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Paidviewpoint logoName: PaidViewpoint

Owner: Umongous, Inc. (

Pays through: Paypal

Free to sign up: Yes!

Click Here To Sign Up for Paidviewpoint is one survey site that many people have asked me to try it out.

This site actually is pretty unique in a way that they have something called ‘TraitScore‘. Your TraitScore is something that allows you to earn more if you hit 9000 points, and will increase every time you finish a trait survey or a paid survey.

Paidviewpoint is a market research survey company built on 4 principles as listed on their website:

  • We pay cash for every completed market research survey.
  • We never screen you out once you’ve been invited into a survey.
  • We’ve cracked the code that takes “boring” out of the survey answering experience.
  • Privacy – we never ask you to register your real name or complete physical address.

Is PaidViewpoint a scam? Let’s get down to this review!

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How to get started

Paidviewpoint signup pageWhen accessing the PaidViewpoint page, you can sign up by clicking the register button, then proceed to either register using your e-mail, or through many ways such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.

You will not need to enter the activation bonus code if you are using my link to sign up, and will get the $1.00 bonus if you sign up through the link too! After which, you should be asked to verify your e-mail, so you will need to check your e-mail to continue your registration.

Paidviewpoint signup detailI find signing up with PaidViewpoint quite rewarding as you are getting paid already from the moment you sign up and filling in your details such as your username, birthday, and where you come from. By the time you finish, you already have $1.00 in your account!

During the process as well, you are required to validate your phone number to ensure a one account per member rule, and also to protect your account from other people who could cash out your earnings to another paypal account. Do not worry, as they only use it for verifying your identity as stated in the FAQ.

How to Use

Main menuOnce you log in, the main menu looks rather simple, with only 5 buttons to choose from.

1. Your Earnings – You can see how much you have earned, plus your survey history here.

2. My Demographics – You have entered these information when you signed up, and can update them here.

3. TraitScore – View your Trait score here. The goal is to get 9000 or higher Traitscore, which allows you to earn more per answer in surveys.

4. Friends – You can choose to refer friends through social media or e-mail easily here, and even create your personal referral link. Earn 20% from your friend every time they cash out, up to $25 per friend!

5. Settings – You can change your account name, password, e-mails and more personal details here.

The main part of the site is that every survey you take will increase your TraitScore. The trait surveys are designed to be short, and can be completed within 5 minutes or less.

Personally, I find it not as monotonous as other survey as they ask pretty straight forward questions, and the lay out of the survey would not turn you off from doing it as well.

The TraitScore can be increased everyday when you receive a Trait Survey, which you would never be screened out from. It is only list of 10 questions that ask you about your personality and some details about yourself too. The initial surveys would ask you about yourself through a slider bar like the picture below.

Trait SurveyAfter awhile, you will receive a different set of Trait Surveys that will confirm your identity through the details you have entered under your demographics. These questions are also 10 questions long and take about 5 minutes or less to answer them all too. The questions will repeat itself after awhile too, or could even repeat in the same survey.

You would not get much for each survey, so it would take rather long to cash out. I only get $0.03 every time i finish a survey, but for a few minutes of work, that is pretty easy to attain and also not boring as it is pretty fast to finish a survey too. It is best to try answer it accurately as giving inconsistent answers will not award you as much TraitScore.

The best part about PaidViewpoint is that there are no additional demographics survey to finish like most other survey sites such as knowing your job, education, lifestyle. As such, your account is already set up the moment you register too.

One thing I like about PaidViewpoint is how they everything in the site is based on the 4 principles I listed above, which makes it unique from other survey sites online.

Taking a survey

Paidviewpoint Take a survey

So once you registered your account, you should receive surveys to your e-mail. If you are not receiving them, go to settings and make sure you tick the boxes ‘Notify me when Paid Surveys are available’ and ‘Notify me when Trait Surveys are available’.

Once you click the link, you will be directed to the survey where you would complete it within 5 minutes or less. There is no need to ever log into the site unless you want to update your details.

Also, every survey you take will definitely pay and improve your TraitScore, plus you will never be screened out as well.

Cashing Out

PaidViewpoint Cash out

The minimum cash out is $15.00. Once you have attained the amount, you can go to your earnings tab and click the Cashout now button. If not, it would tell you how much you would need before you can cash out from the site.

Make sure that you have also keyed in the correct Paypal account under ‘Settings’ as well.

Is PayViewpoint legit?

PaidViewpoint earning is rather slow but consistent, but I have not been able to hit the minimum pay out just yet.

However, a few notes on why Paidviewpoint is legit:

  1. They are also the same company behind InstantCashSweepstakes, launched in 2009.
  2. Doing a payment proof search will lead you to many positive results.

EDIT: You awesome people have helped me reach the cash out limit, thus here is my payment proof!

Paidviewpoint Payment proof

Final Thoughts

Based on my experience on survey sites, this site is quite different from other sites, and you can include this in your daily survey routine. Paidviewpoint does not award much cash, but the surveys are pretty quick. They are also one of the more well known and trusted brand on the internet as well.

Paidviewpoint definitely gets my seal of approval as a survey site, as you can finish the surveys quickly within 5 minutes or less. The questions are very straightforward as the trait surveys are basically answering questions about yourself.

As always, earning from survey sites are cool, so check out other sites like Paidviewpoint right here with a list of my recommended surveys.

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If you have any questions on Paidviewpoint, let me know in the comments below!


    • Terence says

      Hi Kristina,
      PaidViewpoint is ome of the easier sites to do survey as it is not as monotonous as the rest. Just takes about a few minutes everyday for the trait surveys.

    • Terence says

      Hi Madhur,
      It should work with any country in the world. However, I find that most of the surveys would be available for US people.

  1. says

    I am a user of paid viewpoint, Is very interesting, I love it. Your just register with them after that, they will give you activation code: 6 big numbers, through your email address; like Facebook, yahoo. so lastly, you start taking surveys which will then pays you money.
    They accept PayPal to send your money there for you. In addition, the more friends you invite to the referral program will earn you $25 or more.

    • Terence says

      Hi Abel,
      Great to see another user that loves paidviewpoint as me! It is definitely a great program to use.

  2. says

    Hi Terence. I’m from South Africa and have been a member of PaidViewpoint since July this year. All in all I would say I’m happy with PV although it seems to take a while to reach the $15 dollar cashout limit. I earn $0.03 per daily survey. My trait score is currently 8300 points and I hope to reach 9000 by the end of this month. As far as earning potential goes, I don’t think you can make real money from PV.

    • Terence says

      Hi Shailendra,
      Yes it’s pretty slow because there isn’t much surveys for the international crowd. I don’t rely on this to make money at all now because of the inconsistency, but it’s more like a slow earning website where you can eventually cash out.

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