a real company too.

The comments below has a user that mentioned how the site is a complete scam.

Scamadvisor comments

2. Tradecomplaint

Here’s another user who complained about Job Jungle on Trade complaint. Notice how

JobJungle ComplaintboardLike I have mentioned, there are no legal documents such as the Privacy Policy. Also, the user noted that there is no office address at all too!

The contact page of Job Jungle only has one E-mail and a phone number for providing any help, and does not say where you can find the company at all.

Final Verdict of Job Jungle

Name: Job Jungle


Price: Free

Owners: DataProLinking Inc.


My Final Thoughts

Just like many websites that promise part time jobs online, such as and YourJobPays, sadly this one is also not a legit program.

Most of these websites are created to actually lure and target people who are desperate to make money online. The method is always the same for such programs:

  1. Show promise of easy work, fast cash
  2. Sign up for their ‘program’ for free or for a fee
  3. Don’t deliver what they promise

This is why the online web is very dangerous place if you are particularly desperate to earn money online. With the internet being littered with so many scams, you would be wondering if there are even any legit opportunities online at all!

Be wary and question how everything works before you join a program so you can filter out junk programs like JobJungle which just is a waste of time if you are looking to make money online. Stay away from get-rich schemes that they do not last long or even work at all.

Another thing is that if you want to make money online, you need an environment where you get the best training, support and community to help you along the way. Wealthy Affiliate is one of such places that teaches you how to make real money online through affiliate marketing. It is also the place where I started to learn how to make money online too!

Stop wasting your time finding another program that promises quick cash, and start your journey on Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to make money online!

Do you have any experience using JobJungle before? Share your experience with me!


  1. Chamari Tharanga says

    Nice work.I want to sign in the Jobjungle ….. But I couldn’t found the application so that Please send me to register application link through this E mail.

  2. says

    Hi Terence nice work on your reviews on job jungle, glad i didn’t join it. Anyway what do you think of smart crowd? is it a legitimate site?

    • Terence says

      Hi Mayta
      If you are talking about Lionbridge Smart Crowd, It does look legit to me. I have heard of them before too, and remember it being legit.

  3. Karis says

    Thanks a lot for the insightful research. I would like to know whether my details in the various attempts I have registered with Jobjungle are ways they can use to do other things without my knowledge and how can I protect myself that my details are with a non-legit site with third parties involved?

    • Terence says

      Hi Karis,
      They can definitely use your details without your knowledge. For example, if you submitted your email and all, they can spam your email with more ‘money making opportunities’ and all. If there’s anything more than that, just hope they don’t abuse whatever you given to them too much.

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