Tips to avoid scams online – Don’t get scammed!

scam smartIt is safe to say that there are many scams online, and sometimes it is very hard to tell apart a legitimate opportunity and a scam. Here are some tips I have compiled from my experience during my online money making journey, and how to spot a scam, be it an MLM system, work-at-home programs or affiliate programs. I also compiled a check list that you can view here to virtually avoid almost any scam online

Coins1. Legitimate opportunity doesn’t ask you to immediately pay up.

Any programs that offers you a chance to make money online would not ask you to pay any money to sign up, even if it was ‘training fees’ or ‘sign up fees’. If you are not sure what you are even going to do in the business, I advice against giving your money away anyway.

Any legit program should at least allow you to sign up for free or at a very low cost to try out their services, and probably offer an upgrade to pay if you wish to do so.

Safe2. Read and check their Privacy policy and Terms and Condition.

The next step is to check if the website have any privacy policy, or terms of condition. Any legitimate business would have such documents listed on their website to protect themselves and you. You are also advised to read through everything to see how they are using your information, and how the company works, and so on.

Just like any other financial products, It is important to read the fine print, as they might list something that may ask you to pay more money in the future.

Gold bar3. No quick cash, and read through compensation properly

You have to know that there are no get-rich schemes on the internet that are legit. Every system, be it an MLM or an Affiliate business, would require work and effort to be put in before it eventually pays off. Thus, if any company promises quick cash in days or weeks, this would be the red flag to stay far away from the company.

Definitely read through the compensation plan properly, especially for an MLM business which may get rather complicated due to certain requirements and everything. If you do not understand anything, you should ask the person who referred you into the business. You could even check with the company themselves for more explanation.

Question4. Ask questions if you are in doubt

This brings us to our 4th point of asking any questions if you are in doubt. Every company should list down how their business is running, and how they would eventually compensate you in writing.

Some example of questions you should ask for a business providing work-at-home opportunities are:

  • What am I required to do in the company?
  • Who and how am I getting paid? When will I receive my first pay check?
  • Do I need to pay anything? Any membership fees or supplies I need to get?

If the company does not give you an adequate reply, or no reply, I would advise against investing your time and money with the business at all.

Help5. What support are you given?

You would definitely run into questions and issues during your course of the business. You should definitely find out who will be able to provide you with support, be it the person who referred you, the company, or even a community where you can ask questions.

Any proper company would have people who train you adequately so that you are able to operate your business online, and provide support whenever you run into any trouble.

6. Search online and check who you are dealing with

The best way is to actually search online, and check the legitimacy and reputation of the business. If the business is a scam, you would definitely see a lot of negative reviews in the first 3 pages of searching Google. Some websites you can take a look include and You could check the BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of a company as well.

Search online

Other things you could search would be the owners of the businessas well. Many scam artists usually create new businesses every once in awhile to promote their latest ‘get rich’ scheme.

They would eventually take all the money and starting out a new business to trick more people of their money. Such scammers would have negative review from the online community if they have been doing this for a period of time.

Final Thought

In my opinion, the most important thing is to trust your own gut feel. If you feel that something does not feel particularly right with a company, you should avoid it at all cost.

My experience with making money online also tell me that all the get rich schemes online are a scam. Some MLM companies claim that you could be your own boss and make money by referring people to their company, but in actual fact do not sell any products all. These MLM companies are usually Pyramid/Ponzi schemes which you should definitely also avoid.

If you are looking for a legitimate opportunity, I am working with a company called Wealthy Affiliate that teaches you how to do Affiliate Marketing online, and be your own boss in your own online business. They are by far one of the best companies out there that I stumbled upon throughout my search for a legitimate online opportunity. It is free to start, and definitely passes all the points in this list!

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Do you have any more tips? Drop me a comment, I would love to hear it!


  1. says

    Great tips on how to avoid scams online, I think it works in real life too! Doing research online really helped me.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Terence says

      Hi Sylvia,
      Thanks for your comment! The basic principle is really to be cautious, and if it is too good to be true, it really is.

  2. Aruna says

    Thanks a lot sir your tips on how to avoid scan are very useful actually i was planning to try and apply for online job but didn’t had much knowledge about scams but after reading your article it has become easier for me to find an online job carefully without falling trap to scams…!! 🙂

    • Terence says

      Hi Aruna,
      If you follow these basic rules that I have mentioned, you should be able to cross out 95% of the scams out there at least. Most of them usually get you to pay a cheap amount to get their product, then ask you to buy something really expensive when you’re inside. Just be wary and trust your gut instinct. Or, you could always find me if you need help!

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