Smash Fund Scam Review: Great Opportunity Or Scam?

Name: Smashfund


Price: $149/Month (When released, now free)

Owners: Rob Towles

Rating: 10/100 


Smashfund wants to be the very first social crowdfunding network, promising to reward its users with a percentage of every crowdfunding campaign. Although seem like a promising, it seems like another pyramid scheme by Rob Towles who used to head other pyramid schemes.… Read More & Whenyouhost – A classic local scam

Whenyouhost logoName: When You Host/RichestSG

Website: and

Price: $80/yr, $100/yr, $250, $799

OwnersRosalind and other unknown

Rating: 0/100 (Really just a big fat scam)


Is RichestSG a scam? How about Read this review below to find out more details.

There are so many online scams out there that are targeting unsuspecting people, but there is one right here that is targeting my own country citizens.… Read More

Is Empower Network a scam?

Empower Network LogoName: Empower Network


Price: $25/mth, $19.95/mth, $100/mth, $500, $1000, $3500 products

Owners: David Wood & David Sharpe

Rating: 10/100

The Viral Blogging System

Empower Network (EN) is a hot topic on the Internet when you search for ways to make money online since launching in 2012. They promote themselves as a Viral Blogging System, and help you promote a successful website.… Read More

Wake Up Now – Is it a good opportunity?

wakeupnow logo2Name: Wake Up Now


Price: $24.95/month, $49.95/month, $99.95/month

Owners: Jason Elrod (President), Kirby Cochran (CEO)

Rating: 30/100

Update 28/7/15: Apparently, Wake Up Now has ceased operating since Febuary! Checks on the website shows that it does not operate any more. This article will remain here for informational purposes.

This is due to the following reason:

In a letter written by CEO Phil Polich on February 16, 2015, WUN announced it would cease all network marketing operations due to poor management by former CEO Kirby Cochran citing, “his decisions for a privileged few outweighed the incredible heart and dedication of the many”.

Read More

Global Domains International Review – Is it worth the effort?

GDI Logo

Name: Global Domains International (GDI)


Price: Free for 7 days, $10/$40 per month

Owners: Michael Starr & Alan Ezeir

Rating: 30/100

Is this a scam?

This is my personal review on Global Domains International (GDI) based on my experience with it. You are on the right page if you are looking for more details about GDI to find out if it is a scam.… Read More