Facebook Millionaire – A big Work-at-home Facade!

FB Millionaire logoName: Facebook Millionaire

Also Known as: Facebook Fortune, Internet Millionaire, Precision Web Tools, Group Deal Tools, SecuringHomeIncome


https://www0.internetfortune.co/offer/pwtsbs6.2.b.rb/ (DOWN)

https://www4.groupdealsuccess.com/offer/gdtsbs5/ (DOWN)

https://secure.securinghomeincome.com/?publisher=CD1022&sub_id=-1 (DOWN)

Price: $4 for 7 days, $88/month

Owners: Unknown

Rating: 5/100 (SCAM)

EDIT on 23/9/14: The initial 2 websites I have reviewed are now down. Users are now redirected to a new site called securinghomeincome, which is TOTALLY the same thing as everything I have mentioned in the review below.

EDIT: 21/9/15: All the websites appear to be on another domain. Let me know in the comments below if you encountered the website with the latest URL! (With credits to you too!)

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Work from home with Facebook!

Recently while surfing Facebook, I happen to always come across advertisements promoting a program called Facebook Millionaire. There are various advertisements such as promoting ‘useful articles’ to make money, and having job openings and are hiring people for a work at home scheme.

Facebook Millionaire facebook advertisement The Facebook Millionaire system claims to have made people money through their ‘easy to use home kit‘ and a lot of people have succeeded with it. To see if it was true, I decided to find out more about the program to see if it was legit.

The Advertisement website

One of the advertisement brought me to this website (Edit: It was also taken down), which has a news article about how Facebook is offering work at home positions to make money from home.

Advertisement websiteThe moment I opened the website, I was looking at a website that seem to look like it originated from Facebook. From the layout and everything, it does look convincing and looked like a legit opportunity.

What I noticed is that it is localized for my country as well. However, that mean there should be another website with the exact same layout but different domain name targeting other country users out there.

Reading through the website, they seem to have mention that Facebook have released a work at home program, and you have to buy a work at home kit to start using it. After using it for one week, you can make your first $1,000.

However, is it really legit?

After going through the whole website, all i could think was: ‘Nope, this is full of BS.” There are so many warnings on this website that I immediately know it was a scam.

Even though it was a very well designed and convincing website, this advertisement website provide mostly false and misleading information.

Here are some warning signs to watch out on the website:

1. The links on the website.

Advertisement website 2One thing I noticed about the website is that all the links they provide eventually all lead to their sign-up page, which require you to pay the small fee of getting their work at home kit. It does seem sketchy as there are no other places they can link to back up their validity of the program.

2. The video on their website

FB Millionaire VideoThere seem to be a video talking about Work at home programs by ABC, however the video (EDIT: Also removed from youtube for suspected scam, deception) does seem questionable. Is it really a video that originated from ABC?

Also, looking at the comments on the video itself tells a lot.

“This is a scam. I’m one of the victims”

“this scam borrowing footage from the abc news.”

“I am going to report your video and make sure it is taken down from this site”

I don’t believe I have to say more, but these are real users actually speaking up against the video. Not to mention the massive down likes on the video itself says a lot too.

3. The comments on the website

Facebook commentsAt the bottom of the website, there seem to be real users that have used the system and are talking positive things about it. However, when I wanted to add a comment or like a comment, it does not work at all as it is not clickable.

The only thing that I could click on were the user profiles, which directed to the actual profile of the user. It does seem like the profiles were taken random and used by the company without their consent.

The timing for ‘last posted’ is static and does not change as well. Refreshing the page after 5 minutes, it still shows the users posted the same amount of minutes ago.

EDIT on 19/11/14: A user, Raj, has shown me the Indian website of the comments section and it looks exactly the same!

FB Millionaire Indian CommentsCompare this picture to the screenshot above, the texts are almost the same. Same number of likes, same ‘minutes ago’, same reply with screenshot posted. What Sara Malik mentioned does not even tally with the screen shot at all too.

Main website

Clicking on any of the link on the advertisement website brings me to a website that asks you to key in your Name and E-mail to see if you qualify for the program.

After keying in a random name and e-mail, I was led to the next page that showed I qualify for the program.

FB Millionaire Main WebsiteThe initial kit costs about S$5 (US$4) to sign up, and there are only 500 spots they are releasing, and you would need to sign up within the next 5 minutes to secure your spot.

They make the program sound exclusive, and even give you a time limit to secure your ‘spot’ which does not give you much time to think. Many people actually fall for this simple trick which are used by these companies, as they are given the illusion of missing out of a great opportunity once the time is up.

The Company behind it

Going through their Privacy Policy, Terms and condition and Contact information, apparently the group behind it is a company called Precision Web Tools. Their support for the program is one pathetic e-mail, which shows they are the one behind this scam too.

Contact detailsSearching up the company brings up a lot of information. For starters, their main website looks rather sketchy as well. It seems you can’t do anything with the website as you can’t register on it as well, and their contact detail is exactly the same as Facebook Millionaire’s one.

Precision Web Tool main website

It is exactly the same E-mail as published in Facebook Millionaire page. Isn’t it really funny for a company to use the same E-mail for seemingly two different products?

Besides, as you can see, there are only 2 tabs on the website and you can’t exactly do anything on the website at all. I am assuming that if you signed up for Facebook Millionaire, you can access your log in here too.

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Costs of Facebook Millionaire

One thing I realized is that the introductory price is actually S$5 (US$4) only. It seems like a very small amount for an investment, but reading the fine print on the sign up page reveals more information.

Cost of FB MillionaireApparently the initial payment is just for a 7 days only, which is not stated anywhere but the clause here. After which, you will be billed at S$110 (US$88) per month to keep your subscription. That is a very hefty cost to pay for not knowing what you will even get!

This is really one of the sketchy ones, which does not inform you about the price at all unless you read the clause closely.

Remember that if you need to pay for a product initially when signing up, it is usually a scam.

What Others are saying

1. Scambook

Searching up the company itself, it seems like it is a scam company. Based on Scambook, there seem to be a lot of users that reported on Facebook Millionaire being a scam.

ScambookSource: Scambook

These reports are rather recent, being 1-2 weeks from writing of this post. This shows that the scam is working and is still going strong.

What I noticed is that most people did not realize the additional payment like I mentioned earlier in the clause. These 3 comments above are just example of people that did not read the product properly at all, but I don’t blame them as it wasn’t made obvious at all.

Other users reported having difficulty cancelling their subscription, and some were even continued to billed after closing their account.

2. Complaint Board

 Precision Web Tools Complaint BoardSource: Complaint Board

This user confirms most of what I have mentioned above: Not knowing what the product was and being charged extra money after the initial payments. There even seem to be up selling involved too, asking the user to purchase another product after buying the initial product.

3. Best Hosts Ratings

Best Host RatingsSource: Best Host Ratings

One other website I noticed is from Best Host Ratings, with this user mentioning how the company changed names and was previously called prcwebtools. Like the other reports above, the user was charged additional after the initial payments and are unable to get back their money.

The Company operate under different names!

I mentioned above that the advertisement and website was targeted to people from my country.

Changing the URL link a little, I managed to the same advertisement but targeting users of a different country. However, I was directed to a different website, with a company that operated under a different name.

Group Deal ToolsIt is essentially the same product, but re-branded under a different name. I noticed that the product have been called a lot of different names such as Facebook Millionaire, Facebook Fortune, Group Deal Tools, Internet Millionaire, Precision Web Tools.

However, they are all the same product with the same company behind it as well. Even the contact page looks exactly similar to Facebook Millionaire’s one, with the e-mail of GroupDealTools listed instead.

My Final Thoughts

When I was going through this whole review, I am really saddened by the amount of users getting scammed as it really looked like a legitimate product. The company that is behind this product did a very good job in convincing the users to sign up for such a bogus scam.

To conclude this, are all work at home jobs a scam? I am afraid that 99% of the programs out there are, promising users quick money with minimal work, just like Facebook Millionaire offered. These are usually false dreams that end up biting users that are unaware of it.

Just remember that to make money, you will need to put in hard work into it. There is no easy money out there, despite many people telling you that and asking you to buy their products that make money easily.

Facebook Millionaire is one product you definitely want to stay away from. Everything about the website seems questionable and smells like a big scam right from the beginning.

Final Verdict of Facebook Millionaire

Name: Facebook Millionaire, Facebook Fortune, Group Deal Tools, Internet Millionaire, Precision Web Tools.

Website: https://www0.internetfortune.co/offer/pwtsbs6.2.b.rb/ (DOWN)

Price: $4 for 7 days trial, $88/month after

Owners: Unknown


What’s Next?

Like most of you out there, I had been searching for a long time for a legitimate opportunity to make money online. Going through so many scams like Facebook Millionaire, I found one that actually could make me money.

Wealthy Affiliate LogoThis program is also my #1 rated program on this website, called Wealthy Affiliate. It is a place where you are taught how to make money online through the training provided, with support and tools given to you along the way as well.

Unlike most programs out there, it is free to sign up and does not require any credit card number when signing up. Just key in your Name, E-mail and password and you are good to go!

Stop searching for other money making opportunity and start your progress with Wealthy Affiliate.

Have you seen the advertisements for this scam before? Or did you sign up before? Let me know in the comments below!


    • Terence says

      Hi Tom,
      That is the aim of my site, hopefully people can avoid scams like these. It is really scams like these that make people think the legitimate opportunities are scams too.

        • Terence says

          Hi Ayesha,
          You can read my review here to see why I think it is a great program to earn money online with. You can check out other reviews online as well and most of them have the same opinion as me, as it is one of the best places to learn how to start your own online business.

      • Khurram says

        Thank you very very much. I was just on the last step of submitting my credit card detail as countdown of 5 min was begin but on the last moment i thought to just examine on google & your post found and i have seen everything as mantioned here on that facebook fortune website.Once agsin thank you for save me from this trouble.

        • Terence says

          Hi Khurram,
          It’s my pleasure! Good job on your part for taking the time to actually Google the product you are going to buy as well. Do share this article with your friends so they won’t fall for this nasty scam too!

  1. Josh says

    If a business sold a bunch of products to its customers but the boxes were all empty, they would be facing some major legal problems. However, there are many work at home companies that have been scamming people for decades and have been allowed to do so. Thank you for sharing this information about this shady company.

    • Terence says

      Hi Josh,
      I am pretty sure that these work at home companies change names all the time, but operate the same model to trick new users everyday while avoiding the authorities or so. Glad to be exposing another scam website too 🙂

  2. Brittany says

    Thanks for sharing the information and helping people to not fall into these scam traps. Glad I did the research before joining any of these sites.

    • Terence says

      Hi Brittany,
      Glad to be of help! I am here to try weed out the scammmers from the internet so users can be more aware 🙂

    • Terence says

      Hi Nieve,
      Thanks for the compliment! This scam is not very obviously as it is very well designed, unless you are like me and scrutinize every bit of detail of this like I did.

    • Terence says

      Hi Marty,
      Glad to be of help! You might want to check out the rest of my website for legitimate ways to make money online, including my #1 product Wealthy Affiliate too. Let me know if you need anymore help 🙂

  3. Susan says

    Thank you for the information. I am a victim of this scam. Thank God I saw this your info on time. How do I stop them from from getting more money from me?

    • Terence says

      Hi Susan,
      I would recommend that you try to cancel the subscription with the company ASAP. From what I’ve seen, many people tried that but the company continued to bill those people as well. So if that doesn’t work out, trying calling your credit card company to cancel the subscription.

    • Terence says

      Hi Kush,
      Im guessing many people have not bothered taking legal action as it would cost way more then what they invested initially and would just rather ignore it altogether. From what I’ve seen, the company operate under these fake names so it isn’t easy to actually track down and take legal action against them too.

  4. Lea says

    Hi Terrence, Thanks for this information! It is really a good eye opener for all who wishes to work legally at home. I almost got myself signed up for Facebook Millionaire. I am looking for job that I can do work from home. I tried signing up to odesk, outsource(which asks me to give $3), and other online jobs. I hope these scams will stop and just help one another for the betterment of everyone. If there will be any good and not scam site I can apply let me know. that will be of great help for me now. Thanks! Cheers to you.

    • Terence says

      Hi Lea,
      Thanks for your comment! Glad you found my article informative, as that is my intention revealing these scams. If you are looking for online jobs, some legit places would be such as mturk or microworkers.

      If you love sharing your passion and learning how to make money from it, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate as a great starting point as it is free to sign up. Just key in your name, e-mail and password and you would be given instant access. If you do sign up, drop me a message on my profile and I can help you from there!

    • says

      I want to work on facebook fortunes. plzz tell me that for work Is this important to have a credit card?? i am very confused plzz help. and tell me all method to work.

  5. Bakthiar says

    Hi Terance..
    Thks for the info but its too late tat i juz sign up last nite n its tru aft singing up the web suddenly shows error.Damn idiot these scammers! Really desperate to earn extra income but got scammed again…Looking forward wit ur recommendations n need assist from u if these things works

    • Terence says

      Hi Bakthiar,
      I have been in your shoes once, trying to find ways to make money online but most of it are just scams. There are definitely legit places to earn money online for sure. You might want to see here to avoid scams in the future. Only pay for something if you know what you are getting!

      Your first step is to cancel your subscription with them, best way is probably by calling up your credit card company to cancel the recurring subscription. Next step, you can check out my #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate like I have mentioned in the review as it is also the place where I got started with making money online legitly. You can sign up for a free membership that doesn’t even require you to key in a credit card number. If you do sign up for it, drop me a message on my profile and I can help you from there. Looking forward to work with you!

  6. Moses says

    I want to sincerely appreciate you for your revelations about this undoubted scam. I almost fall a victim only that my God saved me that my card details were not with me as at the moment I signed up their sign up form. Mean while is face book management not aware of this? I will also like the innocent web surfers and home business opportunity seekers to have a website were they can visit first to verify any advert on the net before joining. Let this be made more public.



    • Terence says

      Hi Moses,
      Definitely thank God that you did not have your card details with you, so you saved yourself from a sticky situation. I did cover in my guide here to avoid most common scams online. Remember to Google for such things and see what other users say before you rush to sign up for something.

      And for Facebook, i am pretty sure they are removing the posts, but people are just advertising on new accounts. I have seen those ads for awhile, then not see them for quite long before they pop up again.

  7. Ramalingam says

    Please help, i opened homeincomeflow account, they dedited 10000 indian rupees, i dont know what am purchased, so please cancel my order and credit my money. This is for your kind consideration.

    my mail id : ramsvn@gmail.com

    • Terence says

      Hi Ramalingam,
      I am not affiliated with the company so I cannot help you with that. My advise is that you should email them to cancel, or contact your credit card company to cancel the billing altogether.

  8. Mukhair says

    Hey Terrance..
    Thank u so much for providing the information and saving me from a rediculous scam. Such kinds of scams have become a regular advertisements on the internet.People should try awareing web users of such scams.
    Thank u so much once again…
    God bless u!!

    • Terence says

      Hi Mukhair,
      No problem, just trying to show people what is legit and what doesn’t work. Personally I’ve encountered so many scams myself as well, and I am really tired of all these. Do share this article with your friends so that they would avoid this!

  9. Blossom says

    Hello Terence,thank you for this information.I almost gave out my credit card info to these people but on a second thought,I decided to get info about them on google.Everything you outlined here is quite true.Thank you again

    • Terence says

      Hi Blossom,
      Glad that you decided to check online for such a thing as it is really essential, and I believe you should google any product before deciding to even spend time or money on it.

    • Terence says

      Hi Ahmed,
      You are welcome, glad that you found the information to be useful! Remember to share with your friends to spread the awareness!

  10. Boaz says

    Hi, Terence
    am from Tanzania, before seeing your article, i registered to facebook fortune bt they replay that my banking card is declined, so it means they will not take money from my account. i didnot know if it was a scam or what shuold i do. am afraid of my money to be taken. i registered today.

    • Terence says

      Hi Boaz,
      You may want to call and check with your bank to see if the transaction went through. If it did, you could definitely request to have the charge cancelled. But from what you have said, it may not have gone through which is a miracle if that was so.

  11. Shaukeen Ahmed says

    Uffff. . . Thank God! !
    I’m an Indian, I Registered Just Now and was about to pay them, first I tried with my Debit Card but I got a message saying Card Is Invalid but then tried out with my Credit Card where I got the same Invalid Message. The best part here was that My Debit Card don’t have any money because I clear it whenever I get n another best part was that my Credit Card is Blocked! !
    Thanks alot Boss. . Yu just saved me from getting Beaten up vd my dad because I was about to pay from my Dads Credit Card! !

    • Terence says

      Hi Shaukeen,
      You must be really lucky to have your cards blocked! However, you may want to double check with your bank to be sure the transactions didn’t go through. Good that you did your research too 🙂

    • Terence says

      hi Adams,
      Great that you signed up for WA, but what help do you need? Wealthy Affiliate is pretty much a website where you can learn how to set up your own website and making money through your passion. Also, it would be great it you let me know your username so I can help you in there if you need any help!

  12. Nanda says

    Dear All,

    If cancellation of Subscription not able to do in both the ways, ask your card issuer to issue fresh card post hotlisted the old one.

    • Terence says

      Hi Nanda,
      You make a good point. If you are unable to cancel the subscription, a great way is to cancel your old card and make a new one. However, I believe most banks should be able to stop the transactions so you don’t need to go through all those trouble.

  13. says

    I just bitten by biggest scam company which come from different name right now scamming people to say credit card information required for age verification.
    Facebook fortune or homeincomeflow.com and click4surveys these are group of son of b***hes which will go in hell to scam innocent people and few websites also write fake reviews please guy i have lost approx 500 dollars from these mother f**kers.

    • Terence says

      Hi Zeeshan,
      I am sorry to hear that you lost money to these group of people. They are really smart to use such tactics to scam innocent and unsuspecting users of their money, as evident by Facebook Millionaire/Facebook Fortune.

    • Terence says

      Hi Arslan,
      Why not take a look at how to get started right here? You can also check out my number 1 highly recommended product for anyone who want to learn how to make a decent income online, Wealthy Affiliate, which is free to sign up as well! Let me know if you need anymore help 🙂

  14. jesusita says

    Hi! it’s too late reading your information. I already entered my credit card number to that facebook millionaire scam as i am so desperate to work at home online. I pity myself being so ignorant about what scam is. My problem is, how can i advise my bank to stop charging me the monthly payment to that scam? Anyways, thank you so much for the revealed strategy of that website.

    • Terence says

      Hi Jesusita,
      I would recommend that you to call your bank up and explain the situation and to get them to cancel the monthly payment. You should be able to cancel any payments you made as well if you explain your situation to the bank too. If all else fails, you could definitely cancel the card to avoid the monthly payments.

  15. elsa says

    hi…this is really a big help for me because i am planning to joined them but thanks a lot before i did it..i already read this…i will share it to my friends so they will aware this kind of scam….

    • Terence says

      Hi Elsa,
      Glad to have helped you out! This scam has been really popular recently so sharing with your friends to spread the word is a great idea. Why not check out Wealthy Affiliate for a legitimate opportunity that is free to sign up?

  16. says

    Thank you Terence! I’m about to fill up the credit card part but luckily I made some research first. You saved me and I owe you big time! 😀

    Have a good life ahead!

    • Terence says

      Hi Ms Salmah,
      You are wise to do the research before jumping into anything. Glad to be of help to you and do share with your friends to spread the awareness!

  17. Ifeanyi says

    I have to say well done for this extensive review. I happened to stumble on the site myself but decided first to get a review about the product, and here I am reading comments from victims–i sympathize. Piece of advice to anyone out there: please do a proper google search before you opt for any kind of service. normally what I do is to type, as an example ‘review: wealthy affiliate’ in google and read everything that I possibly can first before taking any affirmative action.

    • Terence says

      Hi Ifeanyi,
      You are definitely right about doing a proper google search on anything you want to sign up on, which I covered in my how to avoid scams guide right here. Doing a search on google is one of the key aspects to see what other people say. Do read my guide on wealthy affiliate first, and like you mentioned do a google search to see what other people have to say about it too. Just remember not to rush and key in your credit-card details so fast which many products tricks you into doing and evaluate the situation first.

  18. Papidaz says

    Hi Terence,
    Thanks for exposing these bogus scam going on.I stumbled on this link while surfing today and i doubted it right away as phishing.
    How to easily spot phishing is to check out the url page.I noticed it didn’t tally with Facebook url page and i took the second step by checking on google to confirm the authenticity but no results to confirm it’s legit.
    These scam artist ‘re so perfect that they even posted an audio on You Tube on how to use this bogus work at home tagged ”Facebook Fortune”.
    Am from West Africa which means this scam has spread to everywhere in the world..
    I would have easily fall for this scam assuming am a naive person on the internet.My curiosity to confirm the authenticity led me to your page via google search.Thanks for the hint Terence and i hope Facebook can put the awareness on their welcoming page so as to stop many people of falling a victim.

    • Terence says

      Hi Papidaz,
      You are definitely detailed to find out that it does not tally to the Facebook page, and also confirming its authenticity. With proper research like what you did, you can definitely avoid most scams online as well. However, this scam is really well made with a convincing website as shown, including a video footage to further trick people into buying their product. You are definitely right that the scam has spread all across the world, and they are smart to localize the content to match the country the user is in too.

      I’m not sure if Facebook is taking action against the company for using their name, but I know they have been taking down the ads that are sponsored on Facebook for sure. By now, many people have actually caught on and I have seen comments with users all calling it a scam too. Hopefully, there would be more awareness and lesser people will get scammed by this product.

  19. Navjot Singh says

    That’s great information. Thanks @Terence to post your knowledge here. I just signed up yesterday night, but i put my debit card detail by mistake and thatswhy m safe from any deducting :P,, Also a question to you that Any best option to earn at home ?? Please advice….. Thanks again

    • Terence says

      Hi Sumesh,
      If you are looking for legitimate work, you could try sites such as microworkers or clickworker. Alternatively, you can also try out my number 1 recommended product, Wealthy Affiliate, which I reviewed on my website as well. All these products are free to sign up and do not require you to input any credit card number.

    • Terence says

      Hi Sam,
      It is my pleasure! Do share the article to spread awareness of the scam. If you are still looking for a legitimate opportunity online, you can join me at Wealthy Affiliate and learning how to turn your passion into profits!

  20. Mhaey says

    OMG. I signed up but didn’t put in my card details yet as I saw this review. Hopefully it won’t use my info for malicious or scam sites!

    • Terence says

      Hi Mhaey,
      You may want to keep a look at your credit card transactions over the next few weeks to see if there are any suspicious activity, and inform your bank if you see any.

    • Terence says

      Hi Joshua,
      From what I have seen, victims of Facebook Millionaire usually could not get back any compensation from the company themselves. You may want to try approach your credit card company to see if they can do anything about it and cancelling the recurring payment.

  21. Prashanth says

    Hello, Yes this is fake, I am from india and I came across this ad and was curious to sign it. I checked the snapshots of the promo they were using….my husband and me are trying to take up…did anyone try….bla bla bla. I checked the webpage which had the same promotion.,…all the content was same except for the pictures,. they put some indian TV actress photos in that place. but same content and same screen shots.
    Pretty unfortunate, these people only want money and they totally ignore of our hard efforts to save each and every single penny.
    but anyway thank you so much for saving from signing up this shitty scam.

    • Terence says

      Hi Prashanth,
      You are right that these people really just want your money and would do anything to scam it out of honest people such as yourself. However, these people are really smart as they localize the information to the relevant country. No matter what kind of content is shown, people need to be aware of a few things to avoid most of the scams out there. Glad to have helped you and many others avoid this nasty scam too, as is the purpose of my website 🙂

    • Terence says

      Hi Naresh,
      You would have to contact your bank to find out if they can reverse and cancel the payments. Hopefully, you are able to get your money back!

  22. Maricel says

    I would like to ask. I already type in my name in their registration form. But did not put my credit card number and cancel my application. Is their any possibility that they can hack my card. Actually, I am not using credit card only debit card. I need your help.

    Thank you

    • Terence says

      Hi Maricel,
      If you have not submitted any details, then they would not even have gotten your name at all. Same goes for your credit card number too. From what I can tell, you should be safe.

  23. Safvan says

    Hiiii Terence….. Thank YOU so MUCH fo your rewiew as it came to be the most awaring for me …. as it saved me from the Dead END when i was about to sign up and finally decided to google about it and Founded your review Which Awakened Me………. And alll your information is ri8 And as per the images above of the comments . i found anotheR one that as i m from india i loc that page from here and for my shock the user in your photo were replaced to indian users But though to their foolishness… the comment was same as in you image….so IT POOVES IT IS A WELL DESIGNED BUT NOT EXACTLY LEGIT .. AND…..Once again THANXXX!!!!!!!

    • Terence says

      Hi Safvan,
      Glad to have helped you out with my review! This scam really just reuses its images and text but localizes it to countries so it is more believable. Once you can see through their well designed website, you will realize there is a lot of loopholes that make it suspicious.

    • Terence says

      Hi Varun,
      Exactly that! They reuse the same template but make several changes so as to localize to the user’s country. It is a very smart move to make it more believable, that is why many people have been falling for this.

  24. Harsha says

    Hello Terence,
    I appreciate you for your great work in getting public know about these scams. I am much aware that these type of things are 99.99% scam . But the moment when I had noticed this idiot scam , I was made completely out to think in dreams of future. But immediately after getting into the registration page, I got my mind clear . I searched about this in google and I had got your post about this. Now I got a clear picture of this scam . I hope you will reveal much more scams in future and help the public.

    • Terence says

      Hi Harsha,
      You should thank yourself for spending that few extra minutes searching for information to see if it was a scam, and indeed this one was, so great job too! I can understand where you are coming from, thinking about the future and hoping you could make money online for a better future because this was once what I thought myself. However, I found myself the thing that is actually legit and makes me money online now and something that I am thankful that I have found. It is called Wealthy Affiliate, a learning website that trains people how to use their passion and make money from it. If you are still interested, why not join me over here and I can help you get started? It is free to sign up too! 😀

      • Harsha says

        Hi Terence,
        I have tried to join Wealthy affiliate through the link provided by you but I am getting a dialogue ( Free Starter accounts are not available in your country, but we would love to have you as a Premium Member! ). I was asked to pay $47 monthly . I don’t want to have premium account immediately . But I want to have a FREE ACCOUNT at start. So please help me.

        • Terence says

          Hi Harsha,
          Sorry to hear that, but I spoke with the owners and they told me that some countries do not have starter memberships available. However, if you are really interested in signing up with WA, I would personally give you a discount if you choose to sign up for 1 month at least for premium. Do let me know!

  25. Ethelyn Iina says

    Thanks for this information. I saw one Facebook millionaire something adds, and I wanted to join, but I’m about to start my class and thought to do it after. Anyway, I couldn’t find it anymore and decided to Google and saw yours instead. I did these years ago but couldn’t follow how to go about it and ended up paying monthly dues for hosting. I tried to cancel it by sending them letters, but they never answered. They kept charging it in my account for two years until my card (ATM/credit card) expired. So I decided the new ATM minus the credit card. I don’t think it’s a scum…I mean the host provider. It’s a legit one (host gator) but it just that I don’t know how to start with it. Everything is so confusing for me and still is now. I would like to try your recommended one, wealthy affiliate since you said it’s free. Can you help me to learn about Internet business and honestly earn from it? Thanks.

    • Terence says

      Hi Ethelyn,
      I would definitely recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate and take a look around first, you do not need to insert any credit card number and just need to input your username, email and password and you are good to go! WA is actually very suitable for you because the training provided is really high quality that even a newbie could come in and know what to do next as it is very step-by step basis. The support is great as well, as you can easily get support from the community and even the owners of Wealthy Affiliate. I remember asking a question and getting answers within a few minutes, which is really awesome. Another bonus is that I could help you get started in this if you sign up today as well 🙂

      Definitely do take the chance to sign up and take a look (I totally recommend it!) around Wealthy Affiliate. I would definitely help you learn about internet and affiliate marketing if you choose do sign up on Wealthy Affiliate. And yes, it really does work because I am actually earning from it already, and I only started 6 months ago!

  26. Edulyn says

    Even though $4 is mall amount , to fall cheap to scammers is ignorant . Thanks Terence for the awareness.

    Please send legit work at home sites to my email. Weldon job.

  27. Poornima says

    Hey, I just signed looking at the small amount of 1$ and look what has happened Rs.10000 from my bank a/c is gone, pls help can I get it back?

    • Terence says

      Hi Poornima,
      The $1 is a bait that makes people sign up, as they charge expensive monthly fees after. You may want to contact your bank to see if the transaction can be reversed, and stop all future transactions after.

  28. Khurram says

    Hi Terence, do you have any idea regarding any legal & authentic ”work from home” programme on net in India. bcz i wanna do something like that.

  29. raj says

    The underneath two links displays same comments with diff. users profiles. just have a look and you will get the diff.. They are a REAL SCAM.

    http ://news.fbeasylife.com/?voluumdata=vid

  30. says

    Nice Man! I don’t know what the hell should be done with people like this who love to play with the emotions of unemployed or struggling youth who want to earn bit more with their extra effort. And I just appreciate you like people who try to bring these scams to limelight after saving thousands from becoming the victim. Nice work. Bravo!!

    • Terence says

      Hi Durga,
      Thanks a lot! Just trying to do my part to help people avoid scams as I was once in their shoes and I know how frustrating it could be to be finding that next online opportunity only to find out it was a big scam that took hundred of dollars from me. Thus, that is the reason why I started my website too to showcase legitimate opportunities too as there are such things out there too.

  31. Salman says

    Thank you very much, you saved me from getting scammed in the last moment when entering credit card details. I just Google and found your awesome eye opener article.

    • Terence says

      Hi Salman,
      You’re very welcome! Google really is one of the best tools to use when researching if an online program is a scam or not. If you are still looking for a legit program, why not join me in Wealthy Affiliate and I could guide you how to make money from your very own website?

  32. RUDOLF says

    Her is a site that pop´d up when I was browsing the internet
    http: //globalinsidernews.com/facebook/news/work-from-home.php?cid=15037040801416598817&subid2=adcash&subid3=fb_fortune2

    just be car full there people 😉

    • Terence says

      Hey Rudolf,
      Thanks for bringing this to attention! Definitely so many of these clone sites out there, so be wary of all of them!

  33. Fathy says

    Thanks , Tolerance alot for your great advice, You already have saved my money, i was about to do that tommorrow and sign up for that damned website tommorrow

    • Terence says

      Hi Rizza,
      Glad to have helped you! Facebook Millionaire is really such a cleverly disguised scam, but broken down it is really easy to see through that it is one.

  34. mik says

    Sorry, aku cerita dalam bahasa Indonesia yah. Aku adalah salah satu korban dari Facebook Fortunes yang sampai juga ke Indonesia. Biaya yang awalnya tertulis free ternyata dibebankan ke kartu kredit senilai US$ 157 yang jika dihitung dengan kurs rupiah senilai kurang lebih Rp. 1.884.000. Nilai yang cukup besar untuk memenuhi kebutuhan hidup sehari-hari. Aku telat untuk mengetahui kalau Facebook Fortunes adalah tidak benar. Thanks untuk infonya dan semoga tidak ada lagi yang tertipu.

    TRANSLATE edit: Sorry , I had a story in Indonesian as well. I was one of the victims of Facebook Fortunes are up also to Indonesia The costs originally written free turns charged to the credit card worth US $ 157 which if calculated with the exchange rate valued at approximately USD . 1.884. Value large enough to meet the needs of everyday life . I am late to know if Facebook Fortunes is not true . Thanks for the info and hopefully no one else is fooled .

    • Terence says

      Hi Mik,
      Aku menyesal bahwa Anda adalah korban dari penipuan Facebook Millionaire, ternyata itu benar-benar memukul seluruh dunia sekarang. Terima kasih untuk berbagi cerita Anda dan berharap Anda bisa mendapatkan uang Anda kembali. Mendapatkan scammed adalah keras, tapi setidaknya Anda belajar pelajaran meneliti produk online sebelum memilih untuk berinvestasi.

      I am sorry that you are a victim of the Facebook Millionaire scam, apparently it is really hitting world-wide now. Thank you for sharing your story and hope you are able to get your money back. Getting scammed is harsh, but at least you learn lesson of researching any product online before choosing to invest.

  35. avic says

    Thank you very much. I was about to type my credit card detail as countdown of 5 min was ticking, but on the last moment thought to check on google if it was a scam.
    Bam!! I found your post found and a host of others. Everything you have mentioned here on facebook fortune website should be spread wide to avoid others falling prey.Once again thank man.

    • Terence says

      Hi Avic,
      That’s the hook that got so many people to sign up. They are given the illusion of passing up on a great opportunity if they do not act within the time frame, which is exactly what the FB Millionaire wants to do. Great that you managed to avoid such a nasty scam!

  36. shen says

    Hi Terence,

    Thanks for the info actually I already sign-up for the facebook fortune but they asked me for the credit card details as their final step, I already doubted it and decided to stop. Then I search for any reviews of the site if it is really legit or not and I found your post, I was really glad that I didn’t completed the registration. I will try your recommended program and hopefully it will give me an opportunity to earn extra money.

    • Terence says

      Hi Shen,
      Great that you did your own research as well by searching it on the web! Stuff like Facebook Millionaire is a very cleverly disguised scam, but with proper research you could easily see that it is one.

      When you do sign up for your free account at Wealthy Affiliate, I will drop by and say hi and try my best to help you get started!

  37. Asad says

    thanks a lot!
    i was just going to be scamed as well by facebook fortune but i had a second thought to search on internet about it and i found your link luckily 🙂

    • Terence says

      Hi Asad,
      Great that you did your own research! It is really the smart thing to do considering there are way too many scams on the internet now. Do share this article with your friends too!

  38. ann says

    thank you for this information, i’m about to sign up Facebook millionaire, but decided to get some info about it. Thank you.

    • Terence says

      Hi Ann,
      It’s no problem! My site is here to expose nasty scams like that, and trying to make the internet a safer place 🙂

    • Terence says

      Hi Yeesa,
      Sorry to hear that. Maybe you can try contact your bank and see if you can reverse the transaction. All the best to you!

  39. says

    i check the profile who has comment that they are get the money from facebook fortune but noneone of them has same pictures….its tricky..phissing.

    • Terence says

      Hi Bagus,
      That is exactly what I am trying to get across in my article. The whole thing about Facebook Millionaire is misleading and giving users false hope. Hopefully with my article, the word can get out and we can stop this scam together!

  40. hidayah says

    hi,i think i had been cheated. look i had registered on that page and then i entered my visa card number as required, they also asked for CVV2 code , and luckily i thin i entered the wrong cvv2 code . but my card number is the right one, what should i do know, are they going to deduct my money in my account ? im so afraid as i am student and yet still looking for work, i guess it just too late fo me 🙁 i had registered and right after that i found your post 🙁 wht shoul i do now ?

    • Terence says

      Hi Hidayah,
      If you have not entered all your correct details in one go, you should not have been billed yet. I recommend that you take note on your account balance over the next few days and weeks to see if anything is amiss. If you find money have been taken from you, definitely do notify your bank of the fraudulent transactions.

    • Terence says

      Hi Sonette,
      I recommend you calling your bank to try cancelling the payment if it is possible and letting them know of your situation. As far as I know, other users tried contacting facebook millionaire but was unsuccessful in cancelling their account. Let me know how it goes.

  41. Heidi says

    aah no!!! I got scammed too! through facebook millionaires. This is bad, trying to make extra xash, cost me extra cash I don’t have and the trouble to close the bank account so that they can”t access the account.

    • Terence says

      Hi Heidi,
      Sorry to hear that! I don’t think you will need to close your bank account but you would definitely need to call up your bank to cancel the transactions if possible. If you are still looking for a way to make money, feel free to look around my website or my number 1 recommendation! Let me know how it goes for you.

  42. Anne says

    Thanks for posting this but I saw this too late! I signed up on 27 Feb and was not able to do anything on the website. The following month I noticed the extra payment (USD89.90). I immediately contacted my credit card company. Filled in a form and got the bank to issue me a new card with a different number. Two days ago (18 May) the bank replied that the vendor showed my IP address and cvv and that I haven’t cancelled the monthly access which customers can do if they “call and cancel their monthly plans”. I don’t see any phone number to call and I have given the links that reporting this scam (including this site). Hope the bank will accept that this is a scam.

    • Terence says

      Hi Anne,
      Hopefully you would be able to sort out your problems with the bank, including getting them to cut off the source to paying them. Do let me know how it turns out!

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