Checklist: 21 Questions To Ask Yourself To Avoid ANY Money Making Scam

Avoid Scams checklist

We all have been there: You land on a website that tells you that by signing up with the program, you can start making money instantly! If it were that easy, wouldn’t everyone be rich by now?

That is why I created this check list you can go through to help you identify whether an online money making opportunity is legit, or a big fat scam.… Read More

Shoemoney Scam Review: The Brutal Honest Truth

Name: Shoemoney Network


Price: Free!

Owners: Jeremy Schoemaker/Shoemoney Media Group Inc

Rating: 75/100

EDIT 18/1/2017: This site has been rebranded to be called Blog Ninja, but the contents are pretty much still the same. Apparently you won’t be able to earn money from this platform anymore, but the content is still FREE.Read More

Facebook Rayban Glasses – Are these sites legit?

If you have a Facebook account, you would have probably notice that there are quite a lot of advertisement claiming there is a Ray Ban sunglasses sale. Like me, you would have probably been tagged by a friend with one of these ads that advertises cheap Rayban sunglasses.

I know I have been seeing more recently, which prompted me to write up this short article and investigate this and sharing what I found out.Read More