Online survey: GlobalTestMarket

globaltestmarket logoName: GlobalTestMarket

Owner: GMI/Global Market Insite, Inc.

Pays through: Check, Paypal

Free to sign up: Yes!

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GlobalTestMarket is one of the more trusted survey sites on the internet, which have a very good track record and have paid many users on time. They are also one of the survey companies I like that give points and money if you are screened out for a survey as well.

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How to get started

Sign up ScreenThe above image is the main page of the website. Like most sites, you can sign in through Facebook or through E-mail. Choose your preferred starting option and you would be presented with the next step of filling out the rest of your details, such as your country and address.

Please make sure your address is accurate as this is where they would send you your check after you
redeem it.

Fill up informationYou can take a look at their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as well before signing up. After filling up your information, your account will be created.

How to Use

Below is a picture of the main menu after logging into GlobalTestMarket:

Main screen

Here is the basic run down of all the listed items.

  1. Survey: List of all the open surveys, click Start now! to begin.
  2. Profile Surveys: Fill in your details such as your lifestyle and health
  3. Refer a friend:  Invite your friend via e-mail here and get 20 points ($1)
  4. Rewards: You can cash out your check here once you accumulate enough points.
  5. Language: You can choose your preferred language here.

On the main page, you can view the points you have accumulated from your surveys.

Like every other survey sites, you should definitely set up your profile by doing the profile surveys as soon as possible to start qualifying for more surveys. If there is a need to update your information in the future, you can retake the profile surveys too.

Mobile App

GlobalTestMarket also have a mobile app that you could download and complete mobile surveys. They are not very common, but you could download it in case there is a mobile survey which you can do on the app if they are given to you.

Taking a survey

Take a surveyAfter setting up your profile, all you do is wait to receive the e-mails for survey invites! You would not need to access the site unless you want to update your details, or redeem your check.

When you receive the email, you can start a survey by clicking the ‘Start Now!’ button like the image shown above. You would be able to view how much points you can earn, including the survey number. The Survey number is the serial number for each survey, which you could provide as information to customer support if you need technical assistance with the survey.

You would definitely go through a pre-screening process every survey to see if you are eligible to
complete the survey. If you do not qualify, you would still get 5 points ($0.25)!

Cashing Out

RedeemOnce you reach the minimum cash out of 1000 points ($50), you are eligible to redeem a cash out by clicking the ‘Redeem’ Button. Take note of the terms and conditions below, and make sure your mailing address is correct before you hit the redeem button.

As noted, the exchange rate is 1 point = $0.25. You will cash out all your remaining points when you choose to redeem. For example, redeeming 1020 points means a check of $51 will be sent to you.

Payment Proof

I have recently received my check from GlobalTestMarket about 1 month after requesting payout. However, the letter came in and looks something like this, with the check in your local currency too!

Globaltestmarket payout

Final Thoughts

GlobalTestMarket have been successfully paid out many people over the years. With the minimum cash out at 1000 points, it would definitely take awhile before you get some money. After which, it will also take some time before your money get to you, as they only mail check at the moment.

If you are looking for more survey sites, take a look at my list of surveys here! Maximize your potential earning and sign up with as many survey companies as possible. Do remember that surveys are only a good supplement to your main income, and are not intended to be a full-time opportunity.

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Have you used GlobalTestMarket before? Leave a comment below!


  1. says

    Thanks for sharing this information Terence. Your article answered some myth I have about online surveys and it’s good to know that there are still legitimate ones out there. I have been scammed once and am a bit phobic to try others. I’ll go check out if I am eligible.

    • Terence says

      Hi Cathy,
      There are many legitimate ones out there for sure, and I will definitely share the ones I know that are legitimate!

  2. Emily says

    Hi Terence!

    Thank you for sharing your information about online surveys!

    I just signed up with the GlobalTestMarket and completed the profile-questions. But so far I haven’t earned any points yet.

    When do you actually start earning points after you completed the profile-surveys/questions? And how long does it take to receive the next survey? Every month?

    • Terence says

      Hi Emily,
      Once you set up your account, you will start to see surveys coming into your E-mail already. It may take awhile for the first survey to come too. The frequency of the surveys really depends as they could send 1 survey in a week, or 3 surveys in a day. Once you complete each survey, you get points. Also, 5 points if you get screened out like I mentioned too.

  3. Charlie says

    Hey, I joined this site as per your recommendation, but the payout is no longer 1000 points for $50 🙁 It’s much less than that.

    • Terence says

      Hi Charlie,
      I believe they revamped the rewards section recently! It cost slightly more points to get $50, I believe it’s now 1100 points to request for a check too. Overall, Globaltestmarket is still one of the better survey sites in my opinion anyway.

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