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First things first, I cannot help you if...

1. You Want Money And Get Rich Quickly.

3.You Are Just Looking For "Work"

2. If You Want The Easy Way, I Don't Want To Help You

It's important for you to know that I can help you, but I refuse to help you.

That's because whenever someone ask me 'What's the easiest way to make money online', what I hear is 'I'm in this short term and not willing to fully invest in the long term success of my business and customers'.

And that translates to 'I want money but don't want to work'.

It can be really easy to make money online passively once you get the work done, but you need HARD WORK to create and HARD WORK to maintain.

I'm sick of tyre kickers and people who say they want it, but end up quitting 1 month in. I want to devote more time to people who are 100% serious in wanting to make money online.

What I am about to offer you is a chance to build a sustainable online business, and to make money from it.

However, this is not a quick money get rich scheme. If you are not prepared to put in the effort and commit to it long term, then I am unable to help you.

Some people think making money online is get rich. I used to think like that too. But let me tell you that everything takes EFFORT and HARD WORK in order for you to make money online.

What I am offering here is a chance for you to get into a program that teaches you how to build your own online business.

If you are still someone who is searching for a job online or 'online work', this is definitely not the place for it and you can close this page now. 

This opportunity is for people who are serious in starting their own online business and want the freedom to be their own boss and earn their own pay check.

The concept of pay it forward is not new. In Wikipedia terms:

"Pay it forward is an expression for describing the beneficiary of a good deed repaying it to others instead of to the original benefactor."

Now that I have found a legit way to make money online, I want to pass what I learnt forward to the next person like how the previous passed his knowledge to me. Here's the secret: THERE IS NO SECRET, JUST 100% HARD WORK.

This is the promise I make to you, and to life, to help you start generating the money online and to start fulfilling your life goals and dreams like you always wanted. However, you need to be committed and serious in this for it to work.

After seeing the results of a few of the students under me that I helped in this platform succeed, I decided to make it my goal to help more people, especially in the coming year of 2017.

My personal story was that I was just like you back when I started in 2014. I was still finding a way to make money online consistently, and came across SO MANY SCAM WEBSITES. I was fortunate enough to eventually find a proper platform providing me with all the tools and support required to succeed.

DO YOU KNOW: If you want to do anything, you need SUPPORT. Without SUPPORT, you will FAIL.

There are 3 reasons.


I hate scams that are designed to trick people, especially newbies of their time and money. They give the whole making money online industry a bad rep, and also destroy people's hopes and dreams in the process.

You and me know it - It's just not right. Scams are essentially just robbing you of your money and also your time.

This is why I want to give you what I want know in order to start making money online. I will even cover how to fight against these scams in my email course so that you will never scammed again.




Wealthy Affiliate gives you everything you need to run a proper online business, and is 100% practical. You get your hands dirty right from day 1 and start building your online business from there. This is how I got started in the first place, and I'm already right here a few years later!

It is 100% free to create an account to explore the program. I'm not going to hype it to say that it's free today and that you need to pay $297 to come back later, or saying this page will be taken down as soon as possible.

Nothing like that, but I want to tell you that if you choose to change your life today and take action, I will provide you 1-on-1 help ABSOLUTELY FREE (PS. I charge clients at least $100 for an hour of my time now to work with me, or just a quick chat with me.)

So.. What Is This Platform?

This platform is also called Wealthy Affiliate. It is one of the better programs out there on the market that teaches you how to make money online, and it teaches you how you can earn money from Amazon, Apple and even Google!

This process is also known as Affiliate Marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate 4 Steps

Day 1: Welcome And Introductions

Day 2: The Ins And Outs Of Internet Marketing

Day 3: SCAMS And How To Avoid Scams

Day 4: Online Work And Different Ways To Make Money

Day 5: The 10 Rules Of Success


I want to share with you my learnings and everything, which is why I created a 5 day email course.

These topics for each day include:

Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Life Today?

And that's it from me!

I only have one final question for you: Are you ready to make a change to live the life you always wanted, or just carry on with your life as it is?

This is a question I ask myself on a regular basis. This is why I chose to create this free course for you if you choose to take the next step and wanting more out of life.

At this point, you can choose to take up my offer on this platform which has proven to work for 10,000's of other people. Or you could ignore it and keep finding for more money making programs (and countless more scams!)

Take a moment and think about what it means for you and your loved ones. How would it impact you if you actually found 'the secret' to making money online?

I know for me, it impacted me a lot. I got a lot more freedom. I got a lot more opportunities. And because of these, I got the chance to help the world with the problem I once had.

Are you ready to make a change in your life for the better?

If you are, the button is right below. I await you on the inside.

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