Freedym University Review: Is It For Entrepreneurs Only?

Name: Freedym


Price: $1 for 7 days, $30/month, $297/year

Owners: Ryan Lee

Rating: 90/100


Freedym is a platform that is advertised as the ‘Netflix’ for entrepreneurs with over 1000 hours of training program, case studies and more from real entrepreneurs who make a living through online means.… Read More

Smash Fund Scam Review: Great Opportunity Or Scam?

Name: Smashfund


Price: $149/Month (When released, now free)

Owners: Rob Towles

Rating: 10/100 


Smashfund wants to be the very first social crowdfunding network, promising to reward its users with a percentage of every crowdfunding campaign. Although seem like a promising, it seems like another pyramid scheme by Rob Towles who used to head other pyramid schemes.… Read More

Face beast Review: Can You Trust The Beast?

Name: Facebeast


Price: $19, $34, 97 Front end. $197, $67, $37 upsells.

Owners: William Moore

Rating: 35/100 


Facebeast claims to make users thousands of dollars just by doing things like pointing, clicking, liking, commenting on Facebook. This program is technically not a scam, but it is nothing short of a big marketing hype that is made to trick users that there is easy money to be had here.… Read More Review: Another Middleman Scam

Name: Paid Online Writing Jobs


Price: $49 (With investment costs)

Owners: Unknown

Rating: 40/100 


Paid Online Writing Jobs promises to offer writing jobs to people. This review goes in-depth to discover that the system used is actually just being a middle man, and does not offer anything more than directing to to various websites where you can just apply for a job, not necessarily getting it.… Read More