The Wealthy Affiliate University review

The place where I started my online business

Wealthy Affiliate LogoFirst of all, my name is Terence and I have been learning to make money online ever since 2013. Even though it may not been a long time since, I definitely seen my fair share of making money scams and products from the Internet.

Ever since I started college, I have been searching the Internet for ways to make money online. I have searched and found some legitimate websites, but it wasn’t enough to substitute for a full time income. At most, I was working for a few dollars a day.

Like many of you, I have came across many things that promises fast income like 5 figure digits in a week, or “Gurus” having a program that could make you rich quickly.

ScamIf it is looks too good to be true, IT PROBABLY IS!

I have spent many days and nights trying out these program wishing to actually succeed and make ton of money. Sadly, it only made me even more disappointed, and leaving me with less money every time.

Throughout my endless searching the Internet, I found on a program that did not promise me huge wealth or even success when you first start.

What they did promise was that they could provide me with the tools and training I needed to start my online business. By building a foundation, you could slowly build your own online business. True enough, I tried out the program and was actually promised what I was given.

I have never looked back since then.

This program was a website called Wealthy Affiliate. It is like a University because the site gives you the educational resources that offers the tools, training and support for you to succeed in the online world. However, you have to put in hard work to make your business become a success.

A short back story: Wealthy Affiliate was set up by Kyle and Carson in September 2005. Their claim was to help others succeed online. With their combined experience of 22 years, they created a platform for people to come to learn the ways of Internet Marketing and succeed from it.

I know and can see the potential of Wealthy Affiliate have to offer and this page is here to showcase what I know and how it can also benefit you. You would not need to ever search online for another money-
making product which may potentially rip you off and disappoint you.

I urge for you to stop whatever you are doing, and take the next five minutes to read the rest of the review. You definitely won’t regret it!

Before continuing on what Wealthy Affiliate is, I have to mention a few facts what Wealthy Affiliate is not.

NOWhat Wealthy Affiliate IS NOT:

1. Wealthy Affiliate IS NOT A GET RICH SCHEME. Do not expect to make thousands of dollars the moment you sign up.

What Wealthy Affiliate provides is the solid foundation of your website, teaching you the basics with a step-by-step guide. You will need to spend time building your website so that you can eventually make money from it.

2. Wealthy Affiliate IS NOT A MLM. You are not required to build any down line or sell Wealthy Affiliate at all. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to sell other people’s product and receive a commission for it. I even think that MLM is not a good home based business at all.

So… How do I make money from Wealthy Affiliate?

What WA isSo you must be asking, ‘How does this all work? How do I make money from this?’

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how you can turn your passions and interests into revenue and income. This is done through Affiliate Marketing, and Wealthy Affiliate provides an easy step-by-step program with video training to help you get started.

Organic foodLet me give you an example of how the process goes:

  1. Say your passion is Organic Food, and you build a website providing the information all about organic food and where people can find them.
  2. A user searches ‘Where to buy organic food’ and finds your site through searching Google.
  3. The user will read the information on your website and clicks through a link to a shop that sells organic food.
  4. The user decides to purchase something from the website. You earn a commission from the sale!
  5. User is happy to get the information and products, the business is happy to get a sale. You are happy to get a commission from the sale too! It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation!

You could say that you are making money from providing people with the information they are looking for, a middleman connecting the users to the businesses.

Besides that, you can choose ANY interests and passion and make money from it. The money you earn are from businesses that pay people to help them promote their products, which are through Affiliate Programs.

Put Your Credit Card Away And Sign Up FREE Today!

I’m new to this, where can I get help?

HelpHaving all the resources and guides you need is great, but like most products that claim to make quick money have close to no support at all when you hit a bump. It is OK to not know everything and ask for help.

Let me be totally honest with you, I had no experience when I first started this. Wealthy Affiliate taught me all that I needed to know, right down to building your very own website.

You will need guidance and coaching from people who have done this before to help you succeed in this venture. The community at Wealthy Affiliate believes in the concept of ‘paying it forward’ and openly sharing information to help others succeed as well.

The community of Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best I have seen, as the members are willing to help each other out for just about any issue you have. Besides the community, even the owners Kyle & Carson are active members and can be seen answering questions and queries daily.

Don’t take it from me only, see what other members of Wealthy Affiliate feel about the community too.

The Pros of Wealthy Affiliate

  • You can sign up for free. You don’t need a credit card to sign up at all. Just key in your name, e-mail and password and you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate forever! There are no 7-days, 30-days gimmick auto-renew subscription for an exorbitant price here.
  • Access an easy-to follow, up to date training. Wealthy Affiliate is constantly updating to reflect the latest information and trends. It is updated daily with new information by members, and also new training by the owners every once in awhile to ‘continue’ their step-by-step training manual.
  • A great community at your disposal. Like I mentioned, everyone would need help. That is why Wealthy Affiliate has the community, the owners and even me right behind you to help you every step of the way to succeed. Over 10,000 members are inside Wealthy Affiliate helping each other, 24/7!

Community picture

  • Live video training weekly. Every week, there is live training brought to you by experts in Wealthy Affiliate, with different topics every week designed to help you improve on your website. If you miss the live preview, you can view the whole catalog of videos that you have missed and catch up.
  • 1-on-1 access with the owners. The owners, Kyle & Carson, will be here to answer your questions if you have any regarding anything about Wealthy Affiliate. They might take some time to answer, but are very responsive, unlike most ‘money making gurus‘ out there.
  • No experience required! Not sure how to build a website? Don’t know how to design a website? Fret not, you do not need any technical experiences to even build a website. You will be given all the tools to build your own website, which could be done in a few clicks of a button. All the training and tools needed to get started are all found here on Wealthy Affiliate.

Put Your Credit Card Away And Sign Up FREE Today!

Sounds cool, but what is the deal?

If you are still skeptical at this point, I do not blame you as there are so many scams out there.

There are many programs I have came across that usually promise quick cash with their secret formula. Even if they may seem cheap on the outside, they are usually riddled with full of expensive up-sells and low quality products that you may not even use at all.

In fact, it is wise of you to be wary of any product you encounter, including this.

This is why I present to you…

Your FREE membership to Wealthy Affiliate!

Kyle, one of the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate, strongly advocates on a ‘trying it before buying it’ mentality. He knows that people should be given a chance to try out a product before deciding if they want to spend any money on it.

You can see what so amazing about the website, and everything I have covered about it, including the training and the community. You can sign up with Wealthy Affiliate for absolutely free without any credit card details!

You will immediately get these following benefits after signing up:

  • Personal support from Kyle and Carson, Owners of Wealthy Affiliate
  • Personal support from Me, as well as the community.
  • Live chat support, with an active community of 10,000 users daily
  • 2 FREE websites that are fully functional
  • Over 500 training modules, including video walk-throughs and tutorials
  • Keyword research tool
  • and many more!

As a non-paying member, you already get access to so many benefits the moment you click to sign up. For the first 7 days of your starter membership, you can even access some premium features as well.

Remember that you are getting content and training that could help you make your first step online. Even these free websites given to you can be found on Google, which could potentially already make you money.

You have nothing to lose by signing up, and everything to gain when you sign up today.

Put Your Credit Card Away And Sign Up FREE Today!

If Wealthy Affiliate is free, what’s really the deal then?

While you can sign up for a starter membership for free at Wealthy Affiliate, they also provide a premium membership which provides you everything you need in order to succeed online!

Just a quick comparison of what both memberships are like:

In a nutshell, the premium membership will give you a whole lot more benefits:

  • Full access to unlimited 24/7 live support from me, the community, and even the owners.
  • Personal blogging on Wealthy Affiliate to keep track of your progress.
  • 1-on-1 Private messaging, which you could contact me for help.
  • Unlimited FREE websites given to you.
  • Your own .com domain hosted on Wealthy Affiliate free on charge, including your own domain email (
  • Access to new training materials immediately the day they are released.
  • The live video classes once a week.
  • Much much more!

One thing for sure, Wealthy Affiliate have been one of the places I feel my money is well spent.

I can keep going on about how much premium membership is worth, but do yourself a favor and sign up for free today. You would not regret it.

Put Your Credit Card Away And Sign Up FREE Today!

How can Wealthy Affiliate benefit you?

Are you looking for a source of extra income?

Maybe you want to quit your job in the near future?

Spending more time with your family?

Wealthy Affiliate believe in long-term goals and profits instead of the short term. You are looking months and years into the future where you start profiting from your website. We believe in building a strong foundation from the start and working your way towards your goals every day. It is like a personal guide and map in life to owning a profitable online business.

When you sign up for free, you would have already get the first step to starting your online success. If you choose to upgrade for the first month, it cost only $19. After that, only $47 a month, or $29 if you pay for a year. That is less than a dollar everyday for an education to make money online!

Paying the monthly fee includes everything in the site. There is:

  • No Mentor ship fee
  • No Money making Guru fee
  • No up-sells
  • No expensive upgrades
  • No buying any other products to succeed
  • No hidden cost

Wealthy Affiliate will provide you one of the best training in the industry you could find for the amount of money you pay. If you think the market is saturated, you are sorely mistaken. Just know that there are over 2 billion people on the internet everyday, with more and more people having access everyday. There are millions of users looking for information and shopping online, and the number doesn’t stop growing.


Just like a plant, your business grows as a sprout and will eventually bloom. There is so much room to start your online business with a growing market. With the best training and supported provided at Wealthy Affiliate, I have no doubts that if you put in the hard work, you will eventually succeed.

Some FREE Bonuses for signing up today!

What’s better than having a free membership to a website that teaches you how to make money online?


And these are the things I am offering you today the moment you sign up for your free account!

1. Personal 5 Day Internet Marketing Course

I will give you a 5 day Email crash course on Internet marketing, hopefully bringing you up to speed so that you can make money quicker! This includes my personal internet marketing journey so that you can avoid the mistakes I made.

Scroll down below and you would be able to sign up for my Email course and get started immediately!

2. Niche List Ideas 

Getting started with Internet marketing may be difficult if you do not know what you want your niche to be. Let me help you by providing you with a list of over 1000 niche ideas that can help you to get started. It also comes with the number of searches for each niche too!

3. My recommended tool to generate Traffic

Want to rank your website on the first page of Google and get tons of traffic? I will reveal to you the tool that I use to help me achieve tens of thousands of traffic to my website every month. These are EASY TO USE and NEWBIE friendly, so that you can easily understand how to use it right from the beginning

4. $19 instead of $47 for first month of premium membership

If you sign up through me, I can offer you a 59% discount off your premium membership. However, you need to sign up within the first 7 days of your free membership!

All I can say, this is definitely worth it if you know what else I would offer you when you sign up under me too.

5. Personal and Private access to me and owners (over $1000 value)

I usually charge people around $50 to $100 for an hour of consultation with me when I am providing them help with their websites and internet marketing needs.

However when you sign up under me in Wealthy Affiliate, I will provide you with FREE support to help you get started with Wealthy Affiliate and Internet Marketing. I know how hard it is to get started with something new and no one around to help you. You can always contact me on Wealthy Affiliate for help whenever you need.

Not enough support? Get free support from the owners, Kyle and Carson. Trust me, I have seen them around helping people throughout the day.

That’s not all!

With over $1,000 worth of bonuses when you sign up FREE today, this could be your very first step towards financial freedom and change of your life. Also, this is not all the bonuses you will be receiving as I have more bonuses to offer you the moment you sign up a premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate.

Premium Bonuses after signing up

I love giving bonuses, so I have way more bonuses to offer you once you sign up for a premium membership!

1. Diamond Traffic Bonus 

You will get this from the owner of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle. This teaches you how to rank your website on the first page of Google and bringing TONS of traffic to your website.

2. Ultimate Blog Writing Information

My Personal Blog Writing Information (Worth $497) will be handed to you right after you sign up for premium membership. This includes all my personal secrets and information that I use to grow my own website and my clients websites as well too.

These include things like:

  1. How to write to get people coming back to you EVERYTIME
  2. Tools to use so that you will NEVER run out of things to write
  3. Secret sources of traffic that 90% of the people are not using which you can tap on and start
  4. My Personal Picture library you can use for free and not get into trouble!
  5. And much more!

3. Monthly Content To Your Inbox

Every month, I send my premium members content that are worth at least $50 to their inbox. These content are usually information that can be applied to building your online business and website, or things that improve your life as an online entrepreneur. Some of these things are even information from paid programs that I personally attended which I paid a lot for out of my own pocket, but you get them for FREE.

4. More Free Stuff

I regularly update my bonuses month to month, so you’ll never know what else you might get. Sign up and be prepared to get a lot of free goodies which I posted above and MORE

After signing up

Once you sign up, I will drop by your page to give you a warm personal welcome, and instructions on how to get started and make full use of your time on the website. I will make sure that you are on the right track as I will check in from time to time. If you ever want to upgrade to premium, I would be happy to help you with the upgrading process if needed as well!

I love helping people, so feel free to ask me any questions. I want to help you set up your own website, the same help I received when I first set up mine. Don’t hesitate and ask me anything if you need help!

Terence in WAMy profile in Wealthy Affiliate! Drop me a message when you sign up!

Like I mentioned in the bonuses above, I want to personally help you in the next 5 days to learn how Wealthy Affiliate works. I would also share with you useful information and my personal experience with you so that you can use it to establish your own online business.

Simply enter your name and Email in the box below, and you will receive Email help from me for the next 5 days. It’s as simple as that!

PS. Do check your junk mail if you do not receive my confirmation mail 🙂

Put Your Credit Card Away And Sign Up FREE Today!

My Final Thoughts

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a get rich scheme. They are an educational website which provide the training, tools and a community in order to help you get started and succeed on your own website and business online.

My experience with Wealthy Affiliate has definitely been very positive as the community is so willing to help out anyone to get started online.

After signing up for the free membership, I realized that this website had so much valuable resources and signed up for premium within a few days. The reason why I loved Wealthy Affiliate so much is because of the transparency and the community that are both in Wealthy Affiliate.

If you reached this point and are still wondering how Wealthy Affiliate looks like on the inside, I did a tour on the website which you could take a look here too!

This is probably the only thing you would ever need if you want to get started with making money online.

Wealthy Affiliate provides one of the best training on Internet marketing at a very reasonable cost for the amount of content and support provided, and you can see what they offer for $0.

I look forward to working with you inside Wealthy Affiliate!

Put Your Credit Card Away And Sign Up FREE Today!

Check out some reviews of WA members below here! Also, I would love to answer any questions you have!

– Terence


  1. Adrian says

    Awesome info, I could not agree with you any more. The community of support
    that comes with Wealthy Affiliate is worth its weight in gold. There is no other
    way to succeed online without help and support.

    • Terence says

      Hi Adrian

      I really have to agree with your comment here. Wealthy Affiliate community has one of the best communities out there. Everyone definitely need the help and support along the the way to succeed online.

      • ervic John says

        Hi Terence. It seems that you have done a great job out there. I want to learn more and I want you be that sensei to teach me to be successful.. More powers and Godbless..

        • Terence says

          Hi Ervic,
          I do not claim to be any guru that can help people be successful, but I am someone who wants to point people in the right direction. I totally recommend that you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate since it is free to sign up. Once you’re in there, I will drop by and help you set up your account and get moving with your own website and making money online!

  2. JohnV says

    A detailed and comprehensive review. This would help anyone who is searching for the right way to get started with an online business.
    Regards and good luck

    • Terence says

      Hi John

      Thanks for the comment! There are many online websites and resources out there, but personally I find Wealthy Affiliate being the top choice of all. It is so easy for a person who has no experience in the online world to start out here as there is so much training and guidance from the community.

  3. Montie says

    I couldn’t agree more! Now that Wealthy Affiliate is part of my life, I could not imagine life without it!

    • Terence says

      Hi Montie,
      It is definitely one of the most legitimate sources to start an online business from amidst the scams out there. Definitely free to start, and so much cheaper then most scams advertise with all the up sells and all too!

  4. melva says

    I could not agree more when it comes to WA. This is the best place I know to be to make money and be involved with a community that is most helpful and caring. Good job and Best wishes.

    • Terence says

      Hi Melva,
      Thank you for your comment. I totally love the positive community of WA too, everyone here is really passionate about helping others really!

  5. Robert says

    Wow! That was a very in depth review of Wealthy Affiliate. You definitely provided a lot of great points for joining them. Plus your review was well laid out and easy to read. Thanks for sharing your knowledge of WA and for also providing the visuals of the website.

    • Terence says

      Hi Robert,
      Thanks for your compliment. The reason why I promote WA as such is because I am sick of all the online scams around the Internet, tricking people out of their time and money. WA have been one of the legitimate ways you could actually learn to make money online, and it is free to start too!

  6. kem says

    That hands down is a great review of WA!!!!!!! You kept my interest and made it really easy to understand.

  7. derrall says

    great story, I am a new member to WA, it is good to read a review that is not a copy-cat of all the rest,
    all the best in this venture

    • Terence says

      Hi Derrall,
      All the best to you! WA is definitely a very good place to get started for your online business!

  8. says

    Thank you so much for this information about websites. I have been thinking about working online for a few years now and this has just given me the final push in deciding to do just that. You have been very helpful and informative.
    I hope you enjoy helping others as you have helped me.
    Rick Bell

    • Terence says

      Hi Rick,
      Thanks for your comment! I agree that WA has been one of the final push to finally starting my work online business too.

  9. Jim Murdoch says

    “You will have to get your hands dirty” That’s a good warning to ward off the lazy overnight success seekers. This a really good overview. It looks like you’ve covered everything. Thank you.

    • Terence says

      Hi Jim,
      Thanks for your comment. My main point is that I do not want to make it sound like it is like another get rich overnight scheme in my review.

  10. Candy says

    I think your Final Thoughts sum it up great. I am a WA member as well and, like you, I signed up to be a premium member. After going through the initial training and seeing the potential the community had to offer I signed up and it has been the best thing I could have done. There is no way I could have gotten as far as I have and in such a short amount of time on my own, WA has put me in a position to truly make something of my website. Keep spreading the word, you can’t go wrong telling people about Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Terence says

      Hi Candy,
      Thanks for your comment! WA is definitely something worth promoting, and I definitely feel good promoting something that works and is a high quality product as well.

  11. Ms. Linda says

    Great Review. I have been with WA. 2 months now. I agree about the support you get from everyone else. I have competed all of the courses but still learn everyday from the community that shares more and more on how to build and improve your business. Thank You for sharing this. I know I am on the right track now.

    • Terence says

      Hi Linda,
      Definitely agree with you on the learning thing. Everyday I go back to WA, I learn something new because there are so much content!

  12. Amy says

    Hi! Terence, I’m from Philippines and I just found out that the free for 7 days is not available in my country. I am not going to start the business this time then since it has to be in premium before I can get access to start doing stuff on wealthy affiliate university. How can I delete my account?. I am looking forward for your response. Thank you. (your article convinced me why I rushed to signed up on WA, you said things here are pretty convincing and positive so Terence good job!)

    • Terence says

      Hi Amy,
      Your account has access to the free content forever so you do not need to delete your account. If you can’t commit to premium yet and get the discount, you can always drop kyle (owner of WA) a message on his profile and ask for it when you are ready to sign up.

      As a free member too, you can do a lot too at your own time. Let me know if you need more help!

  13. Anosha says

    Hey Terence, I read your review on Facebook Millionaire and it convinced me to such an extent that I signed up on Wealthy Affiliate ( Good job I must say!! Because before I read your review I had already entered my Visa card number on Facebook millionaire and a while later received a call from my bank telling me that my card was blocked because it was being used for payment from some other source! ) but the website says that the starter member ship is not available in my country. I’m ready to work hard but I’m not ready to pay before I earn. Help me please. Do you know any other earning websites?

    Also, HOW did i get a thumbnail of my picture beside my comment? :O:O:O:O I do nooot have a previous account here and neither was my facebook logged in. HOOWWW? :o:o

    • Terence says

      Hi Anosha,
      Hopefully all the charges have been reversed and your money is safe. If you are looking for other websites, you can try check out Clickworker or Microworkers. These are free to sign up sites as well and you can complete jobs to earn money.

      And for the picture, you probably signed up with gravatar, so posting in blogs would have your picture too!

  14. mohammed ismail says


    • Terence says

      Hi Ismail,
      Wealthy Affiliate is a website that allows you to create and grow your own online business and guides you along the way on how to do that! You do not require any prior experience as everything is taught to you, including a community to assist you as well. Check it out over here!

      Alternatively, Microworkers and Clickworker are various websites that you can do tasks for money, but does not pay a substantial amount and is usually done for side income only at most.

  15. Hendri says

    Hi Terrence,does the wealthy site works in other country like indonesia?
    and how do u get the payment in other country like that?
    and how long have u doing this and how much do u get from this job?
    thanks before

    • Terence says

      Hi Hendri,
      Wealthy Affiliate works in most countries. If you can sign up with the starter membership, it is available for you. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to how to create your own online business and teaches you how to monetize it too, so you will definitely earn once you put enough work and effort into it. Payment by most sites are usually by Paypal, but payment could be sent by cheque as well for some cases. It depends on the type of business you partner with too.

      • Hendri says

        thanks for the reply,but u still dont answer my question,how long u doing this and how much do you make?,sorry if im rude,im just curious cause i really want to know about that

        • Terence says

          Hi again Hendri,
          I have been doing this since May 2014, so I am still relatively new. As to how much I make, I would definitely say enough to cover my initial investment at least by a few times. One important thing about Wealthy Affiliate is the learning. To be honest, if you keep thinking about the money, you would not make money at all. If you do something that you put effort into and become really good at it, you would definitely see the results. That is exactly what Wealthy Affiliate is in my opinion as they teach you how to create a great base of an online business, and you are provided the training and support along the way to accomplish that goal.

          • Hendri says

            thanks terrence for the reply,i currently want to make website when i think i have enough subscribers in youtube,currently i have 600++ subscribers right now,and im thinking what to make in the website,if u have any suggestion,i greatly appreciate it
            thanks before

          • Terence says

            Hi Hendri,
            I definitely recommend you sign up with the starter membership to explore some ideas about your niche. Having 600+ subscribers is a huge thing to definitely leverage on. WA also teaches you step by step on how to set up your own website too. Just feel free to sign up and I’ll help you on the inside 🙂

  16. Taris says

    Hi Terence, I would like to know if you also sign up people in South Africa? I am very much interested in WA.

    Your profile says you started in 2013 but in your replies you said you started in 2014 how true is this?

    • Terence says

      Hi Taris,
      I believe we do accept members from South Africa! So do feel free to sign up for free and try it out.

      And as for when I started, I started learning how to make money online myself in early 2013, but only started with WA in 2014. Hope that clears up the confusion!

  17. Hidayathulla says

    Hi people this is also a scam i think, because when i try to use that free, it says not available in my country(INDIA). so please dont pay this mother ****ers all are scam you Terrance you also seem t0o be a mother ****er who wasted my 2 hours reading your fucking messages.

    And they edit all our comments so dont believe this bastards

    • Terence says

      Hi Hidayathulla,
      Wealthy Affiliate is not available in certain countries such as India as the owners of the sites has gotten a lot of spam accounts over the past years from the country. I know it affects the legit users who really want to give this a try too. You would need to go premium in order to actually access the content from these countries, which I would definitely help if a user from the affected countries are interested.

      Second of all, I only edit comments that I deem offensive such as your sentences. I’m sorry if you deem that this is a scam, but make sure you do your research properly before declaring everything as scam. Hope that you will also learn some basic respect online as well.

    • Terence says

      Hi Yvonne,

      No Problem! Glad you are enjoying the site on the inside! Maybe you can share your experiences with others who may not have entered the website yet? 🙂

  18. ken says

    could you please help be build my content wealthy affiliate is not available in my country .I am very much passionate and interested in this kinda of business so pls help me

    • Terence says

      Hi Ken,

      This is actually a restriction on certain countries by Wealthy Affiliate, as stated in their Anti-Spam policy. The reason behind this is because there are many members originating from these countries just posting spam, making Wealthy Affiliate look bad and spammy in the past. This is not to say that you are a spammer! As much as I would tell you to get premium right now because it is awesome, do take a look at this page that I wrote on what you would find in Wealthy Affiliate. I also included a video so do check it out to see if it is something you would like.

      Also, do sign up for my Email course if you have not yet, as I am giving away quite a lot of free information. If you are interested to sign up for premium in any way, do let me know. I want to be able to assist you in cutting off some of that membership fee!

  19. bmrayven says

    I just wanna ask how will they pay you and how much will they pay you if a researcher click the site you made online in searching food for example?

    • Terence says

      Hi Bmrayven,

      That depends on what they click on. If a user clicks on an ad on your site, you get paid when he clicks the ad. If he clicks through and buy something through your affiliate program, then you will earn money from his purchase. Hope that clarifies!

  20. kenneth says

    Hi Terence
    I read you review and i am almost going but still need some small clarification.
    1) i am a student so i might not really have any cash to invest now but i need some money online so i wish to as can i still earn as a free member if yes how much. i mean without first investing anything so that i can upgrade with time. Also how long will it take to earn your first cash?
    also how much have you earned since you started, i need like maybe a proof because i have wasted time on many scams before.

    Thanks waiting for response.

    • Terence says

      Hi Kenneth,
      I would say it is possible to earn with a free website provided by Wealthy Affiliate, but it will take some time before you actually earn money even if you do upgrade to premium. Wealthy Affiliate looks at making money in the long run, and not in the next few days after setting up your website. It took me 3 months before I earned my first payment as well, but it took it awhile before payments and earnings become more regular.

      I definitely recommend just going in and picking up the free training first, and see if the program is suitable for you. No need to put in credit card – so no risk taken, no money lost. That’s the best thing about Wealthy Affiliate: Try it, and proceed only if you like it.

  21. Jorelle says

    Hi Terence! I registered under your link, but unfortunately, free membership is not available in my country.
    I guess I still need to work more for other ptc websites and do online works for a while to save up for the premium membership. (>_<)
    Btw, thanks for all the info you are sharing with us. It really is helpful. 🙂

    • Terence says

      Hi Jorelle,

      Thanks for your interest! Unfortunately some countries are not allowed to sign up for a free membership due to various reasons. Either way, if you are serious about getting an account, do send me an Email and I can provide you more details!

    • Terence says

      Hi Alex,
      Wealthy Affiliate has helped me, and a lot of other people as well! I believe it can help you as well.

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