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Congratulations of signing up for your very own Wealthy Affiliate account! Here are some bonus that I promised you earlier.

Just know that these tools and bonuses that I offer to you will help you in your journey in Wealthy Affiliate. Everything would be taught to you, so don’t worry if you are a complete newbie.

Bonus 1: Personal 5 Day Affiliate Marketing training specially made for Beginners! ($99 Value)

Email Course Preview

Preview of my Email Course


If you already have not signed up for my free membership website, you can do so right here.

You’ll learn how to make money with my 5 day intro course included as well, where I introduce my personal experiences with affiliate marketing.

Also, I’ll break down the basics of how internet marketing works, and how you can tap on this to start generating income for yourself. It all boils down to one simple method that works.

Just click the link here and fill up your name and email to get free access to this membership.

On day 5, you’ll get an exclusive offer from me to further your training with me if you want where I’ll guide you in the next 12 months to generate your first income and get 1-on-1 support with me too.

Bonus 2: Niche List ideas ($99 Value)

When starting out your Internet Marketing Business, you need to select your niche to focus on. This means selecting a topic to write about, which ideally should be your interests or hobbies. However, some people may get stuck and not know what to write about.

So here’s a list of over 1000 Niches with Google monthly search volume so you know which niche you can consider starting in. How to select a niche and the consideration process is all taught in the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, so don’t worry!

Click HERE to receive your list of niche ideas!

BONUS 3: Generate Traffic with Jaaxy Keyword Tool ($99 Value)

When starting your very own website, you definitely want your website to be seen by the world. You can easily do this by having a reliable program that helps you achieve the results of having your website on the first page on Google.

Introducing Jaaxy! It is one of the easiest and newbie friendly keyword tool that I personally recommend to newbies starting out their Internet marketing journey. I have used it over a year already and it have helped me to successfully generate over ten of thousands traffic to my websites!

Don’t worry if you do not know how to use it at this point yet – Wealthy Affiliate covers the lesson that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to know on how to use it to generate unlimited traffic to your website!

Click HERE to sign up for your free Jaaxy account today today!

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