Online Survey – Ann and Kate

Ann and kate logoName: Ann and Kate

Owner: Borders Inc (

Pays through: Paypal, Giftcards

Free to sign up: Yes!

Link: Check below for country specific link.

Ann and Kate is by a company called Borders Inc (Not to be confused with the company that owns the book chain) and operates mainly in the Asian countries.… Read More

Online Survey – review

Paidviewpoint logoName: PaidViewpoint

Owner: Umongous, Inc. (

Pays through: Paypal

Free to sign up: Yes!

Click Here To Sign Up for Paidviewpoint is one survey site that many people have asked me to try it out.

This site actually is pretty unique in a way that they have something called ‘TraitScore‘.… Read More

Online Survey: AIP Online Surveys

AIP Online Surveys logoName: AIP Online Surveys

Owner: AIP Corporation (

Pays through: Giftcards

Free to sign up: Yes!

Click Here To Sign Up for AIP Online Surveys

AIP Online Surveys has been one of my favorite sites for surveys as well, and well recognized as well.

I have mostly been receiving grocery vouchers as payment for doing their surveys as they do not have Paypal option.… Read More

Making money doing online surveys

SurveySurveys are how companies out there get your opinions. These companies are very interested to get your opinion, which in turn help them to tailor their products to meet consumers needs

There are many survey sites out there that provide the platform to users to take these surveys and get paid by the companies to give their opinion on different matters.… Read More