BestReviewApp – Get free paid apps while earning money!

BestreviewApp LogoBestReviewApp is a site where you are paid for leaving your reviews on the app store, and you get paid in the process. Any paid apps that you reviewed would be paid back to you in full, plus a small bonus for reviewing the app too.

Every free app you review will get you $0.50, while paid apps you review gets you $1.00.… Read More

Apptrailers – Get paid to watch videos

Apptrailers logoApptrailers was created to allow users to preview apps through videos in 30 seconds or less. This allows the users to make a more informed decision whether before downloading or purchasing an app.

The bonus point is that Apptrailers also rewards users to view these videos with points. Since then, they have expanded to many videos such as game videos, music videos and even movie trailers.… Read More

Tapbooty App Review – Make your first buck here!

Tapbooty LogoTapbooty is one of the programs that allows you to download apps and earn money in the process. Tapbooty is quite new, having only launched in April 2013. It is similar to many programs like Featurepoints.

What I like about them is probably the low cash out rate of just $1, which makes it really easy for a new user to earn their first buck the moment they sign up.… Read More

Featurepoints App Review

Featurepoints logoThere are definitely many programs out there that allows you to earn money by downloading apps, then earning points and cashing out for money. I will definitely be reviewing more of these programs so that everyone has a better choice!

This app review will be talking about Featurepoints, one of the older and trusted programs out there that allows you to earn money through downloading apps.… Read More

MyAppAware – Download apps, earn money!

MyAppAwareYup, you read that right. You can actually get paid for downloading apps, and there are actually many places out there where companies pay you to do it.

One such website is called MyAppAware, which pays you for downloading apps and trying it out. There are even paid apps you can get for free as they will pay you back the cost price for trying out the app.… Read More