Real Translator Jobs Review – Can you really make money translating?

Name: Real Translator Jobs


Price: $34 + Upsells


Rating: 5/100 (Great page layout, huge scam)

Real Translator Jobs Scam?

This website apparently claims that you can get paid up to $100 translating a document, while getting paid up to $35 per Email. It really seems like a lot of money for just translating texts from one language to another! Can you really earn that much translating languages?

How true is this website, and are their claims real?

Real Translator Jobs main page page

The main page seems quite well designed. However, it screams sketchy right from the moment I landed on this website. Something just doesn’t seem right with it, and I will be going through the whole website to reveal why it is so suspicious. However, some people may still fall for this as it is still a very well written and designed website in all.

So, is Real Translator Jobs legit? Are there real translator jobs out there? Let’s take a look at this Real Translator Jobs review.

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What do they offer?

Real Translator Jobs claim to offer jobs that pay you to translate right from the comfort of your very home. It seems to promote itself as a medium to connect companies to people who want to translate languages.

Real Translator Jobs Offer


They have their connections and work with thousands of employers, and thus have thousands of jobs available for you to translate. This seems like it makes them credible but really doesn’t say much in my opinion. This is really similar to Gaming Jobs Online which also promote themselves as a place to get gaming jobs and make money from the comfort of your home. However, that really isn’t the case at all.

Analysis of Real Translator Jobs website

This is where we go into the gritty details and analysis the website for any important details to verify if it is a scam. Let me go through each point that led me to realize how much of a scam this site is.

  1. Getting paid way too much?

On the front page, it already states that you can earn up to $100 per text document and $35 for an email. On the next page, I noticed this information on your earnings potential:

Real Translator Earn

This really does seem quite a lot for just translating, but something just really seems off. Considering that you do not need any experience at all, would you be able to earn that much in the first place? I really think not.

In all my experience of making money in the online world, I realize you do need to have the required knowledge before you can even make money online. You can’t make $100 of dollars the day you started any program, and any program that promises that are usually lying to you.

2. No Experience Required

In my previous point, I mentioned how the program stated that you do not need any experience required to start. How is this even possible at all? As a business owner who wants a translator, would you hire these people with no experience to translate your important documents?

The one other thing I call BS about this program is this two paragraphs itself:

Real Translator Not Perfect


Wait, so you’re telling me the program comes with a software that translate languages for you, so what do you even do then? And why am I paying for a program that gives me another version of Google Translate?

In my opinion, people are paid to translate because of accuracy of translating programs are still not perfect. If you are using such a software even in a legit setting, people would begin to suspect and question your credibility too. Real language translators do it manually to ensure that their work is up to par with quality.

3. Paying for the program

I covered this many times, including my article on how to avoid scams online, that paying for a program that ‘pays you to work online’ are usually a big scam overall.

Real Translator payment


After seeing such a special alert offer so many times, there are some things I would like to state that are blatant points to deceive people:

  1. Valid Today Only – I’m pretty sure it has been valid for the past few years, and it will be for the next few years at least if the scam is still operating.
  2. Discounts – Makes you feel quite special to receive a discount, doesn’t it? Too bad the discount is for everyone who comes across this page.
  3. For your country only – Since I’m located in Singapore, it’s going to show me the Singapore flag and tell me it’s for my country only. I really don’t think so, as they just customize the flag and words to match your IP address. Try running a proxy and tell me if the flag changes country.

Plus one more thing, what are you paying for again? Apparently, it’s to set up a membership with the company and helps to run their company. I really doubt that’s the case though.

Stated in the FAQ too, the website just provides you a job database where you still need to choose your employer that will hire you. It really seems quite obvious: why not just go to your local job finding website to find a translation job for free?

4. Pay more after your initial payment!

The reason why this title is in caps is because of the upsells that they are blatantly promoting even after you pay for the membership. Taking this directly from their affiliate program page:

Real Translator Upsells


Remember the discounted $34 that you need to pay for the program? You will be likely spending another $27, and maybe ANOTHER $27 at the back end. I may not be sure of what you are actually paying for since you already paid the $34 for the supposedly membership fee.

Really doesn’t tally with that they covered in their FAQ which states that you do not need to buy anything else after signing up.

Real Translator FAQ

5. False sense of security

Real Translator Guarantee

This is a common thing for such programs. Offering a money back guarantee is trying to give customers that want to purchase this product a peace of mind. However, I question how truthful this is (And wait until you see the reviews by customers trying to get their money back below) as most scam products that offer this usually do not keep up to their promise. Money back guarantee does not means you won’t lose your money after buying the product.

Also, the Web Guard buttons below can’t be clicked as well. This is very suspicious as legit and valid buttons are clickable where you are able to see the security details to see if it is safe from viruses, and also includes their business details and more. They are just putting these security ‘buttons’ to show they are credible, but somehow fail to make it fool proof.

What Other Are Saying

1. Translation Directory

The users from Translation Directory have reported their experiences and findings in a forum thread about Real Translator Jobs since 2011. Here are some of their reviews that warns users to avoid the website at all cost:

Real Translator Jobs Translation Dictionary user review

This user (Rochelle) was ignored when he messaged support to get his money back, but got a quick response when he emailed support with a different email account.

Real Translator Jobs Translation Dictionary user review 2

This user (Greek Translator) here subscribed to their site but experienced no success. He stated that inside Real Translator Jobs was a list of translation agencies where you still need to send a CV/resume. No support was given to this user as well.

Real Translator Jobs Translation Dictionary user review 3


This user (Erlita) paid for a membership but did not get anything promised inside, except for a bunch of advertisements, and no jobs at all. Definitely feels very shady when you get something else instead of what you are promised.

Real Translator Jobs Translation Dictionary solution

Fortunately, another user (Andy) wrote a 10 step process on how to get your money back in case anyone else fell for the scam and wanted their money back. If you are one such user, follow this list and let me know how it went!

2. Proz Forum 

Real Translator Jobs proz review

These two users (Elena and GerSi) pointed out how the company did not have an ‘about us’ and contact details such as phone number or address. They make a very good point as this raises quite a lot of suspicion as well.

Real Translator Jobs proz review 2

Maika stated some very interesting points on the topic for paying for a membership. She mentioned how there should be clear and definite benefits for people. Paying for work is also another red flag on a scam.

The box I highlighted is something I would recommend to. If you are paying for something, make sure you know what you are getting and who can help you in achieving your goals with the program or service.

Real Translator Jobs proz review 3

This user, Marc, seems to be a veteran translator and wrote into Real Translator Jobs with an odd request to see what the response was. As expected, there wasn’t any reply. What this says is that Real Translator Jobs is targeting newbies or unsuspecting victims who do not know much about online translating jobs or making money online.

Final Verdict: Real Translator Jobs


Price: $34 + Upsells




What I love about Real Translator Jobs

  • Great looking website

What I did not like about Real Translator Jobs

  • It costs $34 in the first place, then you need to buy the upsells
  • There is no free trial for such a service
  • Designed to trick newbies only and weed out unsuspecting customers
  • Program is too unrealistic: advertising no experience required and high earning potentials

Real Translator Jobs seem like many other programs that promises you to make money, but really doesn’t do anything at all. All they do is show you a job listing of various companies and where you can find the job, but you still need the experience to apply to these jobs or you would not even be hired.

How people actually make money from this program isn’t from the program itself, but most likely from the affiliate program that they are advertising. I could always promote this as a legit program as they have a well paying affiliate program with 70% payout, but it really goes against my website. I created this website from the beginning to expose scams like that so that legit paying programs have a better name.

If you really love translating and want to get paid for it, check out Flitto or Unbabel. These are legit programs that myself and many other people used before and have been paying so far. Of course, don’t expect to be paid ridiculous amounts like mentioned in Real Translator Jobs, as such jobs doesn’t really exist unless you have years of translating experience.

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I would love to hear your opinions about Real Translator Jobs! Have you been a victim before, or did you manage to avoid it in time? Let me know!

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