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The End of 2014: What’s next


2014 is coming to a close really soon. It has been a very memorable year for me as I launched up ‘Income from the Red Dot’ in May 2014, and 8 months now I am now here writing this post! Below are my thoughts about this year and what’s going to happen next!


Why I launched up Income From The Red Dot

My main and sole reason is because I wanted to show people that there are actually legitimate ways to make money online, and also not everything online is a scam (Which some people like to think). In recent times, there are more and more ways people are actually making money online. Some of them are even making a living out of it.

How’s that possible you may ask? It’s because they are able to weed out the scams and actually focus their time on the legitimate ones. Even if a scam didn’t cost you any money, it would have cost you a lot of time which could have been better spent on some program that actually works.

Talking about scams, I reviewed some programs that I have came across that were notorious for being blatant scams (most of them being ‘work at home’ programs), and even some programs that I think that it is a bad idea to delve into. These are mainly the MLM type programs, which I really think it is quite an unsustainable concept to begin with and most people tend to fail in it.

What have I done so far this year

Side income

I have listed quite a lot of programs on side income that helped me to make money, or I think is worth it to try. Some of them are websites, and some of them are apps that you can use on smartphones.

I personally used these programs and stuff for the past 1-2 years and made an extra $200 – $300 per month not doing much.

Even after the launch of my website, I continued to find out more great apps and reviewed the potential ones that could earn you a few extra dollars per month. Some of them require quite a bit of effort, while some of them are pretty passive.

My Number 1 Recommended Program

In my opinion, any extra income is always great! However, it does come to a point where time vs money and the effort required to generate that amount of money. This is how I found Wealthy Affiliate as a very important step to actually learning how to generate a full time income online. If you have not checked it out yet, take 5 minutes of your time to go ahead and read it!

Wealthy Affiliate is pretty much free to start but requires a subscription fee if you want to access the best training. From my personal experience, it is one of the best places a newcomer can learn how to make a full time income too even if you know completely nothing. Everything is shown to you in a step-by-step basis so it is easy to learn, and I have gotten back everything that I paid plus more!

Pretty much, free education and learning how to make money online. A winning combination!

Scams, scams, and more scams

Over the stretch of 2014, I have reviewed many programs, including MLMs and work-at-home programs lately too. One of the most popular scams that hit was Facebook Millionaire, where a lot of people have reached out to me. Some of them were affected by the scam and lost a bit of money, and there were those who read my site in time and avoided it. Such is a classic scam which could be avoided if you read my tips and rules I follow to avoid them myself.

What I will be doing over the next year

Giving more support on Wealthy Affiliate, and learning how to make money from it

Since I have been promoting how Wealthy Affiliate as my number 1 program, I would be putting more effort into the following up program.

I plan to share how Wealthy Affiliate works and plan to launch a 5 day e-mail beginner course who sign up. In this course, I will share my tips on how I started Wealthy Affiliate, and to give newcomers ideas on some niche ideas. This is already in the works and I will be launching it somewhere in January!

More programs!

Definitely would be sharing more apps, more ways, more websites to make money from! The internet is always coming up with new methods to make money, and new companies rewarding people too.

If you have any money making method that you are using now and want to share, I would love to hear your opinions on your program (And even using your referral link in the process too!) in the comments below!

More scam avoiding

And lastly, I definitely want to go through and review more scam sites and help the internet be a safer place. I know this list is endless, and thus I will be doing my best to keep writing about more programs, so that you guys can avoid the scams.

People such as yourselves should be given a chance to make real, legit money and not wasting your time on scam products.

In Conclusion

I have actually started a new job and lately have not had much time to maintain Income from the Red Dot. However, I am far from done with the website, as I am just getting started! I will definitely aim to be more active so that I can provide out more information just for you guys reading this. I would really like to thank you all for the support so far since I launched my website in May!

2015 would be a great year to start making money from another source. If you have not made any money besides your regular day job, do check out my site where you can learn to make your first dollar outside your job!

Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start with too, if you want a sustainable and legitimate way to make money online. It has been my go-to website to learn how to make money, and still is up to today.

Thanks for everything, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Terence AngMe with a spastic face for a Christmas Dinner :p

– Terence

PS. Any comments on your thoughts? I love to hear them as usual πŸ™‚



Terence comes from the sunny island of Singapore. Since starting in 2013, he has been making an income from various apps and websites. He has started up Income from the Red Dot to educate everyday users how to make money online legitimately, while avoiding the scams on the Internet.

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