Gaming Jobs Online review – Legitimate video game testing jobs?

Gamingjobsonline logoName: Gaming Jobs Online


Price: $1 for 7 days, $27/month

Owners: Unknown

Rating: 30/100

Play games and earn money!

I happened to stumble upon this website that promised that you could earn money just by playing video games online. Is it possible that you can make money just by playing video games?

Gaming Jobs online earning potential

Apparently, Gaming Jobs Online claims that they provide video game tester job openings. They even mentioned that you could generate a full time income just by playing games online, even with ‘reviews’ from people that they make money from playing games!

So is Gaming Jobs Online legit?  I decided to check out if what they are claiming is true.

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What do they offer?

Gaming Jobs online Main PageAccessing the main site, they make pretty bold claims such as:

  • Play games and make money from it
  • Making up to $3,500 per month
  • Work from home and set your own hours
  • Advertised on many websites

As a gamer myself, it does look like a very exciting opportunity to work with! Playing games and make money, it is really a dream come true for most gamers!

However, this is where I would like to burst most bubbles and call this website a total BS and possibility that it is a total scam. This just seem like a traditional work-at-home data entry job, but targeting at a different audience.

Below are some points I question about the site and gaming jobs altogether.

1. Can you really make money playing games?

To answer this question first, the more professional term for video game testers would usually be labelled under ‘Quality Assurance/QA Testers’. These jobs are definitely legit and companies do look for people to actually play games. It is an important role as these people are the ones that find out bugs in a video game.

I decided to find out if big companies were actually hiring such people. Using Blizzard (The makers of the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft) as an example, I found a job that fits the description of a video game tester.

Blizzard QA job 1 Blizzard QA job 2So to answer the question, It is definitely a YES. However, most jobs are usually not home based, and you are required to work on site with the companies themselves.

These jobs are usually entry-level but require you to have a set of skills such as the QA job by Blizzard. It definitely does not pay as much as what Gamingjobsonline claim, and definitely not working from home too.

To add on, I recently read about an article by IGN here which depicts the life of a QA tester, which is really not as glamorous and appealing. The article talks about how these jobs usually are: Monotonous, boring, lack of compensation, poor job security and more.

2. How true are their claims true?

One thing I have noticed is that they say they are seen on various big gaming websites, so I decided to do a search on two of the websites that they claim to be seen on to see if I can find a review of Gaming Jobs Online.

Gamespot searchSearch on Gamespot


Joystiq searchSearch on Joystiq

Doing a search on both sites came up with irrelevant results or no results at all. I am pretty sure the other sites should prove the same results as well.

Their claims of making $3,500 monthly seems like a tad far fetched. From searching online, I find that most QA jobs pay starts about $10/hr and it is not a work at home job.

Gaming Jobs online earning potentialOne other thing that bothered me with this is they are supposed to be providing gaming jobs. So why are they offering paid online surveys and focus group?

It seems a little out of place on this website. Sounds like they are just shoving ‘potential income streams’ in your face making you think you can earn a lot after signing up.

From my experience, online surveys are free to sign up and you do not even need such a site to sign up for such a service. However, the realistic earning expectations are between $1 to $5 for most surveys.

3. How updated is the website

Browsing through the website, it really does show that their site is really not updated at all. Take a look at this picture below:Gaming Jobs Online Latest NewsThe latest news show that it was posted on September 3rd 2012, which is roughly 2 years old from writing of this review! Isn’t it a bit skeptical that they do not even update their website and blog with the latest gaming and game tester news?

Gaming Jobs Online FAQ

In 2014, we are already in the age of Playstation 4, Xbox one, and Nintendo 3DS. In the FAQ itself, it doesn’t state any testing for the next-gen consoles at all.

And the games that were ‘recently’ tested such as Guitar Hero 3 came out in 2007. For fans of the game, you would know that the latest version of the game is Guitar Hero 6 released in 2010. This really shows how outdated this site is, and not even bothering to update their FAQ or website at all.

Bottom line

This website looks like it was done really long ago, with a totally outdated site plus outrageous claims. If it was me, I would not know how to even trust such a site at all, or even signing up for membership!

Searching through the website, there are no privacy policy or terms of condition at all which is really suspicious.

To be honest, I do not believe there are any game testing jobs online at all. Like most other work-at-home scams, it just does not exist. Most of these jobs like the one Blizzard offers require you to work at the company itself, so pretty much like a regular job!

Costs of Gaming Jobs Online

Gaming jobs online saleThey do offer a 7 days promotion for just $1. And it seems like a one day deal only so I better sign up quick before I lose this opportunity!

And before you realized it, it is a common marketing gimmick to make people rush their decision to sign up, giving them the illusion of missing out a great opportunity.

So I decided to do something funny, and look below…

Gaming jobs online sale 2Same thing, 5 years into the future and they are still offering the sale at $1. So remember not to fall for such marketing gimmicks!

Moving on, the price for a 7 day membership would cost $1, and then $27 monthly. It is shown below clearly as well.

Costs of Gaming Jobs Online

My Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a career in playing video games, you may want to start by searching for jobs in your local area that does offer such opportunities. Big name companies do actually offer people such position provided you are passionate about the job.

Don’t expect to be paid $30k a year for such a job like Gaming Jobs Online claims too, but expect a more reasonable $10/hr doing such stuff.

The website is really outdated and has so many flaws, making me not trust such a website at all. On the topic of support and help, there is literally no support from the owners or even users. All you are given is one form to fill up if you have any questions about the website.

Like most work-at-home opportunities, most websites that asks you to pay upfront first are usually scams and you should avoid them. Also, know what you are getting if you intend to pay for any product.

Final Verdict of Gaming Jobs Online

Name: Gaming Jobs Online


Price: $1 for 7 days, $27/month

Owners: Unknown



What’s Next?

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Have you tried out Gaming Jobs Online before? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Sha says

    I love your blog, so informative. I was just looking for sparkprofit review actually but ended up reading all posts lol. Keep posting. Bookmarked this. I’l be checking this from time to time.

    • Terence says

      Hi Sha,
      Thanks for your compliment! I do try to make content that is informative so users such as yourself can understand certain sites and reviews easier. Do let me know anyway I can improve it further too 🙂

  2. Dylan says

    Thanks for this review…I was considering promoting this affiliate offer on facebook and once i read this review i just imagined my account being banned and me losing out on a ton of income in the near future promoting other offers…

    You’re clearly not biased and you did your due dilligence in regards to accurately conveying the intent of this site… sweet deal… I’m sure you’re doing well in the internet space and its good to see fellow marketer provinding value to their customer and in this case readers…

    wish you the best and keep doing what you’re doing!


    • Terence says

      Hi Dylan,
      Thanks, and you’re welcome! If you are choosing to promote affiliate offers, you definitely want to avoid this one because it is close to a useless product in my opinion. Just a hyped up thing that’s bundled together and looks like something good, but it’s just mostly recycled junk inside. You could check out Wealthy Affiliate, which is what I am promoting to users as a great place to make money online, and something that I truly believe in too 🙂

    • Terence says

      Hi Tewai,
      Glad you realized it seems sketchy too! The way they promote the site seems way too good to be true.

  3. Marcus says

    I’m deaf but want to become a video game tester, and I want to know if hearing abilities are needed or not for this kind of job.

    • Terence says

      Hi Marcus,
      I’m not too sure exactly what the requirements are for a video game tester, but I do think you do need to hear in order to assess the game properly. Anyway, even if you are interested to be a video game tester, find out in your local job market to see if any companies are offering such a thing. Don’t sign up for this!

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