Profit Booster App Review: Are you really boosting profits?

Name: Profit Booster App


Price: Free to sign up (With investment costs)

Owners: Sam McMillan, Alfred Kowalski and Peter George Allen

Rating: 20/100 

Does it really boost your profit?

When I first stumbled upon Profit Booster App, I was shown a video about how a group of people got together and made a money making software that could make you money automatically right from the start! All you needed to do was to invest some money, and watch the profits come back to you.

Profit Boost Welcome Video

They even mentioned that you don’t need any experience as a trader at all, and anything can do it. Best of all, it is absolutely free!

The question is: Is it really true? Will you really make money after investing? Is Profit Booster App scam? Let’s find out!

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What do they offer?

Profit Booster App is actually a software that promotes itself as an easy to use software where you can instantly make money from it. However, in order to use the software, you would need to put an investment of $250 into the account first before you are given an option for auto trading.

Profit Booster Auto Trading


Besides that, they also show a list of successful traders who have used the software and profited a lot from it as well.

Profit Booster Top Traders

This picture was taken one day ago, and apparently when I loaded up the website today, every one of them has profited with an increase in profit. The first guy total profit is now $109,027 and second guy is at $107,015.

These stats really make for it as a convincing piece of software that is really legit. Except for the fact that there are some questionable elements on the website.

Let us take a look at the analysis of the website below.

Analysis of Profit Booster App website

After reviewing the website, I find that it is slightly suspicious because of various reasons.

1. Video is full of stock videos!

Take a look at this compilation of some of the pictures that was used in the making of the introduction video.

Profit Booster Stock video


Through the whole 11 minutes of the video, I was led through stock video after stock video while they are promoting their software. There is really no real footage of the people, or even the software in action which makes it quite suspicious. Even when they are introducing themselves, it is really obvious that those were stock videos and not the actual people itself too.

2. The Hype, hype, hype

Even before watching the video, I guessed the plot of it easily and it was very similar:

Guy had no experience. However, he had a friend that was a experienced trader, and another friend that was IT savvy and worked in well renowned companies such as Facebook and Google (Which both appeared in the video). They teamed up and made a revolutionary software that can somehow earn them a lot of money.

Now they want to help you make money. It’s free, and you don’t need to pay them a dime. During the video, they keep repeating how they attained financial freedom, flashing sports cars, big houses and cash throughout the video. They paint the perfect life in the whole video making you think that by using their software, you can attain it.

True enough, almost 90% of what I stated appeared in the video. All they are selling you is hype and false dreams. They did not mention one bit how their ‘revolutionary’ software works at all. Think about it: If they really had a software that work, why would they even share it with you at all?

At the start of the video they mentioned how all the ‘scams’ in the market work, such as a ‘Today only offer’, or ‘Free trial and huge monthly fee’ scam. Reason behind this introduction is to make people think they are the ‘good guys’ and are trying to help you by showing a ‘real software’.

Profit Booster registration3. When the website was created

I decided to look up when the website was created to see how long it was in business. According to GoDaddy’s WHOIS search, the website was created somewhere around Febuary 2015. This means that it hasn’t really been around long and is still relatively new to the internet. Heck, even Income From The Red Dot is even older than them.

Remember the screenshot above of the winning traders? If the website was created in February, how did people started to trade in January at all in the first place?

In my opinion, these people are actually phising for users details. These are basically people who are looking to make money online easily and people who are willing to invest at least $250 in their account. Before you realize it, the website is gone and they have your email address and details. Really not a good feeling isn’t it?

4. Claiming to make a HUGE load of money for you

The first thing that raised a red flag for me was when I saw the headlines:

Profit Booster App First $1419

This seem really unrealistic for an inexperienced person to do something he/she has never done before. Being promised such a huge gain sounds really suspicious to me. The comparison is like someone just handing you free cash out from nowhere, which sounds totally unrealistic because that would never happen.

The other thing was that the software mention how it works 100% of the time, which I really doubt it. Even most successful traders have a few losses in the middle of all their winning trades.

5. Profit Booster App Youtube Video

One more thing that I realized is that the Youtube video was only uploaded pretty recently. It is possible that the video was uploaded in February when they created the program, but was deleted by Youtube.

Profit Booster App youtube


The more recent video was uploaded only on 9 August, which is very recent since the date of writing this article. Another thing to note is that the Youtube comments was disabled, which I think is them fearing of negative comments on the product. Also, a search on Peter G Allen’s account show no details at all too as the video was set to private too (Which means you need the link in order to access the video).

Profit Booster App Youtube channel

Searching through, there is no recent account activity, any discussions or even any information about the user itself too.

EDIT: The video has apparently been taken down and uploaded again. The last time I saw, the old video was reported for spam/scam. The account is created by a new user named Fred Mark as of this update.

2nd EDIT: Now it’s Victoria Johnson. The name is changing regularly.

What others are saying

1. Reddit

There was a Reddit thread about Profit Booster App that stated a lot of truth behind this program. Let me highlight some of the notable ones below.Profit Booster App Reddit

Apparently one guy decided to deposit money, but wasn’t even granted any access to his account. Basically, $500 was just taken from him just like that.

Profit Booster App Reddit 2

This user apparently dug out a lot of information regarding Profit Booster App. Apparently, there’s a lot of fake accounts that were created to promote Profit Booster App as a legit product. This really just makes it look more suspicious then it already look. Another thing is that all these information are written on blogspot domain, or hubpages which are all free domains and free to write. Taking a look through all the blogspot pages, they only have 1-2 articles at most which all talk about promoting Profit Booster App too.

Profit Booster App Reddit 3


This was in response to a comment from a ‘fake account’ trying to defend Booster Profit App. I would definitely agree that 3/6 people using the same ‘Good Day’ to start a review is really suspicious too. The fact that he cannot find any information on anyone on those websites shows that something is fishy as well.

2. Valforex

Valforex came up with a blog post to explain the unrealistic stories of the company, which I mentioned above in my article as well too.

They concluded that:

  1. Making $1500 in an hour is Bogus
  2. Site won’t last more than a year
  3. Program does not give you any information, just promises to ‘make you money’
  4. Looking for inexperienced traders
  5. Provide you with characters with backstory to make you feel comfortable

Point 5 of their article makes quite a lot of sense. This is what they wrote:

One thing I found especially sketchy is how they referenced reputable companies like Google and Facebook- attempting to tie their reputability with their own product. This is called an “apples to oranges comparison” because:

– They have absolutely no proof tying them to the companies

– It doesn’t matter! Google and Facebook aren’t Forex companies!

Sure, his friends “Bill and George” have this awesome plan. Why would he share it with you? Why would he bring all this information to light, just for you? Because it’s a scam, and he’s trying to gain your trust with bogus information that catches you off guard just long enough for them to reel you in.

Final Verdict of Profit Booster App

Name: Profit Booster App


Price: Free (with investment cost)

Owners: Sam McMillan, Alfred Kowalski and Peter George Allen


My Final Thoughts

The first thing I would say is that there is no such thing as a free and automated software that helps you to make money right from day 1. If anything, you definitely need to know quite a lot about trading before you can really start profiting heavily online. I recommend staying away from programs that promises huge returns, no experience required and fully automated systems.

How do I know that it is a scam? Simple, because no one in the right mind would give you a huge sum of cash for practically nothing. What these people behind Profit Booster App are earning are commissions every time you deposit money with the broker they recommend. Imagine they get 10% of every deposit: They get $25 if you choose to deposit the minimum of $250. However, I’m pretty sure they are earning more than that.

These websites are usually created to data mine emails and contact details of people who are desperate to make money online. All I can say is, do your proper research before deciding to invest with a program, especially if you cannot start doing the program for free.

Also, make sure you know you are required to do by the program. If you choose to invest money into something that you do not understand, then you are practically just throwing away your own money and time.

If you are reading up to this point, you may still be looking for an opportunity to make money online. I can help you with that. However, I do not promise that it would be a full automated easy service, but you can follow step by step instructions to start your very own online business. It is also what I started with, and also doing now that help me earn a decent online income too.

I promise you that once you get started with this program, you would never need to find another money making program that turn out to be a huge scam. Did I mention that it is also free to start without credit card obligations?

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Do you have any experience using Binary bots like Profit Booster App before? I would love to hear your opinions!

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