TryMyApps Review: Easily Earn $0.40 per app download!

TryMyApps is a new moneymaking app service that is also from the makers of BestReviewApp. Unlike BestReviewApp, you do not need to leave a review for the app in order to get paid.

What TryMyApps is doing is to boost organic rankings for these apps. As a user, you would be searching and finding their app in the iOS Appstore. After downloading and opening it for a few minutes, you get paid $0.40 per app!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at how you can earn from TryMyApps!

EDIT (4/3/15): I recently found out that TryMyApps have reduced payment to $0.20 for most apps now. So you will receive $0.20 or $0.40 per app download depending on the app you pick.


TryMyApps logoName: TryMyApps

Owner: ICSoft Corp

Pays through: Paypal

Available on: iOS only (Android coming soon)

Free to start: Yes!

Click Here To Sign Up for TryMyApps (Referral Code: WZE50 for extra $0.20 on signup)

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How to get Started

To get started, head over to on your iPhone/iPod/iPad and click the ‘Download App!’ button.

Take note that you require at least iOS7 for the app to work. The App is only about 2.7 MB since the last update so it isn’t very huge. After that, click the install button and TryMyApps will start downloading.

Trymyapps install

When prompted to trust the developer, click Trust. If you may have any concerns, I would say that this app is safe to install as it is just a platform for you to earn money, such as Featurepoints.

Trymyapps emailAt the log in screen, you would be prompted with a screen that asks you if you have a US iTunes account or non-US iTunes account. You would need a US iTunes account to use this app, and pressing the non-US iTunes account button would show you how to register to get a US iTunes account with pictures.

Once you registered your own US iTunes account, Trymyapps signup screenclick the US iTunes button, then enter your Email and click Next Step. After which, you need to insert a password and also the Referral code.

If you want to thank me for this article, you can insert my referral code ‘WZE50‘ in the referral box as well. After you are done, click OK and you will be taken to the main screen of the app.


How to use TryMyApps

Trymyapp task screenOnce you are done with Signing up, you are ready to earn some money! Here are the steps to achieve in order to get paid for your app.

Step 1: Pick An App

The screen you see in the picture is the screen where you can pick the app you want to view. There are 2 categories of apps: Underway and Finished. Underway are the apps you can choose and earn money from, while Finished apps are the previous apps that other people have earned from but it has completed its course already.

Either way, pick an app from the Underway category in order to start. Note that you only can review and earn money one app at a time unlike MyAppAware or BestReviewApp where you can pick up a list of apps before you start reviewing them.

Step 2: Accept The Task
Trymyapps acceptOnce you have picked up the app, you need to click the Accept button, then copy the words in the box below.

After clicking the accept button, you will be presented with a Tips box which tell you to search the keyword, and also play with the app for 4 minutes. These are a set of instructions you should do in order to be credited from the app. We will run through what to do in this set of tutorial too in order to get paid.

Copy the words in the box and copy the words. For this example, I would click and copy the words Solitaire. A box should pop up that tells you what you need to do next.


Trymyapps search in app store

Step 3: Find The App

The most important thing you need to know is that you need to know is that after you copy the text, it would tell you the position of the app roughly in the app store for that keyword.

In this example, it is around position 25. For some apps, the app can be deep down in position 100-200 so you may need to take some time to find the app. If you are wondering why this app doesn’t directly link you to the app itself, it is because it is trying to boost its organic ranking so they need you to search for the app in the app store.

To find the app, take note of the picture of the app as it does not tell you the exact name. Once you find the matching app picture, click and download the app. After which, open the app for at least 4 minutes.

I have not really timed it exactly but it is around less than 5 minutes before you get credited. You can just leave the app open and there will be a notification informing that you have been credited after a certain amount of time. Also, The app will also inform you under the Messages tab.

Trymyapps Paid

Cashing out

Trymyapp revenue screenCashing out in TryMyApps is easy, but you need a minimum of $3.00 before you can process a payment. That would require you to download and get paid for 8 apps ($3.20) before you can get your first payment.

Under the revenue tab, the numbers on the photos are as follows:

Revenue From Task (1): This is where you see what App has paid you so far. It is more like app history

Withdraw (2): This is where you click to withdraw money to your Paypal account. You need to set a withdrawal password the first time you cash out, and will use it for subsequent cash out. You can also set which account to pay out to if you have multiple Paypal accounts.

Withdrawal Account (3): Insert or edit your Paypal Email in this page.

Cashouts usually take about a day before it is processed. You will receive a notification and message when the payment has gone through and you will be asked to double confirm to check if the payment has gone through.

There is a small commission taken from your payment every time you cash out. I am not exactly sure of the fees, but it seem like a minimum of $0.40. You may want to wait for a big payment before cashing out

Personal Tips

  • Once you see an app available, make sure you get it fast and earn from it. Since you can only hold it for an hour, you need to do it fast too.
  • There is also a limit of app downloads to each app. If you delay too long, someone else might pick up and accept the task before you too. Try to do it the moment it is in the task screen.
  • Set your lock screen to lock at 5 minutes. Once you open the app, you can leave it running without touching the phone until you get credited. Alternatively, you can use the app if you are interested in it.
  • If you do not get credited for the app, do the following: Uninstall the app, cancel the task and close TryMyApps. After that, open TryMyApps and follow the normal procedure.


If you have not signed up, use my referral code ‘WZE50‘ in order to get $0.20 the moment you sign up. After which, you can refer other people to give them a $0.20 headstart as well.

Once you refer a friend, you can get 50% of their earnings for the first 10 task that they complete. This means for every app, they get paid $0.40 while you earn a commission of $0.20. It’s a win-win situation!

Payment Proof

TryMyApps is definitely legit as I have been paid. Since they are also the same people behind BestReviewApp which is another service that pays people, this double confirms their legitimacy.

Here are some of my payment proofs for TryMyApps:

Trymyapps payment

First Payment from TryMyApps

Trymyapps payment 1

2nd Payment from TryMyApps

Final Thoughts

What I love about the TryMyApps

  • TryMyApps pay way more per app than from services such as Featurepoints.
  • Everything can be done on mobile, so you can easily get paid without the need for a website like MyAppAware.

What I did not like about TryMyApps

  • There is a fee when cashing out, which is quite huge especially if you cash out the minimum sum.
  • Doesn’t seem to have enough tasks at the moment to earn consistantly.
  • Hassle for people without US iTunes account.
  • iOS only. I definitely want to see this on Android and Windows phone too.
  • May take long to search the app store to find the required app.

Even though it might seem like the cons outweight the pros, it is because of convenience issues mostly. I still love using TryMyApps as I can earn money on the go as well. This is definitely great for people who has unlimited data plan and can freely use data, as you can easily do this when you are out of your house.

TryMyApps is a fairly new service that have recently started up by the people of BestReviewApp. Im guessing it started only about a few months back at most since the writing of this mini guide and article.

Also, do check out the video below by the TryMyApps team on how to use the whole service as well!

If you love to earn more money through TryMyApps, do check out Featurepoints and MyAppAware too! Why not also check out my full list of apps and websites here?

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What do you think about TryMyApps? Let me know in the comments below!


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