Earnparttimejobs.com – A complete waste of time

Name: Earn Part time jobs

Website: http://www.earnparttimejobs.comEarn part time jobs logo

Price: Free to sign up

Owners: Unknown

Rating: 5/100 (SCAM)

Data Entry online jobs?

I happened to browse through the internet and saw an ad for this site and decided to take a look at what they were offering. I was expecting some sort of paid sign up for some kind of job thing, something which I always recommend staying away from because they are mostly scams.

The site seem to be promoting online work at home jobs, such as a data entry and form filling to earn money for every form you fill up. If it was legit, it could be a decent opportunity to earn some money.

Earn Part Time Job Unique opportunity

Many people get drawn in to the amount of money you could make, while spending just a few hours a day and very simple to do. Look at the unique opportunity this site offer!

With that in mind, I decided to sign up for the website as it was free to sign up.

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What do they offer?

Looking at their FAQ, they are definitely offering data entry jobs and paying people for it. You can earn up to $2000+ per month and it is so easy to fill up the form! Most part time jobs online are simplified for people to make money easily.

earnparttimejobs FAQThey even have a rather convincing flow chart to demonstrate the whole process of the work flow. After all, they need to show that they are a legit part time work online company.

When I first signed up and logged into the page, I was trying to find where to start working online. I kept scrolling up and down trying to find the page, but I ended up looking something ‘important’ you need to do before you can start working on their website.

Referring members

Refer people


It reads that you will only be given access to the data entry jobs once you get paid through the referral program. What BS is this website trying to pull here?

Apparently you can earn money by referring other people who signed up under your link, and they ‘teach‘ you how to do it. Some examples include creating a blog, sharing on social networks or through friends e-mail.

To be honest, they are just giving you tips on how to share your referral link in different places and not teaching you anything at all.

Adverts to promote your referral link

Earn Part time jobs AdsThey also have a list of ads you can use to promote their website. It is really preposterous that they only mention that you would be doing data entry jobs before you signed up for the site. and right after you create your account, you are immediately told that you have to refer other people in order to get started working.

The main thing about this website is that you are required to refer people to the website to begin, with only those signing up under you giving you credit.

Except you are paid $0.10 PER REFERRAL. Every referral who cashes out $40 gives you $10. To break down the details:

  • You need $40 to cash out.
  • You are paid $0.10 per referral sign up.
  • You are paid $10 if your referral hits $40
  • Assuming your referral does not refer other people, you need to refer 400 people to sign up under you.

This is one of the worst paying referral systems I have ever heard in my life. I am not sure about you, but I definitely would not promote such a low paying system, especially on a product that I believe does not even exists at all. Even if it was legit, I rather work at McDonalds that pay significantly higher.

If you really can get 400 people to sign up under you under other programs such as my #1 program, you could probably make thousands per month promoting something that is more meaningful and worth your time.

I was trying to find their privacy policy and terms of condition too, but these documents were lacking. This really points that this website really is just one big scam.

Pros & Cons

The Pro’s

  • They show how the whole data processing operation works in a flow chart.
  • Free to sign up.

The Con’s

  • Bad layout, site is cluttered with a lot of ads.
  • Spelling and Grammatical errors all around the website.
  • No work to do unless you refer 400 people.
  • No Privacy Policy, they can sell your data for all that matters.
  • There is no product to do data entry with.

I am going to bet that even if you hit 400 referrals, you would not get your payout and no access to any data entry job at all.

What others are saying

For one, Scamadvisor mentions that this site receive a whopping 0% for trust rating! This shows that this site is not safe to use as it is deemed as suspicious and untrustworthy.

Low trust rating

On another site, I found this comment by a user who dug a lot of details, including the bank details of the scammers and want to report the company to the authorities. Great work for this user!

Earn Part Time Jobs comments

This website is definitely a scam, seeing so many posts and review online pointing at it. Even users that claim that they reached the referral amount found themselves not getting paid. Do a simple Google search and you will know what I mean.

Final Verdict of Earn Part Time Jobs

Website: http://www.earnparttimejobs.com

Price: Free

Owners: Unknown


My Final Thoughts

Are all part time data entry jobs a scam? Are there really any legit part time work online to be done?

I would say that there definitely are legit work at home opportunities out there, however many scammers have littered the internet with scams like earnpartimejobs.com. All these websites are designed to con people out of their time and hard earned money.

If you are still looking for an honest and legit opportunity, stay away from junk programs like this. You don’t need to waste your time referring people just to start doing jobs, which probably do not exist in the first place. In addition, stay away from any promises of quick cash too.

To make money online, you definitely need training, guidance, and support from people who are willing to teach others. Wealthy Affiliate University is one such place that helps people get started making money online through affiliate marketing. It is also a legit place where I learn how to make money online too.

You can choose to waste your time and keep finding the next money making product, or start your own online business today at Wealthy Affiliate and start make progress towards making money online.

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Have you signed up on this site before? How about other work at home sites? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. says

    I ALWAYS WONDERED WHAT THOSE WERE ABOUT! You see these ads everywhere! And no wonder – you have to get 400 people to sign up! That’s like a King Kameamea Scam. Thanks for the great and thorough review. SHARING.

    • Terence says

      Hi Don,
      Yep, I saw those ads too. It’s really ridiculous getting 40 people to sign up, let alone 400 to sign up under you. Imagine referring them all to some MLM, you’ll probably be making way more money too.

  2. Steve says

    Wow! Earn part time jobs is the WORST referral program I have ever heard of! At 10 cents per referral, you would need 20,000 referrals to make $2,000! That’s terrible.

    • Terence says

      Hi Steve,
      I know right? 10 cent per referral is really a joke. Any normal person would be turned off by the number of people you need to refer to even ‘get started’.

  3. Josh says

    It sounds like they are just trying to get email information so they can sell clicks on Udimi or hammer people with a bunch of affiliate linked email. Authorities should be hammering all of these websites that scam people. Some of these sites are widely known as scams and no one does anything about it.

    • Terence says

      Hi Josh,
      Thanks for your post! I think that should be the point of the website, getting e-mails to sell. I believe this website has been operating for quite long too and no one has done anything about it so far yet, so just best to educate people to avoid it in my opinion.

  4. sailaja says

    hello sir…
    Can u pls tell me the real data entry and form filling genuine job website..iam interested in data entry and formfilling fields..

    is typingathome.net is a legal or scam can u pls suggest..

    • Terence says

      Hi Sailaja,
      To date, I have not found any legit site that actually promises real data entry or form filling work. As for typingathome.net, it really looks like another scam to me that you should not invest any time in. If you are looking for a legit way to earn money online, why not try wealthy affiliate? It’s really one of the most legit websites there is online that teaches you how to make real money.

    • nadis says

      I think typingathome.net is a scam. why I say that is I send two or three emails to their email address. but they never send me a answer. so can we think it is legit? if you want to make some money at home, try this. it’s easy and free to join. http://www.cashcrate.com/5788408

      • Terence says

        Hi Nadis,
        typingathome.net does seem very suspicious, and similar to a review that I did earlier called jobjungle. However, i’ll do a review on it asap to find out more information so thanks for the information!

        And about cashcrate, I have joined the site, but there isn’t really much opportunity for international users so I haven’t done a review on it yet.

  5. sailaja says

    thanku sir..i am interested in form filling and data entry sir.
    Can u tell me workfromhomewizards.com is genuine or not sir.

    • Terence says

      Hi Sailaja,
      I don’t think that site is actually legit, as it looks similar like most other scam sites. If you want legit, go try clickworkers or microworkers. You may not earn a lot from it, but it is definitely legit and pays.

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