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FlittoThis is something exciting for people who are masters of various language, as you can earn money helping users translate texts. The interesting thing about Flitto is that it is a crowdsourcing program that allow users to request translations of various language, and allowing those that help translate to earn points. English to Spanish translation? Korean to Japanese? All possible with Flitto!

Flitto is a start-up company that is founded in September 2012 that provide foreign language translation services by crowdsourcing. It supports up to 17 languages including English, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, and more! The website also has a section that translate celebrities Facebook and Twitter pages too.

Boasting a user database of 3.4 million users and people from 170 different countries, your translation would be definitely 100% accurate!


Name: Flitto

Owner: Flitto Inc. (http://www.flitto.com)

Pays through: Paypal, Giftcards, and more!

Available on: App, Website

Free to start: Yes!

Click Here To Sign Up for Flitto

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How to get Started

For the purpose of this review, I would be covering mostly on how you can earn on Flitto. There are other features such as browsing translated social media, but I would touch less on that.

To get started, go to the website and you would be presented with this page.

Flitto Sign upOn the right hand side, there are 4 ways you can create an account: Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, or E-mail. You can link your other accounts once you sign up with one so it doesn’t matter which you pick first.

The app version of Flitto also presents you these 4 options to sign up. The account is linked so there is no need to re-create for both web and mobile version of Flitto.

How to use Flitto

Before starting out Flitto, you may want to fill out your basic details, especially the language you can translate from. Go to the settings page and you will see this row.


Flitto languagesYou can select up to three 2nd languages to translate to or from. For me, I only can translate from English to Chinese and vice versa, so I only selected one option. Once you are done with selecting your languages, I would recommend you download the app version of Flitto to start your training as the Web version does not have it.

Training to Translate

Flitto TrainingTo access this page, go to the mobile app and click on the ‘Flitto’ tab. After that, there is a button on the top to click which says ‘Practice and become a Translator’

In this training, you would be asked to translate basic stuff that includes words and sentences and sound clips. You would be awarded points for every translation you provide correctly too.

If you are wrong on some translation, it would prompt you to try translating again. If you are really close to getting it right, it would tell you as well.

For starters, I recommend going through with this so that you would be familiar with how Flitto works. After you are done with the practice, you can begin doing translation for real users!



Flitto Newsfeed

Translating for users!

You are now ready to translate for users!

You can do this by going to the news feed and scrolling through. There would be many users that are posting translation requests and you can offer to translate for them.

Click on the button that is circled red to translate the chosen message. Basically, the person who is paying you the points is another user and he/she will pick the best translation out of all the users that submitted a message.

If your message gets selected, you earn points! So if you want to earn more points, you should try to translate for as many users as possible. This is definitely something you can do while on the go and love translating for people.


Cashing out

Head over by clicking the store tab on their the website or the browser. There are various options to cash your points out and there seem to be country-based rewards too as I was offered rewards that are only based in Singapore.

Flitto Rewards

Of course, there are the traditional options such as Paypal available too. Most of the vouchers seem to be e-vouchers so they would get sent to your E-mail after redeeming. For the physical rewards, they would take awhile to be sent to your address, and you would need to pay extra for shipping as well.

The exchange rate seem to be 2000 points to $1.

Personal Tips

  • You may want to translate a lot of messages at once if you want to earn a decent chunk of points. Remember you only get points if the user picks your translation!
  • Go through the practice training to start earning some points easily, and familiarize yourself with the platform!


Flitto has no referral program at the moment. I will update this section accordingly if that changes!

Is this legit?

This is definitely one of the questions of the top of my head when I was using this app. With that in mind, I did researched a little bit about the company and I found this on this Facebook page:

Flitto AwardsOf course, for something that is winning a lot of awards, it should be definitely legit. I decided to find out if their claims of these awards are true at all. Apparently, they are quite true! One article I found was Flitto at Seedstar worlds and winning the competition in 2014.

Final Thoughts

What I love about Flitto

  • Unique way to earn extra money by translating languages for other people
  • There is a big community of 3.4m people, means more chances to earn more by translating.

What I did not like Flitto

  • The earnings are really little, as 2000 points equates to $1. Most translation posts give about 100-200 points at most if selected.

Flitto is definitely a legit place to earn some extra cash if you are a language guru and love translating languages. It is definitely something you can do in your free time or on the go for some extra side income at most.

I believe quite a lot of users that use this actually check their the social media of favorite celebrities from foreign countries, as there are translations provided in the app as well for all the tweets and messages. It is also really a social media app, so take a look around if you are not translating too!

As always, check out my full list of apps and websites here! I have provided many other ways you can earn online from legitimate sources as well.

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What do you think about Flitto’s crowdsourcing translation service? Let me know in the comments below!


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