Smash Fund Scam Review: Great Opportunity Or Scam?

Name: Smashfund


Price: $149/Month (When released, now free)

Owners: Rob Towles

Rating: 10/100 


Smashfund wants to be the very first social crowdfunding network, promising to reward its users with a percentage of every crowdfunding campaign. Although seem like a promising, it seems like another pyramid scheme by Rob Towles who used to head other pyramid schemes.… Read More

10 online money making scams to stop falling for in 2015!

In the year of 2015 already, people seem to be still falling the same online money making scams that were created 5-10 years ago.

So what is the reason behind it? It seems like people who keep getting scammed by such things are usually desperate to make quick and easy money online.… Read More