The Ultimate Money Making And Beermoney Guide For 2015: Make Money Online Today!

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It struck me one day, why hasn’t anyone done a big compilation of all the legit sites that can actually pays you to make money online before yet? I frequently read the beermoney subreddit (Shoutout to the Beermoney community!), and see the same questions getting asked over and over again.

And so with that, I decided to compile ALL the popular programs, including some not so popular ones that are definitely legit and paying at the point of writing this guide.… Read More

10 online money making scams to stop falling for in 2015!

In the year of 2015 already, people seem to be still falling the same online money making scams that were created 5-10 years ago.

So what is the reason behind it? It seems like people who keep getting scammed by such things are usually desperate to make quick and easy money online.… Read More

Online Survey – review

Paidviewpoint logoName: PaidViewpoint

Owner: Umongous, Inc. (

Pays through: Paypal

Free to sign up: Yes!

Click Here To Sign Up for Paidviewpoint is one survey site that many people have asked me to try it out.

This site actually is pretty unique in a way that they have something called ‘TraitScore‘.… Read More

Online Survey: AIP Online Surveys

AIP Online Surveys logoName: AIP Online Surveys

Owner: AIP Corporation (

Pays through: Giftcards

Free to sign up: Yes!

Click Here To Sign Up for AIP Online Surveys

AIP Online Surveys has been one of my favorite sites for surveys as well, and well recognized as well.

I have mostly been receiving grocery vouchers as payment for doing their surveys as they do not have Paypal option.… Read More

Online survey: GlobalTestMarket

globaltestmarket logoName: GlobalTestMarket

Owner: GMI/Global Market Insite, Inc.

Pays through: Check, Paypal

Free to sign up: Yes!

Click Here To Sign Up for GlobalTestMarket

GlobalTestMarket is one of the more trusted survey sites on the internet, which have a very good track record and have paid many users on time.… Read More