Surveys Paid Scam Review: Don’t fall for this!

Name: Surveys Paid


Price: $68

Owners: Unknown

Rating: 20/100 

Great Paid Survey Opportunity?

This website has been on my radar for quite awhile, seeing it repeatedly advertised in a few places. SurveysPaid claims that there is a shortage of workers who take surveys and are looking for fresh people and more participants.… Read More

Make Money Robot Review: Another Binary Option Scam?

Name: Profit Booster App


Price: Free to sign up (With investment costs)

Owners: Michael Williamson

Rating: 20/100 

Money Making Robot?

I recently found out about this program called Make Money Robot, which is very similar to Profit Booster App which I reviewed quite awhile back. Apparently, this is another program that promises to make money right from day 1 for you, up to a whopping $1586!Read More

Real Translator Jobs Review – Can you really make money translating?

Name: Real Translator Jobs


Price: $34 + Upsells


Rating: 5/100 (Great page layout, huge scam)

Real Translator Jobs Scam?

This website apparently claims that you can get paid up to $100 translating a document, while getting paid up to $35 per Email. It really seems like a lot of money for just translating texts from one language to another!… Read More

Profit Booster App Review: Are you really boosting profits?

Name: Profit Booster App


Price: Free to sign up (With investment costs)

Owners: Sam McMillan, Alfred Kowalski and Peter George Allen

Rating: 20/100 

Does it really boost your profit?

When I first stumbled upon Profit Booster App, I was shown a video about how a group of people got together and made a money making software that could make you money automatically right from the start!… Read More & Whenyouhost – A classic local scam

Whenyouhost logoName: When You Host/RichestSG

Website: and

Price: $80/yr, $100/yr, $250, $799

OwnersRosalind and other unknown

Rating: 0/100 (Really just a big fat scam)


Is RichestSG a scam? How about Read this review below to find out more details.

There are so many online scams out there that are targeting unsuspecting people, but there is one right here that is targeting my own country citizens.… Read More